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On Sunday I was a big braggy pants over on instagram (go follow me! I’m ksluiter, naturally.) that I had not only done all the grocery shopping for the week, but that I was meal prepping for the entire week too.

Thanks to a little thing called pinterest, I had looked up 3 meals that would get us through the week–most of which I could make on Sunday.

This is my favorite way to organize meals for the week: do the grocery shopping myself on Saturday (after I clean out the fridge), and then do the cooking during nap on Sunday.  Unfortunately, this school year has been so busy, this was the first week since August that I could pull off this plan.

And I took full advantage by tweeting and instagramming my progress!

After people were all curious and wanting links to the pins, I decided to put it all in one place for you…here!

So this is what my Sunday looked like…

recipes out, 100 things going at once.

So what did I make?

Well, on Sunday I baked this yummy bread.

Cort’s comment: “It looks fake. That is how good that is going to be.”

I baked it to go with a Pot Roast Mushroom Soup that I made Monday when I got home from work.

good, but it needed…something.

I made a roast the week before, and in an attempt to use it before it needed to be thrown out, I made soup. The soup was Ok, but it had too much thyme for my liking and not enough…I don’t know.  Something.  I added salt and pepper and I still felt like it was missing something.  Just a tad too bland.

It also wasn’t as hearty as I was hoping.  It’s a good thing I made the bread to go with it, because on it’s own it didn’t fill us up.  But it would have been a great starter to a meal or with a nice Club Sandwich or maybe a BLT.

Tuesday’s dinner was much more filling….

Spinach lasagna rolls. YUM!

I put together these Spinach Lasagna Rolls completely on Sunday and stuck the whole pan in the fridge until Tuesday. When I got home from work Tuesday, I popped them in the oven at 350 for about 45 minutes and Ta Da! Dinner! (and delicious as left overs, I must say).

For Wednesday I prepped a crock pot meal.

Chicken tacos for the win!

I used a Cilantro Lime Chicken meal that can actually be frozen and used waaay later, but I just tossed the whole thing in a gallon zip-loc and threw it in the fridge for a couple days. On Wednesday I dumped the contents into the crock pot before work in the morning.  When I got home, all we had to do was cut up the tomatoes and avocados for the toppings and shred the chicken and boom! Easy, quick pre-trick or treating meal!

So three wins and a “meh” from pinterest this week.

The best part to me is that I was able to use almost all fresh, real ingredients.  So I know each meal was healthy for my family.

I’ve got my eye on a few other things I would like to try next week, so if you enjoy this post, maybe I’ll do another one.  Or not. I have to be honest, my blogging is sporadic at best lately.

But I thought it should be documented that I DID COOK during this time in my life.

(Also? I am NOT a food blogger, nor am I a food photographer.  I think that is evident, but I’m just sayin’.)

I’m happy to say that Eddie tried each of these things. The lasagna was his favorite, although he gave the spinach the stink eye and did not seem to believe me that it would give him big muscles.  But he did try it, so that was a win.

I have to give Eddie credit. He will always at least try one bite of everything on his plate.  Sometimes he likes it and eats more. Otherwise he pulls a face and about gags it out, but he always tries it.

And that is all we ask in our house: try one bite, and then if you don’t like it, don’t eat it.

Most nights plates were cleared this week, so yay!  Cooking win!

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Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Go you! I am in awe of you, despite so much going on (work, kids etc) you still pulled off home cooked dinner.

    I love Pinterest – I almost never go anywhere else to find inspiration for our meals. Some of our staples all came from Pinterest.

  2. Umm I would gladly take any of your leftovers. I am just sayin’. I love Pinterest. I got a hash brown casserole from there and like you it was missing something. For your pot roast soup try some soup greens. You can usually buy them in a store it is the things like celery and onion and carrots and other spices and I have found they make the difference in nearly every soup I make.

  3. I do this exact same thing almost every week. And I get most of my recipes from pinterest as well. It definitley makes the week less hectic.

  4. I try to do this, too. My crock pot is my best friend. Nothing better than a brisket that’s been simmering all day. Good for E for trying new stuff! I’d read that it takes people TEN times to try something before their taste buds don’t register it as awful. We used to ask Tech: Do you think you’ like tomatoes yet?

    Now, he eats everything!

    This will make your life much easier. Eventually.

  5. Mamaintheburbs says

    The cilantro lime chicken dish looks fabulous. Am definitely going to try to make this dish. Now that the weather is getting colder I like bringing out the crock pot. Great post! I would love you to do another.

  6. Good for you! I rarely ever use my crock pot. It frightens me. And yet…I am drawn to it.

  7. I like to do this too. Sometimes it’s fun to spend a day in the kitchen.

  8. You may feel free to cook for me anytime!

    Right now, things just fly a bit too much from their path that it’s difficult for me to actually plan too much out. And I HATE letting food go bad . . . so, generally, we think of what we want to cook during the day, get the ingredients during the day, and then cook it on the way home. As long as there are some staples at home, at all times, and the wonderfulness that is the weekly CSA box, it works.

    Except during the weeks that we’re just, constantly, on the run. Those aren’t great weeks.

  9. Pinterest has been an inspiration cooking-wise for me lately.

    So much so that I need to make a “tried and true” board for the recipes that have been a hit in my house. . .

  10. Mmm that all looks so good, and it’s giving me a huge craving for lasagna.

    We really need to start planning our meals out better at home.