Project 365 {week 48}

The last week of November.

The beginning of December.

The beginning of the end of 2012.

Crazy, yo.

November 25: Sunday morning snuggles with his baby.

November 26: A baby in overalls. End of story.

November 27: His first Grinch experience.

November 28: These two.

November 29: no seriously…these two.

November 30: the end of a LONG FRIDAY {and week}. Sometimes that needs to be celebrated.

December 1: My shopping date for the morning. First stop? The “donut shop”.

Today also starts Advent and we are celebrating it daily in our house for the first time.

I am very excited.

Eddie is already really interested in the few verses we read each day and is asking lots of questions.

He also makes a top notch Christmas shopping buddy.

In case there was any question.

Let’s do this, December!

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  1. Seriously, baby in overalls? Dying of the cute.
    Also, Eddie in the donut shop. He looks so baby yet so boy! If that makes sense.
    Happy December!

  2. Yes, the donut shop should be the first stop for each and every outing, in my opinion. Cute pics!

  3. I love seeing those two boys of yours together and donuts?! Hell yeah! That’s where our morning began today too!

  4. Great photos! Love the first one of Eddie lying down with his baby. So sweet. And the baby…growing up! Oh my goodness!