using your words

twinkah, twinkah, wittah sta…
how I wondah what you ahh…
Uppah diamon inna sky…
twinkah, twinkah, wittah, sta…
how I wondah what you ahh!

My dear Eddie…

Just a year ago you had maybe five words.

One of those words was Da-Eee…which you used freely to call to your daddy all the time.

But you had no word for me.  At almost two years old.

Most people told me not to worry, while also telling me to ask my pediatrician why you were still only babbling.

But then one day toward the end of spring break…you called me Ma Ma.

And you haven’t stopped talking and singing since.

You make us laugh every day with your sayings and your descriptions of every day life.

We definitely have to pay attention to what we say, because you are listening,

You will exclaim, “Oh Heavens!” or “Oh my GOODNESS! (That would be from me.  Yes, I have turned you into an 80 year old woman).

The other day when the phone messed up and daddy told you our phone stinks, you said, “We tell mommy our phone is stinky.  PU!”

You don’t just have a word for me now, but you actually call me “mom”.  Like you’re a teenager or something.  Sometimes it’s “mommy,” but mostly, you will yell things like, “MOM!  CAN’T FIND MY PIPEY AND LAMBY!”  or “MOM, I POOP!”


“Mom?  I play Mario?”

“Mom? I help you make juice now?”

“Mom?  I play outside?”

“Mom?  I have snack?”

“Mom?  Mom?  Mommy?  Mom?  I sit by you and baby Cha-wee?”

You have so much to say and usually your brain works quicker than your mouth.  Daddy and I wait patiently while you find what you want to say.

“Mom?  Um…umm…I….Um…me….um…Mom?  Umm.  I ride my scooter at Nae’s today. And Mom?  um…um…Um…Mom?  I went super duper fast!”

You love to tell everyone about stuff you are proud of:

“I ride my bike all my own self!”

“Dats baby Ch-wee.  He is my own baby brudder.”

“You come see my own room? My Gwamma Swy-ter make my banket and pi-yo”.

And you fill my heart with your words:

“Bye Mom! I yuv you!”

“I yuv my baby Cha-wee.”

“Jack is my favorite boy.” (Jack is his 7 year old cousin)

“You read me book on your new book in my own bed?”  (my “new book” is my Nook.)

“Me a good boy, Mommy.  I not throw food on fwoor.”

And of course there is the way you talk to your baby brother:

When he is crying…”it’s ok, baby cha-wee.  shh shh shh…it’s ok.” (as you give him his pipey and kiss his head).

Or…”mommy’s makin you bott-ah, baby cha-wee.  it’s ok.  it’s coming.”

When he is laying on the floor…”Hi baby cha-wee!  Hi bro-ver!”

Being in the car with you is one constant stream of observation.  In fact, when I am alone, it’s almost too quiet.  No one is pointing out trucks and motorcycles.  No one is telling me about the piles of dirt or kids on bikes.

Oh Eddie…you are so innocent and observant.

Chatting with you is one of my most favorite things about being your mom.

Even yesterday, when I told you I was going to wear a hoodie just like you and you said, “ye-yo yike mine?”

No, mine is pink, I told you as I grabbed it and started to pull it over my also pink T-shirt.

“Oh.  pink like your boobs.”

I giggled and looked at my shirt and said, “Yes, pink like that.”

Eddie, I hope we never stop chatting.

It’s so fun.

Always use your words, my love.  They are wonderful.

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Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. My middle child was a slow talker, using the least amount of words to get his point across. UNTIL he get chicken pox and that began our23 day journey to pediatric intensive care, life support and the fear he was never coming home. He was in a coma for 14 days. 14 long days. When he woke up he was ready to go and talking our heads off. Despite being told he wouldn’t be able to talk well due to the time he was on the machines, it would have irritated his vocal chords yadda yadda. Yeah someone slipped a dictionary under his pillow while he slept and the words seeped through to his brain and then his mouth.

  2. Totally love this post because I was expecting the opposite kind of post. I must say “use your words” a gazillion times a day in hopes that my children (okay, mostly my daughter) will not scream, but tell me what she needs.* I was ready to commiserate. But I’m even happier to have read this because it brought a huge smile to my face because of how cute Eddie is, but also because it reminded me how far my daughter has come with her words and how much I miss those observations of the world around. I guess at 4 and 5 my kids are too worldy to think cars and trucks are noteworthy anymore. I miss those days!

    *And no, my daughter doesn’t scream at me because she can’t talk. She was a very slow talker and didn’t say more than a couple of words until she had tubes put her ears at 2.5, but at 4 she is above age level and can talk your ear off, except when she is mad.

  3. Love this…this makes me smile almost as much as the day I heard Aunt Becky’s daughter find her words.

  4. Those conversations are amazing! I’m looking forward to when Vicki puts together sentences and we can chat. Even now I find her one-word-at-a-time commentary adorable, so I’ll probably melt into a puddle when she can actually communicate ideas.

  5. I love this! I keep meaning to do my own post about all of Lil’ Bit’s favorite words and sayings but it keeps getting away from me. I need to just commit to doing it – get it all down, recorded for posterity. Because they grow up so fast and someday soon she’ll be talking just like me and I’ll miss hearing all her little “toddlerisms.”

  6. Oh how this has made me smile. . .

    And also a little weepy.

    My daughter is nine and has long since found her words. . .

    I miss the pronunciations. . . Hospital was hos-a-pul. Energy was In-jur-ne.

    I catch myself sometimes using her words. . .

    People look at me like I’m nuts.

    But I’m just a Mom trying to hold on to her baby for a little bit longer.

  7. This post makes me super excited for when my baby girl can talk! How adorable <3

  8. This is so sweet! It’s so fun when they start talking like this. I love how you captured all of his quotes. I really wish I would have written more of the cute stuff my kids said down.

  9. Oh LOVE!! Monkey isn’t really talking much yet. But he surprises me sometimes, like yesterday at nap time, he said, “way you” (love you). And he doesn’t call me anything either though I know he knows I’m Mama, and on occasion, he calls out, “Mama!” – at the wall or TV.

    He also has his own rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star which makes me smile all.the.time.

    He points at his belly and says, “Baby!”

    He says, “Kiss!” and climbs up onto my lap and kisses me on the mouth.

    His favorite word now? “Elefark” (elephant)

    Can you tell I can’t wait for this child to have full length conversations with me?

  10. When I am getting ready in the morning, I love listening to my son talk to his stuffed animals over the monitor. So precious! This age is very sweet.