I was a senior hottie…again!

Ok, so.

There is this thing that my bloggy friend Liz did last year.

It involved showing you what I looked like in high school.

It was pretty rad.

So she is doing it again this year.

And I’m playing along again.

Get ready…because…


Last year I purposefully chose pictures that flattered my grunge-inspired over-sized sweater look.

This year?

I am letting it all out.

This was the end of Senior Year. I am not sure how those legs supported my body.


this was actually junior year. I had bang envy. Can you tell? (also? hello, mom jeans)

senior year again. Me and the besties dressed for a '70's dance. yeah. we had no idea what the 70's were about. clearly.

and of course the classic senior picture. through a fake barn window. Class of '96, baby.

and because we are comparing this year…

taken on Sunday. This is as recent as it gets, and yes, Ed has the super smile going. (also? shut up about the weeds)

I just realized that by looking at these pictures, you would never know I had a YEARS long blond phase.


Anyway, I have no idea what category my pics fall under.

You tell me.

The categories are:
Hasn’t Changed Since High School (pfft)
Should Have Been Prom Queen (we didn’t have prom queen, but if we did?  BAM!)
Are You Really The Same Person (other than the more weight/bewbs and less unibrow? clearly)
Most Likely to Date Jake Ryan (I love the movie, but have no idea what this category means. I mean, I’m not Molly Ringwald)
Senior Hottie Sweetheart (the catchall category when none of the others fit. Um, probably)

So…what do you think?

Be honest (Mark, I know YOU will be the most honest), I can handle it.

About Katie

Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. I have no idea how to rate you, and I’m not going to try. I’m just here to tell you that you look wonderful TODAY, and you have some very, very cute little guys! I love Charlie just hanging out in his diaper.


  2. Your smile is the same! And yes, you were totally a senior hottie!

  3. Lila Bro says

    Bwahahahaha MOM JEANS! hahahahahahahahahah. :]

  4. How ’bout….’Haven’t lost that twinkle in her eye” category.
    And yeah, sometimes I can be painfully honest. But that’s what gay-besties are all about! Only your girlfriends will lie to you. Apparently, it’s some chick competition thing that I’ll never understand.

  5. I think in order to date Jake Ryan you would have to have been like thrift store eclectic, she was all crafty and making her own clothes and stuff…the black rimmed glasses she wore that one time…I think you were way more normal.

    I’m gonna say Senior Hottie Sweetheart. Awesome abs in the 70’s outfits!

  6. I just have to say how cute you are, then and now.

    Peace signs on the abs were OBVIOUSLY what the 70s were all about 🙂

  7. you are just sooooooo pretty, then, now etc. I love your smile it lights up a room and I know that if we’d known other we would have been good friends.

    Loved all your pics, but that one from Sunday is my favorite..YOU Now in this moment. xo

  8. Ahhhh !! I need to join in! And yes: you were and ARE a total hottie!!

  9. What a fun post! Loved it.

  10. I never would have pictured you as a blonde. And I can honestly say that I think you are even more beautiful today than the 18 year old you.

  11. Oh, you totally were a hottie! Love seeing these pics! I’m going to go with the Sweetheart one! 🙂

    You can’t have Haven’t Changed Since HS, b/c I’m taking that category, my friend! ;P


  12. Oh gosh, I just love all the hair! And the peace sign belly shot is TOTALLY AWESOME! ha!

    Like Kir said, love your smile and the photos of you and your sweet boys the most! 🙂

  13. ha! nice! i like the look charlie is giving eddie. it’s like ummm dude cut down on the smile a bit, you’re taking away my spotlight. 😉

  14. I love the pics — and I didn’t know that you were class of ’96 as well 🙂

    I do believe the 70’s were all about wearing ugly clothing so that people would want to take them off . . . so the showing of skin was, at least, applicable.

  15. Awesome pic! I love seeing the then and now. To me, the now is where it’s at!

  16. I’m old enough to have been your high school teacher All. Four. Years.

    So is it weird that I really want your hair? The way it is now. With the cute clip in it.

    I’m going with “not weird” and also, I don’t see any weeds.


  17. You are adorable – then and now! But I do like the clothing selection MUCH better today. Cute Mother’s Day pic!!!

  18. Oh man, these pictures bring back so many memories from the good old days in ZHS! 🙂 You were and still are cute! 🙂

  19. What’s with that barn door? I had pics taken there, too. You look great. Precious babies!

  20. Bitter Betty says

    What a fun post! I *may* come out of bloggy retirement for this one!!

  21. I pick senior hottie sweetheart! I love those 70’s pictures – I remember doing something similar. And my girls still pull out the same kind of looks for decades day in elementary school. Tie-dye makes it clear it was the 70’s. My senior pictures weren’t exciting enough to even include a fake barn door – I’m a little jealous.

    I love your current picture!

  22. HA!! Looooove the sleeveless flannel shirt. You could’ve just posted that senior picture and I could’ve guessed the year! These are fantastic pictures… you looked great back then, and you still look fab today! Cheers to you!

  23. These are all so amazingly awesome!! I love the hippy belly! And you have such a big, happy smile ALL the time!

    I think you are a contender. For REALZ!

  24. Your smiles hasn’t changed and I love that!

  25. I’m going with Sweetheart. It’s the smile!

    And yeah…the peace signs…only a decade off. No biggie. 😉

  26. okay, for the record? I didn’t even NOTICE the weeds because that last pic is SO DAMN PERFECT—the boys are darling, you look phenomenal + the gorgeous pink flowers caught my eye (pink = my fave). i did senior hottie last year, too….didn’t get my act together today to do it again, what with writing for a, um, guest post. LOL

  27. Aw. You were cute as hell! Maybe you should have said it was a Karate Kid party, though 😉
    Love the happy mom shot. Doesn’t get much better than that does it?

  28. Could you BE any cuter? I think not…

    And yes, you had NO idea what the 70’s were about, but those abs were awesome with fake tats!

  29. Categories, I have no idea – can’t even contemplate those (for myself either) but I love your dress! The orange one. And what weeds? Isn’t that wheat growing? 😉

  30. Yep, your smile is the same. I love the mom jeans, I had me a few of those too. You were gorgeous then and you’re just as gorgeous now.

  31. OMG. The fake barn window! Classic! Love your pretty smile though, regardless of the cheesy backdrop. 🙂

  32. Those prom dresses are amazing!

  33. Those are some sexy chicken legs! 😉

  34. Love the fake barn window picture. I think I have one of those somewhere. Seriously, you were adorable then and are now!

  35. Somewhere between the high-waisted jeans and bandanas, I realized I really, really would have liked to have known you in high school. and now!


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