yes, another BlogHER post. get over it.

Yup, I’m writing about BlogHer again.

Two week from today, I will be in the thick of it.

I’ve read a bunch of posts about fashion and what to expect what not to do and what people are doing to prepare and what to just get over.

I was afraid.  I was.

I am still anxious about leaving my boys, but now I know I will have fun.  I will.

So my planning has taken the shape of excitement.  I made a google doc of my preliminary schedule and I quit RSVP-ing for things since I know that what I have on my schedule is already too much for this momma (I may tire quickly, what?).

I have gone shoe shopping with my lovely mother.

And now?  I have started to figure out what to pack.

So here it is…my BlogHer Fashion (or lack there of) rundown….yes the pictures are bad, I was trying to do it quickly and quietly during nap….

Wednesday for the plane

I leave at 5:45 pm est on Wednesday and don’t arrive until 9:22pm pac, so I need comfort:
baggy capris and a comfy halter top with comfy flip flops

Thursday: Pathfinders Day

I love skirts.  As in I LIVE in them in the summer.  If I am not inside in the AC with yoga pants on?  I am wearing a skirt.

Skirt:  GAP
shirt:  NY and Co.
bracelet: Funky Mama Bird
necklace: The Vintage Pearl

Thursday night parties!

Thursday night is full of great parties!  I get to start with the Sweets by the Bay and of COURSE there is the Clever Girls Rockstar Party with BlogHer sponsored parties after that.

Dress: GAP Outlet
wrist cuff: Twenty Five Design
shoes: Shoe Carnival
(guessing Clever Girls will be handing out some rock star accessories, so I need to leave room!)


Friday is the official first day of BlogHer, so more people will be there and it will be a first impression of sorts.

Pants and shirt: Gap Outlet
Shoes: Target
Bracelet: NY and Co.

Friday night parties

Friday night is the Voices of the Year reception where I get to hear some of my friends read their pieces!  But there is also the Cheap Sally party, Hostess with the Mostess, and of COURSE Sparklecorn!

Dress:  Target
Shoes: Shoe Carnival
Necklace: NY and Co
Flower for my hair: handmade by my cousin


Last day of the conference. Still want to be cute, but comfy after all the madness of the past two days.

Skirt: Gap Outlet
Tank: Old Navy
shoes: Target

Saturday night parties

Last night to party!  But it’s more casual and chill than the other nights seeing as the Aiming Low and CheeseburgHER parties are that night, so I went with a bit more comfort than snazzy by choosing a jersey-type dress that can be paired with leggings if need be.

Dress: GAP Outlet
Shoes:  Shoe Carnival
Bracelet: NY and Co
Earrings:  Allora Handmade

Sunday plane ride home

Again, I need to be comfy on the plane, so anything that feels like jammies is a win.

Tank tops:  GAP Outlet
Skirt:  Old Navy
Shoes: Target

you didn't think I would fly across the country without these, did you?

and yes, I packed the Assets that I finally broke down and bought because that off-white dress up there?  Needed a wee bit o help. Got ’em at Target.

I will also be carrying a cute clutch, handbag, and business card wallet by Peggy Ann Design.
I also have clutches by this awesome lady that will be coming along with me.
And of course my business cards made and sponsored by GCS Design.

I will not be taking my DSLR camera to BlogHer.  I decided it was just too much to carry and pack, but I do have my point and shoot coming along.

And my Droid2.

And my laptop.

So BlogHer goers…what are YOU bringing along?


Need more of me today?  Sick of my BlogHer talk?  I am over at Julie’s place, Back to the Basics, talking about stuff I learned about my son since he turned two.  Go check me out and tell me about your favorite and least favorite phases you kid(s) have gone through.

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  1. Super cute outfits. I think we just might be running into each other at some of those parties.

  2. You are too organized. You are making me look bad. 😉 Cute outfits. I need to go shopping now.

    • I didn’t buy much…but I teach, so a LOT of the skirts are just “work clothes” 🙂

  3. Love the outfits!

  4. Cute, cute, cute!! Love all the shoes!!!

  5. Very cute, love the outfits!

  6. Oh I love your choices – especially those red shoes!!!! It looks perfect. Excited to meet you!

  7. um, yoga pants? I didn’t see them!
    also, you need to get a box of the fancy band-aids that are built for blisters on that you will get on your feet (sorry, you will get them). Also, it will be a great way to make friends, handing out the blister band-aids to ladies in desperate need!

    I kinda wish I was going, ah, there is always next year. You will have a great time, assuming you don’t forget to pack the yoga pants.

    • dude. Yoga pants are SO going to be packed. As will sweaters/hoodies.

      And good call on the blister bandaids! My feet are pretty used to that kind of shoe from work, but they have been in flip flops for a couple months now.

      And yes…I kinda wish you were going too. But yes, next year. Let’s do it. Hopefully back in EST.

  8. Ok, I think there’s something wrong with me, because I kind of love the BlogHer posts. And I’m not going. BlogHer stalking, what?

    You have some adorable shoes (in particular the red ones but also the flowered ones!)and I think you are going to look so cute the whole time! Love the white dress (and the jersey dress). (See how I like everything? That’s why shopping is dangerous for me.)

    • you know what? I TOTALLY loved all the BLogHer posts last year and I didn’t go. I could not get enough of them! The befores OR the afters.

  9. I am in love…LOVE…with those red shoes. Oh my, you are going to totally rock it.

  10. Love the red shoes! Those are HOT! I so need to force myself to do a post like this. If anything it will FORCE me to get organized.

    I started a calendar and got completely overwhelmed. But I’m excited to see you’ll be going to the Clever Girls party and Hostess with the Mostess. ME TOO!!!

    Now off to search my closet =)

    • Yay! We can find each other looking unsure on a wall somewhere and cling…or at least trade hugs and business cards 🙂

  11. love love love those red shoes…SWOON, I am a shoe girl and those are envy worthy (Maybe you should be glad I won’t be attending BlogHer , since you’ll go home with those beauties! 🙂

    every outfit is adorable……have lots and lots of fun!

  12. I love your outfits! Cute shoes, cute dresses, fun accessories. Looks like you’re good to go!

    I had my husband take pictures of me in what I plan to wear so that I could show them to my roomies. Dorky, yes. But I wanted to see how I looked in everything & if they’re comfortable yet cute. I’m overpacking like woah to have options. 🙂

  13. Cute, cute, cute, cute!

  14. Oh, love your outfits! I started to panice last night a bit…it’s not like I expect to be trendy but I just can’t figure out what I want to wear!


    • mine are mostly my spring teaching wardrobe…at least the “day” clothes…and even the gray dress with a sweater, leggings, and boots is a teacher outfit. I decided to just wear what I would normally wear, ya know? That is the most comfortable for me to be me!

  15. You are going to look fantastic!!! The outfits are adorable!! I hope to make it to a BlogHER someday.

  16. You are going to have a fabulous time. I cannot wait to see the pictures! 🙂

  17. Love, love, love all your shoes. Wish I was going to see you and your great outfits in person!

  18. This makes me inspired to take more pictures of my outfits!

  19. The only thing I would change would be to add a sweater for the airplanes, I’m always freezing when I fly.
    Oh and I also love the red shoes, very stylin’

    • oh i will TOTALLY have a hoodie for the flight. And some cardigans for the day outfits since conference rooms/hotel ballrooms can get chilly!

  20. Love your shoes!! I got my outfits more or less planned out (buncha dresses, jeans, tops) but the shoes are making me suffer. Let’s see what I can rustle up.

    Look forward to finally meeting you there and giving you a big hug! 🙂

    • yup, I am going to throw in a pair of jeans and some cardigans and a pair of yoga pants too…just in case 🙂

      And YES to the meeting and the hugging!

  21. Hey Kate! A couple of things: 1. bring a cardi for the plane, sometimes the blowers are on you and you’ll be prepared for hot or cold if you layer. 2. crushing on the red thursday night party shoes. 3. Crushing on the yellow saturday night party shoes. And 4. Have a blast! LOVE YOU!

    • Oh friend. You KNOW I know better than you. I will totally be backing a sweater. I wouldn’t want your mom mad at me 🙂 And I TOTALLY thought of you when I bought those shoes. Totally. I love you back!!!

  22. Cute! Love the target yellow shoes!! So cute! See you there – and now I know what to look for too! I so need to get organized…

  23. HOT red shoes! I actually cannot get enough of the BlogHer posts, mostly because I am terrified. It’s my first time. And I love to see what everyone will be wearing/carrying/etc.

  24. Love it Mamma. You’re going to be marvelous. Don’t for one bloody second think that you’re not or I’ll have to board a plane and kick your ass at blogher.

  25. You are going to look hot! Once again, I am jealous! 😉 Next year maybe. You will have to take lots of pictures and tell me all about it. Have fun!

  26. Those are looking like some mighty cute outfits. Hope you post some pictures after BlogHer.

  27. Those red shoes are to DIE for!

    You’ll be so cute no matter what! It’s your bubbly personality that counts!

    • yay for a bubbly personality! I wish you were going to be there. I can bring a flat Liz if you need me to!

  28. Cute cute cute!! I love your selections.

    I have a similar post going up tomorrow.

    • Oh good! I LOVE reading what other people will be wearing/bringing. Especially those that are my roommates!

  29. So so cute! You are going to have a great time! I am only 2 1/2 hours from San Diego so can you drop those cute red shoes off @ my abode? 🙂 Have fun!

  30. I am new to blogging and so jealous to hear about BlogHer and not able to go this year. I never even new it existed! I am also jealous of those red shoes and the Saturday night party shoes…I think they are yellow or gold in the picture. Either way as I read through this post I thought “Am I really missing this fashion even?” A place where I can get dressed up in my going out clothes and mingle with people who are just as cute and share at least one thing in common. (sigh) Enjoy BlogHer! Just when you wear those shoes, know that some southern girl, trapped in the north wishes she was you. 😉

  31. I love your outfits! I bet you will have a blast!