The Book of Ruth {book review}

I stumbled upon The Book of Ruthin a pile of books that my best friend dropped off for me to look through. She said I could keep what I wanted to read and donate the rest.  Most I had already read, but a few were new to me so I set them aside to keep.

The Book of Ruth  was one of those “keepers”.  I held onto it for no other reason than I hadn’t read it before.  Well, truth be told, I also have a penchant for any book that has been on Oprah’s Book Club list. About 90% of the time I really enjoy the books she chooses (and the times I don’t agree, I actually really, really HATE the book.  The Corrections, anyone?  Blech).

The front of the book also had this quote from Vogue:

An American beauty this book…The narrator of Jane Hamilton’s sensational first novel is a holy lusty innocent.”

Before even opening it I knew it was in first person and from the point of view of someone who was probably a victim.

I was right.

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  1. Don’t you LOVE Oprah books!?! Except the Corrections! That one made me say, “What the hell, O?”

  2. I remember when Oprah picked this and for some reason I wasn’t interested, even though I read almost all of her other selections. The Corrections was stupid. As soon as I catch up here I’ll check out your review….