What’s in My…Bag?

So my friend, Diana, did a little post about what is in her bag.

At first I was like, “oh cute!  I love to see that I am not the only one who crams a bag full of crap stuff!” And then I was going to move on with my day.  Until I realized I should document all the crap stuff in my bag too.

But I am bearing my diaper bag for you guys.

my diaper bag

I mean, some day I will forget about diaper bags and lugging around all that “just in case” crap stuff that you never use…but you would need ALL OF IT if you didn’t have it.

So here it is…

  1. three diaper bag organizers from my friend, Erika of Stitched Simplicity. I have one with Eddie’s pull ups, one with Charlie’s diapers, and one with desitin, lotion, and other creams and whatnots.
  2. wipes.
  3. pads.  Apparently I chuck one or two in every time I have my period without checking to see if I have any in there already.
  4. business card holder
  5. old prescription bottle with random pain relievers, pepto pills, etc. (for the mommy and daddy, of course)
  6. ibs/burp clothes
  7. Gussy pouches with mommy’s lotions, chapstick, etc. in one and pens, crayons, checkbook, etc. in the other.
  8. Snack pouches from Sew Curly
  9. hand wipes
  10. toys
  11. disposable bibs
  12. hand sanitizer
  13. my phone
  14. (not pictured) my wallet

There you go.  Now…is this MORE than what you bring along or less?  Am I a hoarder or normal?  I don’t even know.  I just know I get crazy crabby when I am caught without something I need.


Did I forget anything?


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    Also, those gussy pouches and snack pouches are super cute. Like.

    I’d say this is normal. Only abnormal in that you’re super organized. All my stuff is scattered everywhere in the bag, I can barely find stuff.

    • awesome bag. I love it. I got it second hand from Jill of Baby Rabies.

      I am super organized. Any snacks or whatever that are added to the diaper bag get cleaned out as soon as we get home. I can’t stand an untidy bag.

  2. Okay, so you know that once upon a time I had babies, right? And really, it wasn’t that long ago. I think only women carry around all that stuff. Yes, I had a Diaper Bag too but I only carried around diapers in it. I would have carried my phone around too but, at that time, cell phones were bigger than the actual bag!

    • I think this is because you are a man. No really! Cort is the same way, only he is SO glad when I have all the extra crap when we need it.

  3. Wait! You’re telling me there are no stale cherios or dried up fruit snacks in your diaper bag?!?!?!? Is that just me? I mean, what would I do without them.

    • Well, there ARE some Cheerios in one of those snack bags. And I do tend to clean out the bag each time we get home. I am a weirdo.

  4. that’s nothing and so well organized with the little pouches!
    i almost never carry the diaper bag (I work full time and we don’t stray far on weekends) and i bet my purse is heavier than your diaper bag. I usually carry a backpack and the contents seem to multiply every day. I feel like doing a “what’s in my bag” today would be cheating since I cleaned and switched bags yesterday. 🙂

    • Once we get out of bottle stage, I just carry a big purse too. But I do love this bag. And I prefer the messenger style to a big granny purse that I carried before Charlie.

      and I clean the diaper bag every time we get home from something. I am weirdsies.

  5. This is a well kept bag. I always find papers, receipts, cheerios (same as Jamie), toys from birthday goody bags from my older daughter, warm tights in the middle of winter (stuff gets to the bottom and I forget about it).

    Pretty bag!

    Jen 🙂

    • my wallet is a hot mess of receipts and papers and whatevers. I tend to add/clean out per trip out of the house. Like last night I added Goldfish and the hubs’ tablet to keep E occupied while we were at an appointment. But I cleaned it all out when we got home.

  6. I must say… that is THE CLEANEST diaper bag I have every seen. Where are your Goldfush crumbs, unwrapped sticky suckers and soiled undies that you forgot to wash?

    That’s what used to be in my diaper bag.

  7. I’m calling your bluff. No random granola wrappers, broken crayons, or sticky pennies?

    And if this is your diaper bag, don’t even dare show me your freezer…

    My diaper bag is so gross. SO GROSS!

  8. Obviously, I seldom have pads with me whenever I head out with the diaper bag. Or, at least, I seldom have need for pads – but they, very well, might be in the diaper bag when I head out.

    If I leave the house with the kids, I make sure I have (at least) 3 size-5 & 3 size-6 diapers, wipes, two weather & gender-appropriate changes of clothing, butt paste, sippy cups filled with water, granola bars (at least two), and goldfish crackers. Anything that might have been, already, in the diaper bag . . . well, it stays in the diaper bag. As far as I know, I’m carrying around bazillion of dollars in uncut diamonds whenever I have the kids.

  9. Your diaper bag is Coach? Mine’s a Target special but I’m equally as organized as you.

    • it is. It’s my second bag. I got it second hand from Jill of Baby Rabies. My first bag was from Target (Classic Winnie the Pooh, very plain, but nice. It’s the “leave with the babysitter bag” now). I love a good organized bag. And I love this one because once it’s done serving diaper bag duty? I can be a laptop bag for work. Love that.

  10. Where’d you get that awesome guitar wipe thingy???

  11. Oh man…. I saw Diana’s post + I want to join in. I need to ….but y’all might not be friends with me anymore!! OH THE JUNK THAT IS IN MY DIAPER BAG!!! AH!

    Also? Those bag organizers [number 1 in the photo] look FABULOUS!!


  12. Whoa, compared to me you are SOOO prepared. I am never that prepared. I should be as prepared as you. Sometimes we go out without a diaper. Or we have the diaper bag, but no diapers in the bag! My poor kids.

  13. Beautiful diaper bag. All of your contents make sense to me.

    I wish I had seen this yesterday, before I cleaned out my purse and switched bags. That would have been a laugh to share… rocks, broken crayons, half eaten snacks, etc. It was a disaster. But, now I’m all nice and organized. At least for a couple of days. 🙂