baby update and a conversation with Eddie

Friday I had my 16-week OB appointment.

It was about 80 degrees out, I was wearing a stretchy skirt and maternity shirt and I was feeling sweaty and big.  I also had a pounding headache.

At 16 weeks.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t start getting actually uncomfortable until well after 20-some odd weeks with Eddie.

Oh, the joys of the second pregnancy.

Anyway, the entire drive from work to the doctor’s office consisted of me praying for a “pants on” appointment.  I really couldn’t remember when those started last time, but it had to be soon, right?  I mean the last three appointments had some sort of poking and prodding.  This one should be quick…right?

Thankfully the answer to that was yes.

I was the last appointment on a Friday.  I walked right in with no waiting.

Baby has a strong heartbeat, I am measuring normally, and have gained a total of one pound this pregnancy (I guess this is where 14 weeks of vomiting my face off has it’s upside).

The good doc did order a blood test to find out if my horrible sinus stuffiness is allergies (since I have never officially had tests done for that) or if I just have really, really bad pregnancy stuffys.

And we were handed our paperwork for my ultrasound…on October 24.

I know that the PURPOSE of this ultrasound is to check baby innards and measure bones and such, but of course all I can think about is BOY OR GIRL????

That evening Eddie decided we needed to watch Wheel of Fortune in momma and daddy’s bed.  So he and I were cuddling and I asked him what he thought.  As usual, he said the baby would be a girl that we would call Baby.

Then we had this conversation:

Me: Are you going to be a good big brother?

E: Yes. Bib other (Big brother).

Me: Are you going to help with the baby?

E: Yes. Help baby. (as he nods)

Me: What do babies need?  What will we have to do?

E: bobbles (bottles), wock (rock), cooks (books), uddles (cuddles).

Me.  Oh yes, babies need lots of cuddles!  and you are soo good at that!

E:  Ok, momma.  Momma uddle?  Momma eed uddles ow? (Momma need cuddles now?)

Me: You bet, bud.  You bet.

And this was about the time we heard Canadian Geese flying south over our house.

E: ut dat, momma? (What’s that, Momma)?

Me: Those are geese.  They are going south for the winter.  On vacation.

E: a-ca-son?  (vacation)

Me:  Yup.

E: eddie too!

Me:  Nope, we tough out the cold weather here at home.

E:  Oh noooo.

Me:  Yup, Oh no is right.  But the geese will come back.  In fact, by the time they come back, you will be a big brother!

E: Yay!  (followed by clapping)

He has no idea how much his life will change before those geese get back.

I am not sure any of us know.

But we are getting pretty excited.


Hey look, I finally finished reading a book and actually reviewed it!  I know MANY of you read The Help, so I would be interested to hear what you think.  Hop on over and discuss with  me, will you?

Oh, and if YOU have a book you would like to write about, let me know.  I am ALWAYS looking for reviews to put up there since I have been reading about as fast as the road construction is getting done by our house.  That would be SLOW.

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  1. Eddie’s cute!

    I tried having the “big brother” conversation with Joshua and said the word “baby.” Except all he could think about after that was finding the little pink baby that came back with me from BlogHer.

    This kid has no clue.

  2. Aww I love when the older ones are so excited about the new ones. I think he is gonna be an awesome big brother

  3. Love that he’s so excited 🙂 So sweet. Here’s to hoping that the second trimester energy perk hits you pretty soon!

  4. Yes, the joys of the second pregnancy. Now imagine the third. And then hold me virtually because I think we both really, really need it.

    Eddie is ridiculous cute. No doubt you are baking another equal to this cuteness in which case, eventually, your head will explode with the magnitude of the cute. True story.

    Yay for pants on appointments!

  5. I think we need a vlog from Eddie 🙂

  6. This is so cute. It’s bringing back so many fond moments of “readying” my son to become a big brother. It is life-changing for everyone. But in the best possible way!

    p.s. I seriously cannot wait to find out what you’re having! I’m nosy like that 🙂

  7. So cute. I love all your translations too.

    Glad everything is going well with baby #2. 🙂

  8. That Eddie is the cutest….he’s going to be a fantastic big brother, personally I can’t wait for those blog entries. 🙂

    I didn’t gain any weight with my pregnancy either…I actually lost weight, carrying twins, vomiting my face off too…Feel better.

    glad all is well. Thinkingof you. xo