Project 365 {week 31}

Here we go…the week that brought us August…

July 29: The boys are home from camping!

July 30: Charlie’s tear duct appointment. never flinched during eye dilation.

July 31: he built that all on his own!!

August 1: A teething baby.

August 2: Teething baby is happier with new amber necklace.

August 3: Whitecaps game in a suite with Cort’s work = FUN!

August 4: Go Broncos! Annual college friends get together.

 Now it’s a race to enjoy/relax the rest of the summer, while at the same time knowing school is coming.

I am notorious for having anxiety attacks in August, but hopefully this year will be different.

I mean, the summer has been AWESOME so far.

I’d hate to throw a wet blanket on AWESOME.


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  1. omg he’s getting so big! that can’t possibly be the babe you just had????! looks like a great week. 🙂

  2. Do the amber necklaces really work?

    And love your coral maxi dress!

    • YES! They so do! Within 24 hours of it being on his cranky went completely away. COMPLETELY. Plus, come one…so cute 🙂

      Oh, and thank you. That maxi dress is SUPER comfy!