Project 365 {week 24}

To any dad’s that read this blog…HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

I’m pretty sure there are no celebrities trying to get you to give up your day, so YAY for you!

And a big Happy Father’s Day to Cort: the dad of this Nation.

Before you run out and celebrate all the dads, here is a look at our past week…

June 10: baby snuggles

June 11: We make strawberry ice cream in the new ice cream machine. YUM!

June 12: Zoo Day…feeding giraffes, what?

June 13: This guy turns 3 months old.

June 14: Between potty training and diaper blow outs, this look reflects how I feel.

June 15: I get out for a night of scrapbooking and girl talk…and red vines. mmm!

June 16: As an early anniversary gift to ourselves…Tigers Game!

This week Eddie had no daycare, so it was me and both boys every single day.

And we rocked it.

It was busy though, so no DSLR all week.

We were seriously that busy having adventures:

ice cream making, the zoo, the farmer’s market, reading books, playing trains

And there was the potty training.


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  1. You survived potty training yay!

    I WANT an ice cream machine. Sigh.

  2. I can’t believe Charlie is 3 months already! Such handsome boys! 🙂

    The photo on 6/14 of the face Charlie is making looks JUST like you, Katie!

    I look forward to these posts every week! So happy! 🙂

    And I want an ice cream maker for my birthday! Did your ice cream turn out yummy?

  3. Eck–potty training. I’ve said it a million times, I’d rather give birth then go through potty training. Good work!

  4. Love the baby snuggles shot and the giraffe feeding station. Looks like you had a really good week.

  5. Perfecto! Potty training sucks and how on earth can Charlie be three months old already?