The Olympics…what’s the big deal?

Like the rest of the United States, I have been watching NBC’s terrible coverage of the XXX Summer Olympics.

{Relax, mom, in this case XXX is for “30th” not “triple x”. I’m not watching naughty shows and then BLOGGING about it.  That would be INSANE.}

Anyway, I have also been throwing my opinion on the twitter for the world to not care about.

Recently, Alex of Late Enough and I decided these events really didn’t look all that hard. I mean, we could totally do some of these things.

And so we decided to vlog it.

 can’t see the video?  Go here.

I don’t think this  needs further explanation.

Now go see what events Alex is taking on over at Late Enough.

*video music is “Olympic Platinum” by Pearl Jam

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  1. Sluiter Nation is totally full of Olympians!

    So many giggles over here.


    I have decided, after watching gymnastics, that I could NEVER be a gymnast. Ever.

    I am not flexible enough or coordinated enough to do the things that they do.


    Never ever.

  2. I’d rather watch Charlie do floor routines any day over the Olympics!

    (have not watched a single Olympic thing. Not. A. Thing.)

  3. I feel totally inspired now! The floor routine is awesome. I think I’ll try laying on my back and kicking my feet in the air. Although Fred might get the wrong idea.
    Love the video. Although I think Cort has the weight advantage in the wrestling match. You might want to check for doping.
    Carry on! U.S.A, U.S.A!

  4. Charlie? Is just too cute. I’d totally give him a gold medal.

  5. How great! and so very cute!

  6. i hereby award GOLD medals to the whole famdamily!
    Go Sluiter Nation Go!

  7. You know how much I love the race walking. Thanks for doing the awkward olympics with me.

  8. GOLD!!!!! GOLD!!!! GOLD!!!!

    Especially in the Race Walking.

  9. Rock on Sluiter Nation! You totally deserve the gold!

  10. Oh my….you guys are totally future Olympians. You killed it in the race walking : )

  11. Loved it! You totally rocked the race-walking!

  12. Brilliant post!!!!

  13. I love Cort and the flying elbow.

  14. Mamaintheburbs says

    Great video!! I wish I had the skills to put a video together! Do you use a phone? What editing tool do you use? I’m new to the blogging community. Getting ready to set one up. Haven’t blogged in 7 years and hat was through blogger. You always make me laugh on Twitter too!

    • I actually use our video camera to record and then I use Windows Movie Maker to edit. It’s so fricking easy. Really. You could take the video with your phone and then transfer it to your computer to edit, though. I just haven’t tried that.

      And I am glad I make you laugh! It’s a fun side effect to how awkward I am 🙂

  15. this is so funny. I love the race walking. I like that you can race walk AND hold a baby at the same time. you totally beat all the other race-walkers.

    also, athletes do not care about their make-up. you are correct. i should claim to be athletic and no longer have to worry about it anymore… 🙂

  16. I really don’t care too much for the summer Olympics. Have always been a fan of the winter Olympics but now I have to add the Sluiter Olympics to my faves. 🙂

  17. Charlie wins the gold! So. Adorable. Mind if I hug him? 😉

  18. haha! i finally watched it and i loved your video! i also loved how you got your family into it:)

    ps-so happy to finally learn how to pronounce sluiter. I was thinking it was slooter! smh

  19. Id be really good at shotput. Like, bourbon, Jäger… Anything in a glass and measures by jiggers.
    Great vid!

  20. You win the gold in my book!

    Race walking is my favorite.

    What a cute video.

  21. Color me inspired. I humbly offer this video response….