Project 365 {week 51}

I assumed, mistakenly, that this week would drag.

The last week before Christmas break.

But it flew like the wind!

December 16: Eddie's very first church Christmas program

December 16: Eddie’s very first church Christmas program

2012-12-17 12.22.20

December 17: Having a rough go of it on a Monday.

2012-12-18 19.51.21

December 18: Charlie’s stocking joins the family

2012-12-19 19.05.07

December 19: He can use his knees for crawling!

2012-12-20 18.30.13

December 20: Family dinners with Advent verses and a messy face. Love it.

2012-12-21 17.06.59

December 21: Pulling up to his knees everywhere

2012-12-22 19.20.08

December 22: And he pulls to standing. STOP THE MADNESS!

I am not sure how, but during this week Charlie went from army crawling to pulling up to standing.

It’s like his gross motor skills were like, “Oh! Hey! Let’s DO THIS!”

He also got ANOTHER tooth (the 9th for those of you keeping track).

I mean, I am sort of afraid if I blink again Eddie will be driving and Charlie will be playing soccer or something.

Don’t let me blink.

Not yet.

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  1. Isn’t it crazy how fast they are suddenly able to do things?
    My littlest is crawling, pulling up to standing, trying to cruise, and teeth #5 and #6 came out this week.
    I’m so not blinking.

  2. It always amazed me how these things seemed to happen all of a sudden and all together. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

  3. Do you have dry eye yet? Ha. It does go fast but man, the documentation of it all sure will help your memory (I’m not being funny; I have snippets of memory from my girls but it feels like the blog helps me keep the boy’s notquitebabyness alive in my mind.)

    Also, standing. Train your back-of-the-head eyes now.

  4. Love those smiles and Christmas jammies!