The Sluiter Nation OnLine Holiday Shopping Guide

Last year I did a Top Ten list of the things online that I was hoping to get for Christmas.  I was spoiled (and may have splurged on myself for a couple things), and I now own nine of the ten things on that list.

This year I am doing it again, but instead of listing specifically what I want, I am making this more of a gift-giving guide.

So here we go….

For the ladies in your life…

You can’t really go wrong with something from Twenty Five Design.

I own many items from Torie’s shop, but my faves are my headbands and my necklace.

I have this in grey, but all the colors are so great!I really don't think I can have too many of these.


 Peggy Ann Designs has some of the cutest bags and totes EVER.

This is the Kate wallet. it's the perfect size for your credit card, biz cards, whatever. And its name is KATE!

I have this. The Sophia bag. I get compliments on it ALL the time.

Girls like to smell pretty and feel soft.  That is why I like to buy yummy smells from Pink Bow Bath Boutique for my friends.

The scent lasts all day! but warning...they smell SO good, you might just want to lick your own arm!

Girls love jewelry, right?  And I have a slew of places you can find cute jewelry for all the girls in your life.

First, there is Flawed Perfection. Perfect if you are looking for colorful dangly goodness.

these have the word "juicy" in the name. I don't think I have to say more.

Then there’s Studio Jewel (or the Bead Girl to many of you).  A little more spendy, but worth it.

I can't lie, I totally want this bracelet

And even though I have more, I’ll leave you with this last one: Silversmyth Jewelry.  Again, this shop can get spendy, but the stuff is so dang beautiful.

I had these. Then I lost them at BlogHer. I so very much miss them.

For the dudes…

I have really been enjoying The Cuft Lynx lately. They have more than just custom cuff links too, including money clips and tie clips.

A true Detroit Tigers fan would LOVE these.

Looking for a unique tie for your man?  Check out Me and Matilda.


For those little cuties….

I get a little melty when I see crocheted or knitted things for little ones.  I love CUTEure Creations.

pretty sure Charlie will be getting something like this when he is born.

An all time favorite shop is The Sunshine Stitch.  I own a hat from here, but oh my…the baby stuff is to DIE for.

::dead:: from cute overload

There is an over-abundance of girly stuff in the world, so when I find a shop that has a “little man” line?  I favorite them faster than you can say “baby boy”.  And while they have SUPER cute girl stuff, I am in LOVE with Chic Couture Boutique’s boy line.

Eddie and Charlie NEED this for brother pictures!

And the ONLY baby blankets and burp clothes I give as gifts are from Bird E Studios.  I have been told over and over that these are the most cuddly blankets and absorbent burp clothes.  And Erika makes them to coordinate.  So awesome.

best. blankets. ever.

A little this and that…

If you want to give something personalized for someone’s home, I recommend Jaborandi Grove.–and not just because she is my newest sponsor, but because she makes super cute letters/signs for the walls in your home.

we are getting CHARLIE spelled out for the nursery!

I was recently introduced to The Ink Society.  So many awesome prints/posters for giving!

yes. this.

From adorable little ornaments to gorgeous large wood furniture, Hand Crafted By Ken is the best places for wood-worked gifts. (and he happens to be the father of this beautiful blogger).

this is Eddie's 2011 ornament

And if you like to give your party host a bottle of wine, I recommend flipflop wines.

my favorite is the Riesling.

So there you have it.

Some of my favorite things.  All listy and lovely so you can go on a Holiday Shopping Spree for everyone on your list.

What did I miss?  Where do you love to shop online for the holidays?

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  1. Katie, I love you even more after this list, if possible! I will be digging in this weekend 🙂 I still have lots of holiday shopping to do, and there are a few things here that will be perfect.

  2. I LOVE Riesling! Thank you so much for the Jaborandi Grove props! 🙂

  3. Big fan of lists. Big. Huge.
    I have to go shopping now!

  4. really cute stuff, i especially love the hats and the tie.

  5. Ok. Those tie shirts make me want a boy…

  6. Love your list, Katie, and that you know that no list is complete without wine. 😉

  7. Love everything on your list, thank you for sharing your top picks.