the littlest dinosaur

Halloween started with a lot of excitement.

Eddie has been talking about how he was going to be a dinosaur (RAWR!) and get candy for DAYS.

And then today happened.

I don't yike it, momma.

There was a bit of anti-dino-costume going on.

We had to bribe him to wear it to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

The tail is cute. The face? All pouty.

He had been practicing “RAWR!  TRICK OR TREAT!” and all that came out was “no.”

ok, i'll take the candy in my bucket.

And as soon as the candy was in the bucket, the hat came off.

And he wasn’t even sure he wanted to go into their house until Grandma promised candy corn.

and all the candy corn went into the pumpkin bucket.

And soon after, the costume came off and I was sure that was the end.

We went home, ate dinner, and the trick or treaters started rolling up to the door.

Suddenly, Eddie became aware that all those dressed up kids were getting candy from us.

And just like that, he wanted that darn dino costume back on.

eddie trick yer treat, momma

And out the door he went.

yet's go, daddy!

He wanted to catch up with all of the kids.

It was so exciting to truck on down the road, that he wasn’t even that concerned with stopping at houses.

run, daddy!

He stopped at maybe two houses.

And then a bigger kid in a scary mask made a scary sound.

And Eddie came trucking back home, full speed to our front door, telling me about a maw-ser (monster).

We are very proud of our little dinosaur!

Now let’s just hope he doesn’t have monster nightmares tonight.

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  1. Aww!! He’s adorable!!

  2. Awwwwww. One very cute little dinosaur!

  3. So cute!

  4. Oh my holy hilarious!

    But you were takin’ it easy, right? Chillin’? Relzin’. No runnin’ up and down the street for you, dino-mamma? 😉

    I love how he didn’t even care about the candy; he just wanted to be with the big kids. Except the monsters.

    And by the way this is an important lesson.

    No one wants to hang out with monsters.

    No even in real life.

  5. *relaxin* Ooops.

  6. *Not* Dang it. Please feel free to edit. Hard to type on an iPhone!

  7. Eek!! Too cute! I love it 🙂

  8. Absolutely adorable. I know that last minute dino breakdown…had one of our own a few years ago. It just seems like such a perfect idea in theory in those little heads.

    I also had to snort because of the Mad About You reference on Twitter. I had no idea that show was still on anywhere, but my parents tend to find the shows I’ve long forgotten too;)

  9. He’s the cutest dinosaur I’ve ever seen!

    The binky makes the outfit. 🙂

  10. So cute!! Dinosaurs are the BESTEST!!!

  11. what a little cutie!! he did a great job 🙂

  12. I just want to drive up to Michigan and squish him…then I want to rub your belly.

  13. So he realized costume + kids = CANDY!

    He’s obviously gifted.

    And cute.

    Oh my.


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