Project 365 {week 42}

This week flew by.

In fact, I missed most of this week.

But I managed to scrounge up some pictures anyway.

October 14: A day late, but the Bird is 7 months old.

October 15: ER trip for my kidney stones.

October 16: Still feeling like crap.

October 17: Still off work. Chugging water, hoping for the stone to pass.

October 18: I’m all better! And look! Two boys in a tub!

October 19: making me giggle on the daily.

October 20: I host a Graco event at Babies R Us and give away TWO of these bad boys! {BRU gift card giveaway coming soon to this blog! Woot!}

Thursday I went to the doctor and she reviewed my CAT scan I got in the ER.

Doesn’t appear to be anymore stones on deck in there, but I am increasing my water consumption anyway.

I do NOT want to go through THAT ever again.


Did I mention ever?


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  1. Hope you continue to feel better!

    I attended the Twin Cities Graco event, however unfortunately, not a winner of one of the beautiful seats.

  2. Hope you’re feeling all good now!

    Boys in a tub – so adorable!!

  3. I have heard kidney stones are THE worst! Glad to know you are all better.