Sluiter Nation is Decked

There has been some getting Christmassy around these parts.


Toddler Art...check


Toddler in antlers the Mall Santa gave him...check

treats made as a family...check


plans to make more treats...check


tacky lights all over the house...check


monsterously tacky star atop our tree...check


itty bitty 6 month old hand print hanging on the tree that brings tears to my eyes...check


98% of our Christmas shopping done, wrapped, and under the tree...check


snowman with s'mores...check


classic christmas movies on TV...check






and a blogger in a santa hat...CHECK!


And this is just the beginning.  Starting at 2:30 today (Friday), I am on break.

Let the overload of Christmassy Goodness begin!

About Katie

Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Um? Elvis?

  2. thanks for sharing your story on my blog! i really appreciate it. really!!

    it is so good to hear it from other mamas…that what you have felt and still feel…others do as well. \


    • I take every chance I can to talk about PPD because like you, I think it’s hushed up way too much. Women need to know that they are not alone and that help is out there. PPD is NOT normal baby blues. It requires HELP.

      Thank YOU for speaking out as well!

  3. I love all the Christmas around your house. I too am getting very excited expect not about the work part.

  4. I love that you celebrate Elvis.

    • somebody has to do it. I mean, he’s no Chuck Norris or anything, but he IS the King. Well…one of the two. We put Jesus out too. To be fair.

  5. I love this all. We would enjoy the holidays together.

  6. I ADORE you, I would have so much fun Ho Ho Hoing with you….(LOL)

    don’t you love how they use our kids hands and feet for projects….the ideas are GENUIS!!!! Seriously.

    I am enjoying Christmas so much this year and so glad you are too…..

    (Plus I love that JOY paper on some of your presents, it’s soooo PURTY!!)

    • He he! Thanks, lady! Yes, I do love the holidays and getting into the spirit.

      And the hands and feet projects? They KILL me! LOVE them!

  7. Once again I’m reminded that your Snowman with S’mores TOTALLY kicks Snowman with Shovel’s ass.

    Plus, I don’t even have an Elvis.

    So you’re doing Christmas right, for sure.

    • Even though the picture turned out fuzzy, I put Snoman with S’mores on the post JUST for you. S’mores take Shovel EVERY time.

      And Elvis is actually a birthday card to Cort, but we thought he should stay up. I mean, he’s a king too. Just of Rock n Roll and not humanity.

  8. I think I had that very same star when I was a kid . . . I mean, did you steal that from my dad’s attic?

    Nothing is complete without Elvis . . . I approve 🙂

  9. Im so impressed by your wrapped presents under the tree. 3 minutes alone and my boys would have celebrated Christmas. You know, without us. Eddie is clearly the paragon of self control!

    • He knows that they are not for him and he doesn’t want them. He also knows HIS presents are being brought by Santa. I have no idea how we got so lucky with him just accepting that.

  10. I am impressed that you can put wrapped presents under the tree and they will stay intact. I have to hid everything, even if they presents for extended family.

    • I think it’s because their are presents under the tree at daycare too that he can’t touch. So I think he just knows. Either way…we are lucky because I have NO PLACE to put all those presents except under the tree!

  11. I never tire of handprint crafts.

    Can you believe I live in Memphis and don’t have a single Elvis thing?

    • Me either. They make me swoony.

      And that elvis? is a birthday card to Cort that we just left up for Christmas because he is a king too. Duh. We don’t have anything else Elvis. Except of course his music.

      Love me tender….don’t mind if I do!

  12. Love your Blog Katie… The reindeer hand/footprint pic is great, might try that with my littlies if we get a chance before Christmas! xx

  13. Wait? You’re on break? I’m jealous. We have 3 pointless… err education-filled days of learning this week. 1 Xmas present each already given? Check. Counting down days to Florida and taking my baby girl to Disney World? Check, Check, Friggin’ Check!

  14. the toddler art makes me so happy.

    also, i wrap everything on christmas eve.

  15. I dig the handprint crafts. Hands combined with a little foot? I die.

  16. Crap, now I have a complex that G is 9 months old and I’ve NEVER managed to get a hand print. Thanks for that Katie. 😉 Guess I know what one of my pre-xmas projects is going to be…