what 6 months looks like {then and now}

As of this week I am officially starting the 6th month of this pregnancy.

My weight gain has been almost identical to when I was pregnant with Eddie.  I think I’ve gained maybe three pounds so far and over a pound of that is baby.

This is what I looked like around this same week when I was carrying Eddie:

six months pregnant with Eddie and feeling great

I remember thinking I looked soooo big!  I also remember feeling really great.

People were always asking if I was tired or sore and I just wasn’t.  I loved being pregnant by this point.  It was easy and I felt pretty cute with my bump.

This time?

Not so much.

Here I am now:

24 weeks (6ish months) with Charlie...and FEELING it.

Now I just feel…big.

I do not feel even a little bit cute this time.  I feel large.

Maybe because my placenta is low.  Maybe because Charlie likes to hang out in the lowest spot possible.  Maybe because I hardly have any cold weather maternity clothes that fit me (Eddie was born in June and I didn’t need BIG things until about March, when I could get away with short sleeves).

I am also waaay more tired than last time.  I give Eddie ALL the credit for that.

Other than that, I really don’t have complaints.

Things seem to be chugging along just fine.  Next week I have my glucose test (ick) and another OB appointment where I will be scheduling another ultrasound to make sure my placenta is behaving and hopefully movin’ on up as my uterus grows.

And just like with Eddie, I am feeling overwhelmed with what needs to get done, and totally blessed at the same time.

Also like before I know that if none of our plans for Eddie’s room get done and Charlie has to sleep in a bassinet in our room until we can afford to finish Eddie’s room…it will work out.

It will.

But I would feel better if we could just get it done, ya know?

So I am off to find a money tree…unless you all have a better idea for how to get carpet, blinds, bedding, a mattress and a dresser in the next three months.


No?  Well then.

Off to find the money tree.

And enjoy Charlie’s little kicks.

About Katie

Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Katie?

    You are beautiful!

    Try not to worry about things, they will all fall into place eventually.

  2. You look great!! Keep your chin up and all to soon you’ll be cuddling that sweet baby in your arms.

  3. You look great! Brings back lots of memories from my pregnancy days. With our second, we lucked into great deals on bedding, mattresses, etc. Keep your eye out especially this time of year. I bet you’ll find all sorts of good deals. Oh, if you find a money tree forest, please be sure to share the location. 😉

  4. You really do look great. I understand how you feel though. I felt so huge when I was pregnant but now I look back and pictures and realize it could’ve been much worse. I am also surprised because my diet consisted of velveeta shells and cheese, doritos and chocolate. It wad all that I could stomach. Pretty soon you will have that beautiful new baby in your arms and all will be forgotten. 🙂

    And when you find that money tree can you let me know?

  5. You look so cute! And please let me know if you find the money tree!

  6. Well, you look great! You look like you are carrying higher this time. But hang in there girl! Them darn toddlers taking all of our energy the 2nd time around!

  7. You are way more than cute, you look beautiful! You are building a baby while chasing around a toddler…face plant! Be easy on yourself. It will all get done, and if all else fails all you really need are diapers, boobs and a snuggly spot in your bed.

  8. You look amazing! I know how you feel thought. I feel huge this time around and I actually got on the scale yesterday. Not the best idea. The winter clothing also makes me feel bigger.

    Before you know it, you’ll be done!

  9. You are adorable my dear.

  10. Katie! You are beautiful!!

  11. You are gorgeous.
    Despite how you feel.

  12. I love your beautiful bump! I felt HUGE with my son and I didn’t feel like that when I was pregnant with his older sister. It will be ok if you don’t get everything done. Holding a new bundle of joy will make you forget about that stuff.

    Please let me know if you find a money tree. I could really use one, too!

  13. Okay, YOU are adorable! I love that shirt and scarf combo, and your hair cut is super cute! If I could send you my winter maternity clothes, I totally would.

    Everything will work out. My eight month old is still sleeping in his bassinet, even though he barely fits.

  14. stunning. really. i know you don’t feel it though (i didnt either) but it’s FACT. so there! 🙂

  15. You look amazing! (ps… way overdue on this too, but love the haircut!)

  16. You are a gorgeous pregnant woman. But I can understand the feeling huge part. I was huge with Hayden, he was over 10lbs when he was born so I was just big. And with the triplets well, I wasn’t huge I was ginormous.

  17. Katie, you are so stinkin’ cute! What can you say except a body remembers? Eddie made room.

  18. TheNextMartha says

    I’m really bad at this but I think you look the same. Except the hair. That’s really obvious. And I totally see an ass there. Hot. Yeah! 6 months.

  19. I know it’s supposed to be about how you FEEL not how you LOOK.
    But girl, you look better this time around (in my humble opinion).

    Now, you’re a mama who knows what’s up.
    Your hair is hot and your bod is lusciously life-giving.

    Just saying.

    You’re kind of a rock star.
    With a scarf.

  20. I think you are gorgeous and glowing!!!!! If I could get you a dresser and the rest to you I would! But all Charlie really needs for now and forever is you!!!! Thanks for sharing these pics with us sweetie.

  21. I hopped over from twitter, and let me just say…you look fantastic!

  22. Katie, you were beautiful then and now. Try to enjoy the last three months. xo

  23. Oh silly, you look gorgeous and beautiful and all Mother Earthy 😉
    Enjoy the glow … so much easier in than out!