Santa! The Big Man! The Head Honcho!

Last year, this happened with Santa.

Thank GOODNESS Marvin wasn’t working the Santa gig last night.


Eddie was still wary.  It’s like he blanked.

don't bother me...I'm...thinking.

Like most kids, he is very excited about the idea of Santa.

But when faced with the Big Man himself?'s a football?

Alas, Eddie didn’t have much to say to Jolly Old Saint Nick.

But he was nice, and gave Eddie a candy cane and told us all to be good.

luckily Eddie was not told he would shoot his eye out.

And Eddie avoided eye contact the whole time.

Until we were out of Santa’s “lair”.

Then he was all talk about how much he likes Santa.

Go figure.

How are your kids with Santa?

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  1. Awww! I love the pic where he’s contemplating.

  2. we haven’t tried santa yet, not sure how louise we do, he is kind of scary, big and strange.

    • we’ve done him every year. The first year, Eddie was 6 months and didn’t care WHOSE lap he was on…he was just happy. Last year when he was 18 months, Santa may as well been on fire. That is how hard Eddie cried. This year? well, you can see how at 2.5 he prefers not to make eye contact. he he he.

  3. My son did the same thing this year. He’ll be 4 end of January and is really into Santa this year. He talked the entire car ride there about what he was going to ask for and how he would tell Santa what his baby sister wanted, then we get there and he COMPLETELY clammed up. He refused to smile for any of the pictures and finally after being asked about a dozen times what he wanted for Christmas he kind of shrugged and said “don’t know”. That’s all his little over excited brain could come up with. Poor guy, Hopefully next year he’ll actually get to speak a full sentence.

  4. I have a FABULOUS picture of two of my three children with Santa this year (after waiting in line for 1.5 hours to see the big guy!). My 8 year old and my 4 year old sat on his lap, told him what they wanted, promised they’d been good than flashed their angelic smiles at the camera man who shot a fantastic photo of them.

    My 2 year old however had a death grip on my pant leg the whole time. She wouldn’t even look at Santa.

    Oh well, there’s always next year 🙂

  5. I love how they are all talk before they meet him and then it’s “PLEASE SIT WITH ME MOMMY!!!” Jacob had a lot to say to him but not without us standing there…Gio hid behind my legs. LOL

    I love the pictures….hope you’re all having a HAPPY HOLIDAY 🙂 xo

  6. He looks terrified. Or thoughtful. Maybe he’s thinking really hard about what he’d like Santa to bring this year. Super cute.

    Thanks for linking up, lady!

  7. Ummm…I told Chunky that Santa wouldn’t bring him a single thing if he didn’t sit up there and smile.
    Cause I’m an awesome parent like that.
    Eddie is scrumptious.
    I especially love the deer in headlight pic.

  8. For some reason, sitting on Santa’s lap has always weirded me out. I don’t know why. In any case, I suspect we won’t be taking G to have his pic taken with Santa unless he makes the request (which he won’t be able to do for a few years yet). But I’m glad that Eddie, even if he wasn’t thrilled during the event, enjoyed it after the fact. 🙂

  9. Awe what an adorable picture! Your son is so cute!

  10. Sweet ‘lil cutie pie! Love!

  11. You can tell that he’s just hanging on by a thread in that last picture. But he did it and good for him! Glad Daddy was next to him.

  12. Oh you are so lucky you got him to even sit near him. My youngest wouldn’t even walk by him last year! So adorable!


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