It’s my blog’s birthday!

::cue the confetti and balloons falling from the ceiling::

Over on the giveaway page, I’m spilling the winners of all the giveaways.

If you entered, you may want to go check that out.

I’ll wait.

Ok back to this birthday.  Or “blogoversary” as it’s called on the interwebs.

I told you my blog’s birth story yesterday.


I am celebrating what Sluiter Nation has accomplished in five years.

Sluiter Nation has…

been on 2 blogging platforms (blogger and now wordpress).

3,563 twitter followers.

5 live pages you can visit (see the tabs at the top).

19 categories…which is probably about 14 too many. oh well.

undergone 3 professional design makeovers.


first ever button

1,347 different tags.  I go crazy with tags. allegedly.

a population of 4…double what it had when it was born.

started (and suspended) 1 weekly meme.

Top Ten Button

it didn’t last

over 50% of it’s traffic from referral sites like facebook, twitter, and other blogs.

a lovely 8 sponsors helping pay the bloggy bills.

a whopping 53 Sluiter Nation Recruits.

recruit button

1,047 posts.

1 author.

780 awesome “fans”.

been part of 2 ad networks, but is currently only with 1.

had 35 visits from Malaysia this month (thank you, Alison!)

10 posts in draft form.


first paid bloggy makeover

been to 2 blogging conferences: one miniature and one massive.

gone through 3 laptops.

14,230 comments (at time of drafting this post).

over 500 subscribers (are you one?)


current look

been here for me when I need to process my feelings, unload my fears, and celebrate my joys.

Thank you for your part in the past 5 years.

Even if this is your first visit.

To show my thanks, one of you will win this:

only entries recorded in the rafflecopter widget will be eligible to win.

Giveaway closes Monday, July 9 at midnight est. and will be announced Monday at 9am est.

US and Canada residents only are eligible to win.

But know that I wish I could send you all my “mug”.  He he.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I have wrote a post about summer on a budget for Borderless News and Views if you are interested.

About Katie

Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Jessica G. says

    My favorite thing about Sluiter Nation is how easy it is to relate to your blog. The things that you post about remind me I’m not the only one who feels that way. Not to mention, I absolutely love all of the pictures of cute, adorable kiddos :).

    • aw! thank you, Jessica! It’s funny. I never set out to be the voice for anyone but me. However by putting it out there and just hitting Publish, so many have said they can relate. That makes me feel so good. I love the people who come here. I so do.

  2. I love your logo!

  3. I love the stats! And OMG you can see that I’ve been STALKING you dude!

    Happy Blog Birthday again!

    • honestly? You comment all the time, so I didn’t need that stat to tell me it was true 🙂 And I looked at my stats for the first time in MONTHS just to see if there were fun things to put in this post. I ended up spending like an HOUR looking at things. I had NO IDEA about some of the stuff I found. Hilarious!

  4. YOU are my favorite thing about Sluiter Nation! You are wonderful and friendly and awesome!

  5. My favorite thing about Sluiter Nation is the Sluiters. I am so glad I have the privilege of knowing your family in real life. You are an amazing woman! Love ya!

  6. Happy Blog Birthday!!

  7. Happy Birthday to your blog! I like coming here; it’s comfy like visiting a friend 🙂

  8. Happy Happy Blogiversary. Ive only been reading for a little while, but I am SO in love with your writing. I suffered from Post Partum Depression and after reading about your struggles it gave me the courage to write about mine. I love how relatable you are. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    • Thank you, Jessica! So much. What huge compliments on a Saturday morning. LOVE IT! And keep writing, sista! Processing and talking it out helps! (plus it’s cheaper than therapy. ahem.)

  9. I love your perspective :-). Keep writing.

  10. Yay for 5 years! And many more!

  11. Congrats!

  12. Happy blog birthday! I love seeing your boys grow 🙂

  13. What a grand anniversary — thank you, Katie, for making this place a “must read”

  14. I do love some Sluiters! 🙂

    Happy blogaversary!

  15. First off HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY!!! I am envious. You were one of the first people I discovered on my own blogging journey and you have been helpful and encouraging along the way. Thanks for that!

    Your honest sharing and humor keep me coming back regularly for more. Love seeing your babies grow and checking in on your Project 365 (which has gotten WAY further than mine! Definitely jealous of that!) And if I can’t stop by regularly, I find myself playing “catch up” — sometimes for hours on end. Keep writing!! Keep sharing!! I’ll happily keep stalking!

    • Oh Phyllis! You always say things that make me feel SO good about myself and this blog! YES! KEEP STALKING ME! 🙂

  16. I think you and your blog are blogtastic!! I love how you wrote this and included all your stats and old design, etc.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. Please!!

    All the best, Katie. xoxo

    • Thanks, Tonya! I had NO IDEA what to write. How do you sum up 5 years? I guess with some of your stats 🙂

  17. I started reading this blog only a couple months ago! In that short time, I find that I really love how the blog is not only down to earth but also well written. 🙂

  18. My favorite thing about Sluiter Nation are the photos you take! I love photos! 🙂

    • This makes me smile because I have SO not had time to play with my GOOD camera. Thank you!

      • I love them anyway! The camera phone or good camera! I’m a picture fanatic because they’re what I WISH I could do! 🙂

  19. Cassandra says

    I just started reading, like within the last few weeks. But I am really relating to your PPD posts. I have a 9month old son and have realized that I am also suffering from this 🙁 Hardest part is admitting the problem, right?

    • Oh friend. I am so sorry. I’m glad you can relate. If you need to talk, just email me, ok? really. I hope you are getting help and you have others to talk to too. And yes…the first step is saying, “something is not right. I need help.” The second step is seeking the help. Big GIANT hugs to you, momma. (ps. Eddie was 9mo when I admitted something wasn’t right. 9mo is a LONG time.)

  20. I collect mugs, I want to win this.


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