I am Thankful for a Potty-Trained Boy

That’s right.

Eddie is potty-trained.

Did you hear that huge sigh of relief that collectively exhaled out of both Cort and me?  It was a powerful sigh, I tell you.

Eddie is 3 years and 5 months old.

For those of you who have yet to potty train a child?  People are not kidding when they tell you it is the most exhausting, frustrating milestone to date when raising a child.

And that is saying a lot. I mean, not much has been super easy with Mr. Edward.

It seems like we have been potty training FOREVER.  Our entire attitude was always that we would let him lead the way.  We would just follow his cues.

At first it seemed to work.

He was incredibly interested in the toilet and using one before he was even two.

getting his first potty at 23 months old.

We openly talked about poop and pee and going on the potty.

He liked to sit on it and every now and then he would tinkle on it.  But at just 2 years old, he just wasn’t REALLY into it.  But we kept it in the bathroom and let him sit on it whenever.

Time went by and the potty got dusty.

And then I got pregnant.  Suddenly being a Big Boy was THE THING.

Pooping came first.

two and a half and pooping on the pot.

After a couple issues with poop in the bath tub, it was a rare day that Eddie didn’t ask to sit on the toilet if he had to poop. It’s like seeing his poop floating around him did a number on his brain.

I guess I would be traumatized too.

And then he started to pee on the toilet too.  Mostly before bed or after nap or before bath time.  We kept a potty chart on the fridge for him to stick stickers when he pooped or peed and he got m&ms for each.

He was so close to being able to wear undies instead of pull-ups or diapers.

And then this happened:

Charles Thomas: The Poop Regresser

Suddenly Eddie wanted nothing to do with pooping or peeing on the toilet.


We knew this could happen, so we tried to take it in stride, but it got maddening.

He would purposefully poop in his pull-up so we switched back to diapers exclusively and stopped trying to have him be potty trained.  We tried to just accept he would wear diapers until he was ready.

But every time he would announce, “I go downstairs now.  You not come down,” we would bristle.  “Ed, are you going to poop?”  “No.”  “Ed? Are you going to poop??”

“Yes. Don’t come down.”

::head desk::

Meanwhile all his friends at daycare were potty training.  All but one girl who was younger than him and the babies.

He didn’t care.

Most days he just wore his diaper with no shame.  Sometimes he would tell Renae (his daycare mom) that he wanted to pee.  And sure enough, he would.

But most days…diaper.

Until…that last little girl started potty training about a month ago.

I don’t know what happened in Eddie’s mind or why. Maybe it was because he is so competitive and he didn’t want to be last. Maybe it was because this particular little girl is sort of his arch enemy (if 3-year old’s can have arch enemies) and he couldn’t stand her “beating him” to this milestone.  Or maybe he realized he would be the only one that was like the babies if he wore diapers…something he was NOT in his mind (yes, this child went from baby to Big Boy.  There was no little boy phase if you ask him).

I really don’t know, but on the first day the little girl started wearing undies at daycare, Eddie told Renae he wanted to do it too.

He we through two undies and hasn’t had hardly any accidents since.

Sometimes at home he will forget to go and have an accident, but never at daycare.  And never poop.

He even told the Sunday School teacher he had to poop in church on Sunday.  And sure enough.  He did it. On the can, with privacy, of course (that’s his thing…no coming in until he needs a wipe).

He even pees standing up with no aiming issues.

He only wears a pull up at night.  Not at nap…he stays dry in his undies at nap.

There was a time I thought I would miss having him in diapers.  That somehow my baby would disappear and I would be very sad.

that pipey in his mouth…that’s a whole other post

But I’m not.  Not even a little bit.

I think everyone has a poop in the pants limit and I had hit mine with this guy.

I am thankful that my little boy is potty trained.


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  1. YAY!!! It was The Most Difficult Milestone EVER, but it was the best one too! I swore up and down that Darling Girl was going to go to high school carrying diapers in her purse. Then suddenly it became important and she did it. My mom asked me if I was a little sad that Darling Girl was officially not a baby anymore. I said no! I was relieved! I’m pretty sure the next best thing is when I got to stop taking an extra set of clothes everywhere just in case! 🙂

  2. I’m jealous. Monkey is nearly 3 and has shown no interest since he regressed (he was pooping on the potty by the time he was 16 months ) when we moved into a new house a year ago. Then the baby came so we haven’t had it in us to out our heads down and train. He’s just started preschool and it looks like he’s one of maybe two who isn’t potty trained yet, so I’m hoping peer pressure (like Eddie!) will motivate him to try.

    Wish me luck. Eek.

    Also, YAY EDDIE!

    • I have learned (the hard way) that just like sleeping and eating, potty training is something you just can’t make a kid do until he wants to. Good luck with Monkey! I am sure he will “get it” when he wants to…which will hopefully be before he’s in high school (that was my only hope with Eddie. Ha!)


    I had the same issue with my daughter when her brother (the poop regressor – love that!) was born. Now, I’m heading into this time with the little brother. He’s 2 years and 8 months and very interested. We bought the big boy underpants, but I don’t really think he’s making all the connections he needs to actually do it. He wants to sit on the potty, but it’s usually right after he goes. And then he just wants to sit for a second and then get up.

    So I’m thinking of waiting until he’s 3 to actually take a weekend and work on it. But, baby #3 is on the way and I really don’t want to back slide like we did with his sister. I just hate the idea of spending an entire weekend in the bathroom!

    So question. Did you have Eddie stand up to pee from the beginning? At preschool they are having my son stand on the toilet seat – kind of stradle the opening, but at home he wants to sit. We have a stool so he could actually stand and reach. I’ve heard so many different theories. Just wondering what worked for Eddie.

    • I learned the hard way that potty training a child is a lot like trying to make them eat or sleep. they won’t do it until they want to.

      We really didn’t take any set aside time to potty train. We just waited until he asked to wear undies. He wanted to pee standing up since the other boy at daycare does, and really? It’s just easier. Otherwise you have to re-teach them how to pee since they can’t sit down at school. Eddie is pretty tall for a 3.5 year old, so he doesn’t even need a stool to pee in the potty standing up.

      Good luck and Bless you, my friend. Potty training is not for the weak.

  4. We are almost to the stage of potty trained with CJ (who is just a few months younger than Eddie) . . . and, you’re right, it’s beyond frustrating. The big thing right now is the time between when CJ realizes that he needs to poop and us moving quickly enough to accommodate him to get him to poop in the potty.

    I’d really, really love to never have to deal with poopy pants, or a poopy floor, or a code brown, ever again (though, of course, there is Leila, waiting in the wings, vehemently anti-potty at the time)

  5. AHHHHHH! I’m seriously doing a happy dance for you!!!

  6. Yay! That is so exciting! I have to say that I was very lucky with Paige. She trained herself and the fact that my mom watched her while we were working helped too. She did most of the training for us. That whole poop in the bathtub thing happened at her house too. 🙂

    You are so right in saying they will do it when they are ready. Paige started at 18 mos but then regressed for a while. I think she was about 2 and a half when she decided it was time. Kids are stubborn little creatures.

  7. YAY Eddie. That was the hardest thing to accomplish…now it’s the wiping of the butt. That’s a trick too.
    Ps. thank you for the special gift. love you

  8. Dare I admit my son is 3 years and 8 months old and STILL won’t do the potty training thing? He was into it at one time, never poop. It’s getting old. But it’s good to hear there are some folks out there in the same boat. But damn, I want out of the boat to hang out on dry land!

    • I think that if he was into at one time, it’s only a matter of time before he decides to do it again. And when that happens it will probably be for good! At least that is what happened here.

  9. Yay for Eddie, and, more importantly, Yay for you!
    My kids are way past that stage (10, 13, 16) but I wanted you to know that, at least with mine, potty training got easier with each kid. The first one felt impossible, but the third one practically potty trained herself. Offering hope!

  10. That is wonderful, Katie, and good for you for waiting until the time was right.

  11. Yay for Eddie. This is so great. I was just over the moon happy when I didn’t have to buy diapers or pull ups anymore. I’d much rather invest in some cute undies. 🙂

  12. YAY! What a clever boy! We’ve had different experiences with our eldest two. My daughter was dry day and night by 18 months and Luka is still in pull ups at night. SO different but they all get there in the end. And yes, it can be frustrating! Well done!!


  13. Congratulations to all of you! The funny thing is, my husband hated dealing with accidents of undiapered children so much that he really discouraged our youngest from wearing “big boy” underwear. It almost turned into a challenge. I barely remember any “potty training”. He literally went from pull ups to underwear in a matter of days when he was around 3. I know everyone says it, but it’s entirely true — the kid decides when it’s time. Before that, it’s the parents who are “potty trained”.

  14. Now you’ll spend the next 15 years telling him to lift the lid and flush.
    That’s right, it doesn’t get easier. ha!
    But seriously, Congratulations!!!! This is just wonderful.
    Your old Friend, m.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Hey there, stranger! Yes…he flushes the poo, but the pee? No. And the seat is ALWAYS UP. BUT I don’t have to buy diapers. I call it a win.

      Happy Thanksgiving, Good Lookin’.

  15. When you refuse to approach it all “now’s the time!” they do usually do it on their own. Z’s been trained since around 2 (day’s only. He still wears a pull-up at night because we are awful parents who still let him drink before bed). And the pacifier…yeah. Never mind on that one here too. Both of my girls were done by 2 but they were both off of pull ups too. Eh. It’ll happen. Convince me about the pacifier too, though, because he is showing NO signs of letting that go at night.

  16. Yeah! See, they always potty train even if it is a hellish road getting there.

    Jake was like Eddie. I thought he would be in Kindergarten and still wear diapers. He of course trained.

    Now, yeah Eddie!!!! Let’s have a I’m potty trained party!!!

  17. Yeah for Eddie!!!

    Potty training totally sucks, but now that Lucas is, I LOVE it too!! He still wears an overnight but often times wakes up dry. That will be our next hurdle. Sigh.