Baby Giggles


Charlie doesn’t laugh much.

He smiles tons, and he always has a chuckle for us if he thinks we are funny, but belly laughs are few and far between unless provoked with tickle torture play.

Yesterday he was feeling under the weather and had been very clingy.  Smiles were hard to come by let alone any chuckles or giggles.  His nose constantly ran and the drool flowed.  (Please tell me he is not getting more teeth.  Home Sluice already has 12 and he’s not even 12 months yet!)

Nothing made him smile.

Until Eddie decided he was going to entertain him.

Eddie started dancing around with an empty paper towel roll.  He claimed it was a baton and tossed it in the air.  To both of our surprise, Charlie cracked up. As in giggling uncontrollably.

Eddie and I looked at each other and I told him to do it again, so Eddie tossed the “baton” and did a little dance.  Charlie giggled so hard he had to put his is chin to his chest as he stood next to his activity table.

That was all the encouragement Eddie needed.  He started to strut around like a band major and toss the “baton” and spin around doing dance moves.

Charlie laughed so hard, tears started to well in his eyes.

And suddenly, tears sprung to my eyes.

In front of me was Eddie saving Charlie from his yucky feeling…even if just for a few moments.  Eddie made Charlie forget that he was snotty and sleepy.  He made him forget to want to cling to me.  Charlie was completely memorized and taken with his big brother.

Just as Eddie was taking away his brother’s troubles, Charlie was feeding Eddie’s need for attention.  Eddie had been whiny and pouty all day because we wouldn’t let him play with screens nonstop.  Suddenly someone wasn’t just in the room with him, but was encouraging and loving his performance.

They are brothers.

After Charlie was born, I was so worried about Eddie.  I was worried that having Charlie would somehow take away from Eddie’s happiness.

I was so wrong.

Eddie is so much more complete with his little brother by his side.  And Charlie has no idea what it’s like to not have an older brother doing everything he can to make him smile.

I used to think Charlie was trying to say “daddy” when he would grin and say “dee dee dee,” but now I think he might be saying “Eddie”.





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  1. I, too, worried that the addition of a sibling would decrease my older daughter’s happiness. But my girls? They’ve done much like your boys, and have succeeded in making each other smile and laugh at moments when I just couldn’t. They know how to stand alone, and how to lean on each other. So much to have learned at the age of 4yrs and 16months. Amazing.

  2. Dee dee dee HAS to be Eddie! So sweet! Gavin says da da da for everything except his big sister – lalala (Laura)! I love the names they find.

  3. Oh, what a very, very sweet story.

  4. Aww there is nothing like baby giggles and it is even better when they come about because of an older sibling.. Too sweet.

  5. Oh yes, he’s definitely saying Eddie.
    Over this part of the world? The baby finds everything the 3 year old does, to be funny. Giggles all round!

  6. Oh, how sweet! I am so terrified to have another baby for so many reasons, but then I wonder if I am depriving my son from this, the beauty of a relationship with a sibling. Sigh. This is lovely.

  7. This made me tear up because I know the power of that love. And the force of that laugh. That guttural belly laugh? Nothing better.

  8. The relationships that siblings have is amazing. It’s just to watch.