Project 365 {week 19}


(also my baby is 2 months old today…WHAT?)

This week has been AWESOME!

*all photos taken with my DSLR except at the parade on May 9 (that was my point and shoot)

May 6: Eddie went out and got the paper. Eddie: 0, Paper: 1

May 7: tummy time is teaching him to suck his fists. This is not the point of tummy time, Charlie.

May 8: Junk Food Tuesday for the win. We hit up the Tulip Time food booths for dinner.

May 9: Tulip Time Dutch Dancing and Parade. (Jack and Eddie)

May 10: Bath night...guess who got new bath letters?

May 11: someone has been learning that he has hands

May 12: Momma gets a new ride, yo.

 See what I mean by AWESOME!

And today is Mother’s Day.

Please, oh PLEASE head over the Postpartum Progress and support the Mother’s Day Rally.

Each year Katherine asks survivors of postpartum mental illnesses to write letters to new moms.

My letter goes “live” at 4pm est.

But you should read them all because they are beautiful and inspiring.

And just for you.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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  1. Sweet ride!! Happy Mother’s Day, my friend and happy 2 months, Charlie!

  2. I love it when they discover their hands. Nom.
    Happy mothers day friend.

  3. What a terrific week! I love that boy (but can’t believe he’s two months old already), the new wheels, Eddie’s bath letters and the paper. LOL!