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It’s Wednesday!  Time for another Sluiter Nation Recruit!  Not sure what the heck that means?  Well read THIS.

Today I bring you possibly the most positive person in the blogging world.  No…in the WHOLE world: Kir of The Kir Corner.

I am fairly certain I met Kir through The Red Dress Club (now Write on Edge), but what I AM certain of is that minute she started commenting on my blog, I felt like I had a permanent cheerleader in my corner.  She is supportive and loving and it’s how I imagine having a big sister would be.

And through all that support, I traveled to her blog, and ohhhhh!  Her writing is lovely!  You are going to love it.  And then you will love Kir.  Guaranteed.


You’re an old soul.

Honestly, I’ve heard those words since I was a little girl. I could make conversation with anyone, but the truth is that even as a young person I preferred the company of the “older generation” to my own peers.

I never really hated being left with my grandmother and her friends who loved to play rummy. I would sit at the table and just listen, I would ask all kinds of questions and occasionally, even then, I would offer my opinion in a debating fashion.

This might not sound like such a bad personality trait, but when you are in your formative years the best thing to do is to try very hard to blend in. Yet, it was never really the way my brain percolated. I was dreamy, thoughtful and often airy. I used to believe it was because I was blonde or just plain silly, but now I look back and just know I was a dreamer even then. I had very little patience with rational explanations and social rules.

If I liked you, then I liked you even if no one else did. I did not like to make fun of people and those phone scams that radio stations enjoy doing; I still cringe, even today, when I feel like the “victim” of them is hurting because of it. Those first few weeks of shows like American Idol, you know that ones, the AUDITIONS where they love to poke fun at the people who can’t sing?

Yeah. I normally cry and lose my faith in humanity for an hour or so.

So it’s a miracle that I ever really found a place to belong since the social mores of teenagers rely heavily on the ability to make fun, to find fault, to tear down to build up. See the thing is that I wanted to belong at each lunch table. I enjoyed the band kids, I laughed with the musical theatre kids, I could talk about college basketball with the jocks and I was a cheerleader all 4 years. I could debate religion with the priests and nuns that taught me at my Catholic school even while I pondered the fashion of the day with the best dressed & most popular girls.

I guess the best way to explain it is that I refused to fold myself into a different box for every occasion. Instead, I did everything I could do to have something in common with you, see your point of view and hoped beyond myself that you would find it agreeable. I might walk away feeling like I failed, but never like I was ready to be anyone but who I was for you.

Like everything else, I found out that you do eventually find your path.

Why can’t I just be who I am?

Why should I try to shove myself into that box that means I am just like everyone else?

Why can’t I like Broadway musicals, be a cheerleader, run for student council and love to write too?

Why is being a deep thinker or a person who cares too much viewed as a personality flaw?

My “old soul” knows better now. It still marches to the beat of its own drummer, but it’s a melody that is the music of my life.


Katie, thank you so much for recruiting me today, for letting me be a part of your amazing world and space. Gaining your friendship, reading your words and having a sneak peek into your life this year has been such a gift to me. I am honored, humbled and so happy to “Belong” here with you.

Xo Kir  


Oh Kir, you know I love you.  It is an honor for me that you are here.  And an honor to send my lovely readers to you.

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 So go enjoy some time in Kir’s Corner.  You won’t be sorry.

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Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Kir, you astound me as always. I love you just the way you are, old soul and all.

    • I can’t imagine ME impressing you at all my friend…but thank you for coming over and saying that to me. I adore you and this year has been SWEETER because I found your friendship here. xo

  2. I have fallen in LOVE with Kir! So glad to see her here today!

    • what a truly wonderful thing to say to me….and the feeling is MUTUAL I assure you. thanks for these amazing words. 🙂

  3. It is very difficult NOT to fall in love with Kirsten! She truly is like a ray of light, glowing with love and kindness from the inside out. That’s how I see her.

    Kir, as always, I’m glad you decided not to conform/blend in with the rest. Because you are unique, wonderful, and have SO, so much love to give. I only wish I could do the same for you. Love ya, girlfriend!

    • YOU my friend, are just amazing to me. You just giving me your friendship is BEAUTIFUL gift to me, I feel so lucky to just KNOW you. Thank you for the support, the love, the comment, the “CUPCAKES”…you make my life sweet xo

  4. I couldn’t agree more with this!! Everyone (beginning with my Grandmother )you has told me I’m an old soul, too. And I’ve never fit in a box. Thank you for these words, they are perfect!

  5. A beautiful post, Kir. Being boxless is the best.

  6. a melody that is the music of my life …..
    beautiful words … and yours are always like music to my ears!

  7. Oooh, I just love Kir, so the two of you together is gorgeous 🙂

    Kir, you and I have so much in common. I can’t wait until February. I am going to need lots of coffee, because I have a feeling we will not. stop. talking 🙂


    • Angie, there are no words for how much I adore YOU…my kindred spirit and blonde sis (I’m sure of it)

      I’m looking forward to the “STAYING UP ALL NIGHT” with you sweets!!!!!! Who needs sleep????? LOL

  8. I love love love the idea of little Kir sitting with the Grannies playing rummy and offering up her own end of the conversation. Love.

    And I think even then, I would have loved talking with you, Kir. You are a community builder, an anchor for the people around you.

    • it was exactly like that too….us all sitting around, me learning about the world around a kitchen table with old Polish ladies playing cards. 🙂

      I always love talking to you….thank you for this gorgeous comment, it’s making my eyes well. 😉 xo

  9. Katie, thank you so much for your beautiful intro..and for your words to me. Better than an present this time of year for sure. I am so thrilled to be here “belonging” xo

  10. Kir is great. And definitely, someone who doesn’t fold into the mold, but stays positive in the face of a negative world. Go Kir!

  11. Yay, Katie and Kir all in one place!! It’s like a blogging-heaven smorgasbord! You are both wonderful supportive women who are also incredibly talented. I’m happy to have met you both on these here interwebs. 🙂

    • I’m soooo happy to have met you inspire me every single day, what talent and vision…wow.

      thank you for these lovely words, you made me smile.

  12. Kir, you certainly have a way of writing that keeps me coming back, like you’re having a personal conversation with me! I think being told “I’m an old soul” is such a compliment, meaning there is more to you than superficiality – you care to know about people, places and things. It may take time, but I think eventually we all find our way in the world and who we are, just depends how open and honest we are with ourselves to let that path come naturally.

    • well I don’t really have any words (which is new for me) about such a gorgeous comment. THANK YOU…truly. All your support and friendship, new following ….has made me so happy. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

  13. Kir! This is so lovely. I have an old soul at home, too. His path is definitely the one less traveled, but he teaches me new things everyday! So nice to see you at Katie’s. Makes me feel like the blogosphere is actually not so huge. (*waves hi to Alison @MamaWantsThis*)

    • THANK YOU Renee… much. Plus I am so glad you have an “old soul” of your own..we are good to have around, we have a unique way of looking at the world and our hearts are OPEN WIDE….I like my old soul. 🙂

  14. The minute I began reading your description of yourself, I thought of my daughter Karly.
    And by the end, I had tears in my eyes.

    Of recognition, of support, of hope.

    I love your words and wish for her and you all the love and acceptance you deserve.
    Just for being yourselves.

    • Karly is one LUCKY LUCKY girl….and I say that because I know it now, that her heart is OPEN, her imagination is endless, she has GUMPTION….doesn’t she??? Karly is going to be loved by lots of people just for being herself, I assure you. Let her know, her “old soul” is her best feature. xo

  15. I love Kir and seeing her here = perfect!


  16. I love you for you Kir.
    I’m glad that you didn’t force yourself to fit a mold that everyone else wanted you to.
    That’s what makes you so awesome.

    • I don’t know if makes me “awesome” but I’ll take those words from you, if only so that they come true 🙂

      I am glad that I didn’t spend too much time worried about it….I just lived and laughed and loved…my way and it made my old soul happy.

      I happen to think YOU are the Awesome one.xox

  17. Love you, Kir! So glad to read this piece of your story. And yes, you should walk, march, run and dance to the beat of your own drummer! The world is better for it.