Why Women Need Fat

A few months ago when I joined BlogHer Ad Network, I also had the opportunity to sign up to be part of BlogHer Book Club and be reviewer.

I jumped at the chance.  Especially since I got these sexy reading helpers, I was excited to dive back into the joy of reading!

The first book I signed on to read was Why Women Need FatYup.  I know.  Women needing fat.  I saw it too.  That is why I signed up for it all the while praying, “please don’t be a ploy…please don’t be a ploy….”


I guess you could say I was skeptical…I mean, it’s written by two dudes.  But it didn’t take long for this book to draw me in and win me over.

First of all, I love the way it is organized.  The introduction lays out the problem so many of us have.  We weigh more than our mothers did; we weigh more after having babies; and we diet with yo-yo results.  Then it tells us how it is going to break down the problems and give us solutions.

As a teacher, I was already nodding my head.  This sort of set up is best practice for people to actually learn something.  Nice.

Then the book is divided into three parts, sort of a cause/effect organization:  Part 1:  Why and How we Got Fatter, Part 2: Why Women Need Fat (talking mostly about figure and why women are shaped the way they are), and Part 3: How to Achieve Your Healthy Natural Weight.  And yes, it includes being able to eat that dessert up there on the cover of the book.  YUM!

I had about a million “ah-ha moments”, as Oprah would call them, as I read this book.

The first part of the book blew my mind.  I always thought fat-free and low-fat foods seemed to be, well, missing something, but I had no idea that what was missing was actually better for you than what it was replaced with.  And that the dietary guidelines are all just another part of a huge political money thing.  You know, like everything else in America.

The second part of the book expanded on my knowledge of why women are built the way they are by discussing why it’s better for women to have bigger hips and butts compared to their waistline, and how this actually benefits the babies we have.

The third part mainly reiterated what you can gather from parts 1 and 2 about how to better your health, lose weight, and stay there.

I loved this book because it is saying what I believed all along:  DIETING DOES NOT WORK.  Americans diet more than any other country (because we are fatter.  because we are eating chemically made fat that makes us unhealthy by saying it’s healthy.  seriously, read the book) and yet we are the fattest.  STILL.

Finding your natural weight (yes, it exists.  We are not all meant to be a size 2.  Genetics DO have something to do with things, you know), eating REAL food (not crap that was chemically altered to be edible.  ::shudder::), and regular exercise will help you lower your weight.

The problem is it’s not all drastic and insane…the results that Americans like.

We are a nation that feeds off from instant gratification instead of steady hard work that will pay off eventually.  We want things NOW.

This book teaches what I always believed:  being healthy is a way of life.  But they have science and studies to back them up.

Oh, and a wicked sweet appendix breaking down foods and their good vs bad fats–including popular fast foods.

So to review…

I loved this book because it tells me I can eat REAL butter, REAL chocolate, lots of fruit and still be healthy. And I will probably be cutting out as much vegetable and soy oil as humanly possible.  Blech.

I say that is a win.

Want to see what people are saying about the book and it’s tips and claims?  You can check out our chats in the BlogHer Book Club.

Talk to me about what you do to stay healthy?  Do you pay attention to fats or calories?  Do you exercise?  I would LOVE for 2012 to be the year Sluiter Nation gets healthy and stays that way.

NOTE: This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Im really excited to read this! I just ordered it for my Kindle!!

  2. I will definitely be looking forward to reading this one. Thanks for the review, K!

  3. I am going to read this book! Thank you.

  4. Those are some seriously sexy glasses!

    And I love the review.

  5. Interesting book choice! Our country definitely does not have a healthy culture around food, but sometimes when diets aren’t working, something else is at play. For me personally, I’ve been 60-100lbs overweight most of my adult life, and it was always something I struggled with. It seemed like whenever I was happy, or sad, or angry, or whatever, I was eating! And even when diets worked, I felt sorta crazy and I could never keep the weight off. I started this program 6 mo ago, though, that has me actually eating (and I can exercise if I want, but I don’t have to to lose weight) and I’m holding steady at an 80lb weight loss, totally within a healthy BMI range. Interestingly, and unexpectedly, it’s also relieved a bunch of my depressive and anxiety symptoms.

    If you ever want to know about the program, Katie, let me know. Sometimes your tweets and blogs remind me of me, and if you want a solution I’ve got one!

    • I agree…but the stuff that is IN today’s food? makes you come back for more because you are never satisfied.

      I am guessing that if the plan you are on now has you eating and you can keep weight off, it probably has you eating REAL food and not the crap stuff that we are told is good for us.

      And I would love to hear about it 🙂

  6. SO with you on all the things you loved about this book. And now I’m a happy butter eater! 🙂 I’ve always been a relatively healthy eater, choosing olive oil over other types of oils, conscious of my omega-3s, and following some of the other advice presented in this book. But now, after reading this, I’m kicking it up a notch. And I’m getting rid of some of the guilt I’ve had over a few of my guilty pleasures–like chocolate, as you said, and cream in my coffee! Great review!

    • we are just eaters around here. Mostly trying to watch portions and things like that, but now that I have read this book, we will probably start small (getting rid of veg oil, margarine, etc) and work toward more. I also know the hubs and I are probably going to start training for a 5K again, so that will give us the moving part of the equation.

  7. I recently learned that whole “women need fat” thing too. It really is an eye opener and helps you adjust your eating habits – for the better!

  8. I loved this book too! Especially because it justified mah cuuuurves and let me eat butter. I don’t have much of a gut right now (still breastfeeding), but I’m going to be super conscious about my omega 3’s (at least for a little while, lol) and see if I can ward off the after-baby pounds. Great review!

    • My weight did EXACTLY what this book said after I had Eddie. Except due to depression, being on ADs, and not having time to exercise, I gained a ton back.

      now I feel confident that with small changes made NOW and exercise added after Charlie is born, I can get to a healthy weight and actually maintain it!

  9. Definitely looks like an interesting read.. I’ll add it to the list of what I wanna read.

  10. Sarah Partain says

    Yes!! I love the fat–it’s great for our brains too!!

    • FOR SURE! That part was one of the most interesting parts to me. I can’t wait to get the bad fat out and let the good fat in and make smart babies 🙂

  11. Loving the sexy specs.
    I’ve always had huge self-esteem issues when it came to my weight. I still do. Heck, I’ve lost almost 15 pounds and I can still pick out a gazillion things wrong with me.
    I need this book.

    • Oh yeah…guys make passes at girls who wear glasses, yo.

      This book? Will tell you ALL about why you are the way you are. It’s so….liberating. I know that sounds weird, but it is.

  12. You are too cute. Love the specs.

    Sounds like an interesting read. I will add it to me ever growing list of “to reads”. 🙂

    • thanks! and yes. It’s a very interesting read. Normally I would not pick up a book like this at all, but I was so glad I got the chance to read it. Easy, fast read packed full of lots of great stuff.

  13. I am a calorie counter, which means I’ve always been hugely dependent on low calorie options, which are filled with chemicals. I am working to end that (goodbye diet pop and low-fat foods.)

    It was a good book, though I didn’t think it had too much groundbreaking information.

    Your review was awesome!

    • I agree…nothing groundbreaking, but stuff that I think people just don’t know enough about. I think most of my ah-ha’s were more like DUH’s! I’m certainly glad I read the book!

  14. What a great book to start off the year with!

    I always thought that real fat was better than fake fat, but still totally get sucked into the “why can’t I be a size 2 like she is!?”

    Definitely going on my to read list.

  15. I’ve read about it and agreed with this premise for a while. Another blog I read talked about this for a while. It’s great. Unfortunately, I still like my breads a little much, but overall, I’ve been losing weight like crazy.

    Check out her page: http://www.advicegoddess.com/archives/2011/11/20/starting_or_res_1.html

  16. Doing some catching up on your blog and just came across this. Will add this to my “to read” list, especially as I’m in the midst of trying to lose a few lbs, eating healthier, etc. I actually exercise a lot as I started doing triathlons last summer, but I continue to gain. I know it’s the processed crap I put in my body, and now I’m on the road to recovery :). Somewhere along the way, I went from eating fairly healthy to eating crap. I’ll read this book as I travel back to the healthy road again!


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