Project 365 {week 28}

This week was hot.

That is the only way to say it.

July 8: Gender Reveal party for our nephew or niece…can you tell what our guess was?

July 9: after dinner cool down

July 10: Both boys nap at the same time, so I get to do this.

July 11: cake pop after a fun playdate with bloggy friends.

*July 12: new obsession…feet!

July 13: picture day for the boys! (Charlie 4 months, Eddie 3 years)

July 14: HUGE pool party for a friend’s birthday = exhausted little swimmer.

This heat wave doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere, so we will be trying to stay cool again this week.

I mean, when the weather dudes tell you 87 is “pleasant”, you know it’s been hot.

I might be nervous about our cottage “vacation” next week…no AC.

Save me.


Oh…wait…look at these previews I got of our photoshoot with mL photography


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  1. Mamaintheburbs says

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing! Glad I found your blog. And btw we were at our inlaws Cape cottage last week with no ac and it was tough. Bring a fan!

  2. Those pics are beautiful.. Such cutie pies. You do have the baseball bats ready for the girls right. We had our heat wave for 3 weeks, going back up this week after a week in the 80s and finally some rain..

  3. Great pics again. Love the last two of the boys… adorable.

  4. What beautiful pictures!

  5. Your boys are SO CUTE.

    Charlie’s expression in the last one is awesomesauce.

    PS: Did you guess the gender right?

  6. Oh my gosh dude the pics of the boys are so darn cute! You left us hanging though with the gender reveal…you chose boy but what was the final answer!???!?!?!

  7. Have a fantastic vacation! Here in Minnesota, we’ve had the same weather as you. Most days are in the upper 90’s and humid. I love heat, but even this is a bit much for me. 🙂

  8. Great pictures!

    And I hope you’re staying cool. I was kind of resolved to not turn on the AC this year, but 105°F, so there is that.

    I saw on Twitter today that it’s gonna be a girl, but you guys still look good in blue 😉