he’s pooped trained. there’s that.

We made it official this weekend.

Sluiter Nation is in Potty Training mode.


As totally newbs at this, we clearly have no idea what in the heck we are doing.

Eddie has been showing signs of readiness for months. In fact, we bought a potty last summer..before he was two, so a YEAR AGO…because he was asking a million questions about it, asking to flush for us, wanting to know all about it.

He even asked to sit on it with his diaper on.

So the potty chair was brought in.

And he loved that darn thing.

EVERYONE got a chance on the potty...even Lamby.

The day the potty arrived, was such a fun day for Eddie.  He was so excited, I can’t lie, Cort and I started doing high fives, fist bumps, and booty shakes.

We were prematurely congratulating ourselves on having a kid who was going to be an absolute cinch to potty train.

I mean, he WANTED to do it, and he wasn’t even two yet!

Eddie has pooped exactly one time in the bathtub.  It was so epically traumatic for both of us, he has never done it again.

In fact, he got pretty OCD about having to get out of the tub to sit on the potty.  He was so afraid of having to sit in his own feces again.

he even ventured on the BIG potty sometimes

Everyone told me he was ready.

People kept saying, “Kate, he is SO ready.  Take away those diapers and go to it!”

But we hesitated.

First of all, by this time, I was back to work.  Potty training was something I didn’t want to dump on (ha!  see what I did there?) on his daycare mom…unless I had to.  I mean, we are his parents.  We can do this, right?

Secondly, I was pregnant.  I know my kid, and I KNEW that once Charlie was here, we would have regression.

(I was very right about this, by the way.)

To me the “perfect” timing was summer when I could have him to myself and AFTER his brother had been around for awhile so we could turn the potty training into something that was ALL ABOUT EDDIE.

"Leave me 'lone, mom."

Friday was Day 1 of the Real Deal.

I put his first Pull Up on him and we watched the Pull Ups DvD.

He was smitten.

He is in LOVE with the Potty Dance and made me play it no fewer than 13q4508094 times (yeah, there’s a “q” in there, what?).

He has it completely memorized.

The first day?  I let this be it.  He needed to ease into it.  It needed to be fun.  It needed to be ALL ABOUT HIM.

Day 2 Cort and I were both home, so we thought, “put him on the can every 20 minutes or so.”

This sounded simple in theory.  What could go wrong?

Oh, only the fact that if you asked him, “do you want to sit on the potty?”

The answer was ALWAYS, “nope.”

So then we stopped forming a question.  “Eddie, let’s go sit on the potty.”

This turned into a screaming, crying tantrum.

Mind you, when forced to sit there, he would pee one tinkle and then demand to get off the pot.

Ok.  We needed bribery.  That is what the facebook and twitter people say.  So I decided, he loves m&ms and stickers.  So I made this:

It ain't pretty, but the boy thought it was cool.

For each pee on the potty he gets a small sticker and 3 m&ms.  For a poop on the potty he gets a big sticker and 6 m&ms.

This intrigued him.

We even talked of cake pop treats from Starbucks if he fills up a whole row.

More excitement.

Twenty minutes later when I told him we were going to sit on the potty?  Tantrum.

So we decided to play hardball.

If he was going to be stubborn, we could be stubborner.  err..more stubborn?  meh.

We put him in undies.

He thought they were cool.

And then peed on the couch.

It’s ok…it’s ok.  We expected accidents.

Then he peed on the floor.

And he was clearly upset that he couldn’t do it “right.”

And then he pooped in his undies.  Bad poop. Throw-away-the-undies poop. He was losing control because now it was bedtime and we stuck him in a diaper out of frustration.

Sunday morning, we put him in undies again.

He peed again.

So we did pull ups.

We had a few pee successes and one poop success.

But he was still fighting it.  Bedtime became a battle because he wanted to use peeing on the potty as a stall.  For the first time ALL DAY he ASKED to sit on the potty.  And did nothing.  Twice.

Finally Cort stuck him in a diaper and all i could here from downstairs was his wail of “but I don’t WEAR diapers anymore, daddy!”

My heart broke.

This morning I decided it was so very important for this to be HIS thing.  For real this time.  We couldn’t force anyone else’s “way” on him.

He climbed into bed with me at 7:00am this morning and at 8:00am when Charlie woke up, he asked for a Pull Up instead of his diaper.  I said sure and to just let me know when he wanted to try the potty.

He asked, “my froggy potty?” (opposed to the seat we got him for the big potty).

“Whatever you want to do, Eddie.”

“Ok, mom.”

After breakfast he paused the Mario Kart game he was playing and announced, “mom!  I poop on my potty!” and took off for the bathroom.

And sure enough…he pooped AND peed.

We celebrated BIG TIME.  M&Ms and stickers and a call to daddy at work to tell him the good news.

“I’m so proud of you, buddy!”

I cannot even describe the look of pride on Eddie’s face.  I even heard him tell Charlie and Lamby that daddy said, “I so proud, buddy. I so proud.  Me a BIG KID!”

Later in the afternoon before nap he did it again.  Another poop on the potty.

More celebrating and hugs.

He beamed.

And before bed, we asked if he wanted to sit on the potty before bed. He said yes.  And wouldn’t you know it?  He had a dry Pull Up and he peed a bunch.

That kid.

He gets the poop.  He is poop trained already.

It’s the pee that is confusing.

But we will get there because, as everyone says, one way or another, kids always get out of diapers.


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  1. we’re potty training with Gage right now too. It’s a ball, isn’t it?

  2. We’re planning to do this in a couple of months. *gulp*


  3. Poop was harder for us, we were having nasty nasty poopy accidents long after the pee ended. So yay on being poop trained that is huge. Potty training Graham has been what I’ve been most proud parenting moment. I just didn’t think it was ever going to happen, and then it did!

    It was a good call to wait until after the baby was born, Graham was 3/4 trained before Gwen, and he totally backslid. It was the most frustrating thing about having two. Graham would have an accident while I was nursing. Always.

  4. I remember the frustration with our son — but he just wasn’t ready, no matter how much we coaxed or bribed. Then one day it just clicked, like a light switch had been turned on and he just started going on his own and the pull ups were left behind. Eddie is on the right trackage you are on the road to one out of diapers!

  5. My daughter is 3 1/2 and just doesn’t care about the potty. She *can* pee on the potty, but zero poop to date after a year of training. We live in pull-ups even though it’s basically a diaper. UGH! My baby will be trained before she is!

  6. yay!!!!! 🙂

  7. I have been reading your blog for awhile but have never commented. Today I just had to say something because we are pretty much living the same life!! My son Drake will be 3 in August and we are trying to potty train him. No luck. He is just like Eddie and needs things tobe his idea so we are waiting until it is (hopefully sooner rather than later!!) More proof that we have the same life? My Charlie just turned 12 weeks old on Sunday!! Yay for toddler boys and baby Charlies 🙂

  8. We have the opposite situation. Bribing is working really, really well . . . he’ll ask to pee on the potty, or, even if you just ask him if he has to use the potty, he’ll sit on it & pee.

    Things were running smoothly for awhile, to the point where he would just be naked in the house, because it’s just easier that way. And then there was the day that he had the BIG POOP, on the kitchen floor, that the dogs tried to eat.

    And we took a few steps back. There have been times that he’s pooped on the potty — he likes candy (we give him one tic tac for peeing, two for pooping), but they’ve been few & far between.

    So, we continue handing out candy for tinkles.

    And Leila still just sits on it and yells “Ta-Da,” because, well, it’s what she does.

  9. All 3 of my boys were poop trained last. Living in the country the peeing was much easier as we made it a game about being able to water the grass, yadda yadda. We also made peeing in the big potty a game by giving them fruit loops or cheerios to ‘sink’. They LOVED it.

  10. yay!! go eddie! i’m proud of him too! 😉

  11. Potty training is a bitch! But I think that you are on the right track. It will happen and just bring extra clothes, undies, wipes and towels where ever you go.

  12. I swore sometimes that Darling Girl would be taking diapers in her purse to prom. She had to do potty training her way or no way. For her, it was an all or nothing thing. She wanted to be able to be completely potty trained or not at all. We explained to her that she didn’t have to be 100% & she could still poop in pullups and/or wear diapers at night. That finally helped her a ton.

    We also made a chart called “No accidents today” and for every day she had no pee accidents, she stuck a sticker on. When it was all full (I think I put about ten days on there), we had a “Panty Picking Party” (it was an alliteration thing) where she picked out whatever underwear she wanted and we took her to her favorite place to eat for lunch. She hasn’t had a pee accident since. She’s also started staying dry for the most part at night. I put her little potty in her room w/ a little toilet paper and she can get up whenever and go pee when she needs to and then go back to bed.

    Last week, she informed me she was “big kid enough to poop on the potty” and stopped asking for a pullup to poop in and has been pooping in the toilet since then. Pooping was REALLY hard for her to grasp because she liked to stand up to poop.

    I think potty training has been one of the hardest things to do so far. Weirdly though, once she got it, she had it DOWN with no issues and then it was SO easy! It’s a weird, weird milestone.

    And now I’ve written a book… 🙂

  13. Go Eddie!

    It really is up to them, isn’t it? With our first two, hubby and I learned quickly that it wasn’t in our time but in their time. Lots of hair pulling (mine’s) and gritting of teeth. Pee and hardwood floors – not a great combination. We’ll soon be going through it again with our third…we’re in no rush. :-))

  14. You guys are doing awesome! Way to go Eddie!! My little man had the hold-in-your-poop problem, and although he trained so quickly, he had regression issues several times. I had to re-introduce the potty chart and stickers, start him on probiotics (yogurt drink once a day or a Good Belly drink once a day) and we have him do a 5-minute *sit* after each meal. Sometimes he throws a tantrum about having to sit, but we just dangle a carrot of some sort and he eventually obliges {and usually poops too}.

    Potty training can be so draining. Don’t worry, in 6 months you’ll be so relieved that you only have to worry about 1 kid in diapers when you’re out and about. Navigating public toilets – especially airplane ones – is a whole other post! 🙂

  15. My first son woke up one day when he was 2 1/2 and announced “diapers are for babies and I’m a big boy now so I’ll go on the potty” and he did. The kid trained himself….I figured it was my stellar parenting…then my second son would only pee on the potty if he was naked at home and asked for a pull up to poop for 7 months. 7. months. It was a nightmare…we finally had to play hard ball when he was past 3 1/2 since we knew he could, he just wouldn’t…2 bad days then he was trained…stubborn coot….

  16. We are struggling with p-time big time here. I am so not interested in putting in the effort, but I know it’s something I HAVE to get a grip on. Thanks for the inspiration.


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