Here I Go Again

hereigoagainI feel like I start almost every book review with, “I was skeptical, but…”

Not this time.  I signed up for this review and when the pretty green book arrived on my door step, I almost tripped over my own excitement to get it out of its box.

Friends? I love Jen Lancaster.  Love her. I have read ALL of her books (well, Ok, I haven’t read Jeneration X yet because the Barnes and Noble by my house DOESN’T HAVE IT!  I mean, what???  I think they thought I was a crazy person because I was all “CHECK AGAIN!”

Ahem.  Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Jen Lancaster.

I even met her once.  Oh yes, I did.

Jen Lancaster

She told me I looked cute. And then I died.

So anyway, Here I Go Again is her second fictional novel.  Her first one, If You Were Here, was pretty good. I mean it was classic Lancaster Hilarity.  The only problem I had with it was that the main characters were clearly not just based on, but WERE her and her husband, Fletch.  She gave themselves fictional names and stretched the truth of what they had to go through when doing home renovations, but it was totally them.

Funny, but I wasn’t sure she could pull of more fiction…at least any that was actually fictional.

When I started reading Here I Go Again, I thought, “Oh dear.  This character is a total biz-natch and is just like what Lancaster was like in the very beginning of Bitter is the New Black (her first memoir).  And oh look, it seems to be based on 80’s stuff.  Again.”  I started getting concerned that my favorite author was not able to actually “do” fiction.

Then I got through the first chapter.  And HAD to read the second chapter. And then the third.  And then the next day during my commute I started wondering how Lissy was going to get out of the predicament she was in.  What would she have to do next?  Where was Lancaster going with this plot?

It was a totally easy, fast read…just like all of Lancaster’s books.  They just flow and before you know it, you’ve read the whole book in a matter of hours.  Or in my case, days because I had to stop occasionally to sleep and work and do motherly things.

The basic plot is this: Lissy Ryder was the bitchy, snobby, horribly popular mean girl in high school back in the 90’s. She was a total jerk to every person in the school.  She is now in her 30’s and her life is in shambles and she is finding out that everyone hates her.  By a twist of plot, she goes back in time to try to correct her life…to be a better person…but just like in the movie Back to the Future, every tiny action has MAJOR effects on the future.

I know. It sounds weird.  And even though I am a Back to the Future fanatic, I thought it was a weird premise for a book.

But OMG.  I was totally into what happened.  I mean, halfway through the book you think, “Well look at that, she has made herself a great person…wait, there is half the book left…clearly something is going to go wrong….” And then it does.

So anyway, yes. Jen Lancaster can write fiction. It’s crazy, easy to read, and hilarious.  It’s not going to be the next Great American Novel like The Great Gatsby or Little Women, but it will stay on the best sellers list. And for a good reason…it’s awesome.

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Legal Stuff: This post was sponsored by BlogHer Bookclub, but all opinions are my own.  I really do love Jen Lancaster this much.  But I promise, Jen, if you are reading (which you are not because you are far too busy buying Barbie Dolls while hopped up on Ambien writing something great) I am not a creeper. Swear.

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  1. I couldn’t wait to read your review, because you do love her so much. Bitter is the New Black, was one of the first books to ever make me truly laugh out loud..and say “Oh she did not go there” and then, she did. 😉

    so I’m glad you liked it, and I’m sure I will too. Plus , am I the only person who really does wish she could go back to HIGH SCHOOL and do things over? Because I totally would and be a gazillionaire by now because I knew about YAHOO before anyone else 😉

  2. Fantastic – I’ve been reading Jeneration X and haven’t started the Lancaster fiction section yet, but now know that I have to! Sluiter Nation is awesome and as a Jen Lancaster fan I’m thrilled to see this book on your blog and see the positive review. Thanks!

  3. I want to hump Jen Lancaster’s leg & I’m so glad you reviewed this – I was skeptical that she could do fiction but pretty damn sure this will now be on my summer reading list.

  4. It sounds like a great book…and, OMG, how have I not read any Jen Lancaster books yet?

  5. I cannot WAIT to read this. J’adore Jen Lancaster.