Posts that Make Me Go BOOM! {5}

As I type this it’s 15 degrees outside with ice and wind blown snow covering most of West Michigan.

People?  This is the winter we have been waiting months for.

Usually I hate winter, but this year it’s been so mild around here, I don’t mind the occasional day of feeling “snowed in”.

I mean…just more time to cuddle and play…and read blog posts!

Here are the Top Five that if you missed this week?  I most certainly recommend you take a few minutes to read:

I’ll start you with a serious one.  Katherine at Postpartum Progress took on the theory that postpartum depression is non-existent in other cultures outside the USA in her post Is Postpartum Depression Non-Existent in Other Cultures?  The Facts.  She gives a plethora of information to show that it does, in fact, happen elsewhere.  However other cultures may have better support systems in place to help new mothers through it.  As a postpartum depression/anxiety survivor, this one was informative and interesting.

Then there is this short, but poignant piece by Beth Ann of The Heir to Blair, Heart & Encouragement For The Mommas with Bottles. I solely bottle-fed Eddie and I am going to do it again with Charlie.  I’ve been struggling with how to write about it because I want to so that other bottle feeding mommas have a voice, but it’s hard to put yourself out there to such scrutiny from people who don’t know you and have such passionate opinions.  Bravo to Beth Ann for this.

Law Momma had a contributing piece on Liberating Working Moms this week about kids and TV called Coming Clean on TV that I could TOTALLY relate to. I totally had it in my mind that even though I worked, Eddie would not be a TV junkie.  And then real life happened and I realized I am not good at entertaining a small person for that many hours in a row.  Plus?  Elmo is clearly more educational than my tossing sheep at my sons head.  So there’s that.

I tend to read Mommy Shorts because it makes me giggle so much. This week wasn’t any different, but when Ilana posted this week about her question to Dr. B about her two-year old not listening, I not only giggled, but I learned, people. No really.  Her post Why Isn’t My Two-Year Old Listening To Me? nailed on the HEAD why Eddie’s listening ears don’t always work.  And guess what?  It might because of all the questions I constantly bombard him with.

And this week I leave you with a wonderful thoughtful post I ready by Missy of Wonder, FriendBoys and Books.  I have two boys.  I love books and reading.  At age two, Eddie loves books and reading.  But how do we keep that love alive?  As a high school teacher I see firsthand the love lost between boys and books.  But is it a phase?  Can we foster that love so deep it comes back after the years of “required reading”?  Come join the conversation.

Need some more awesome posts?  Go check out Natalie’s picks this week.

And let us know what YOU loved this week so we can check them out!

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  1. Great list, Katie. I also loved that post from Mommy Shorts : )

  2. AHHH! Every week I’m all “Fingers crossed I make Kate go BOOM this week” and NOW I DID! I’m going to go listen to Katy Perry’s Firework on repeat and go boom boom boom, even brighter than the moon, moon, moon.

    Or something.

    Thanks for the shoutout. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the shout-out! I’m thrilled to be featured on Sluiter Nation!

    Enjoy your snowy weekend. We might have ice tomorrow, which is crazy talk after weeks of 60-70 degree days, but I agree – its nice to have a little winter.

  4. Both my girls were solely bottle fed. With my older daughter, I didn’t regret the decision for a second after her rough start. My second daughter might have been a BFing champ, and therefore has caused me a couple seconds of regret. The most important thing tho? Is that my daughters have received the infant nutrition that they need.