Banana Bread

I like to bake with Eddie, but I like even more to bake alone.

When I am alone I can have a hankering for something and whip it up without needing it to be an “activity”.

On snow days home from school, I LOVE to bake.

The snowed in feeling sort of begs for a baked good to be in oven, am I right?

So I had these sitting on the counter yelling at me about how brown they were getting.

2013-02-08 13.20.30



So I busted out the recipe that my mom always used to make when she had shouty brown bananas on her counter.

(Notice her recipe calls for oleo? Yeah, I don’t use “oleo” or margarine.  I use REAL butter! Yum! And yes, those eggs? From chickens a teacher-colleague of mine owns. No bleaches or anything in those!)

So while the boys were away, I made the house smell good.

And made sure we had a yummy snack for after work/daycare.

[gmc_recipe 6467]

What is one of your favorite baked goods to make on a chilly day?


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  1. Ooh, I do love a good banana bread on ANY day. Yum.

  2. Cranberry orange bread. I mess it up every time but that’s kinda the point now. It’s delicious but it’s ugly and falls apart. Everyone’s used to the way it tastes despite the way it looks.

  3. yum. that looks yummmmy

  4. I love the fact this is a simple banana bread recipe!