lady in red

In May my friend Emily (whom you may have met here yesterday as my newest Sluiter Nation Recruit), told me about this new blog she was involved with, Curvy Girl Guide, and how they had gotten these awesome swimsuits from Land’s End.  She then went on to tell me that she was going with a group of those bloggers to the Big Apple to prance around on TV in just their bathing suits to promote Swimsuit Confidence with Land’s End.

I thought it was a way cool idea. For them.  Not me.  I hate wearing a swimsuit.  Loathe, in fact.  I used to be a six 6.  Now add a one in front of that while I cry in a corner.  Despise bathing suits.

But then I read this post.

And I realized it COULD be me.

I could have that confidence too.

I could actually like a bathing suit and the body in it.

I was still on the fence about getting a Land’s End suit and seeing for myself when I went off to Gleek Retreat (a blogging conference) and met Heather and Brittany and Holly and Meredith who are all part of the Curvy Girl Guide.

And for the first time in forever, I didn’t feel out of place.  I didn’t feel like anyone was judging me on my pants size.  I didn’t feel like anyone was self-conscious of what they looked like and because of that, no one was scrutinizing each other.

We talked of blogging.  Of nerdy stuff.  Of booze.  Of husbands.

And we laughed.  Oh did we laugh.

After then Emily and my new friends flew to New York.  When they got back, I teared up reading this post about their experience showing NYC their swimsuit confidence.

I ordered a Land’s End swimsuit.  They sold me on it.

Fast-forward to this past weekend.  Yes, the camping weekend.

As we canoed down the Muskeegon River, Cort and I passed a man sitting in a lawn chair in his yard.  He must have been enjoying the glorious weather and watching all the drunks canoers and tubers go by.

All of a sudden he shouts to me, “Hey!  The Lady in Red!  NICE!  You know they wrote a song about you baby!  WHEW!”

I blushed!  I BLUSHED!  No one has cat-called me in years…for sure not since I’ve been married!

Of course Cort yelled back to the guy, “Hey buddy!  Watch it!  This lady is spoken for!” which was ever so cute, I must add.  Cort doesn’t get all territorial like that often.  So I blushed again.

And then I realized something…even if I am not happy with my weight right now?  I look pretty.

I do.

And suddenly?  That guy who was really being a pig, but I took as a compliment…he smacked me in the face with swimsuit confidence.

I tweeted this and Curvy Girls immediately issued a challenge.  They want to see me in this swimsuit.

So here I am….

why yes, my house IS a mess. What of it? I am queen of the Nation!

The Lady in Red…ruling her Nation.  Mess and all.

How about you?  Do you wage a war with swimsuit season or have you found peace?

About Katie

Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. You go girl. Rock that thang….

  2. You’re so pretty!! And red is really a good color for you!

  3. Oh Katie!

    You are rockin’ that swimsuit babe!


    I have not worn a swimsuit in YEARS so I have NO confidence. None at all.

  4. Wow you look great!
    You have EXACTLY the kind of body that was made for a swimsuit. Go you!

  5. You look GORGEOUS!!

    I have found peace-ish with swimsuit season.

  6. Love, you look stunning. Absolutely stunning. And I am coveting your swimsuit!!!!

  7. Damn.
    The wolf whistle is a little lost in a comment box, but it’s here, lady.

  8. You look HOT, lady! Woop!

    I have never put too much pressure on swimsuit shopping. Do I look good in every dress or pair of shoes? No. So why should I expect to rock every bathing suit I try on? No big deal.

  9. Whoo hoo! You look amazing, and I love the confidence that I can see in your smile. Rock that suit 🙂 I never thought I would say nice job on the part of a cat-calling guy on the banks of a river, but cheers to him.

    Oh, and me? I have never, ever, ever had bathing suit confidence. It MIGHT help if I would buy a new one, but alas, I hate putting one on. Every. Single. Time.

  10. YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!!!!! *Whistling at YOU lady*

    WOW, WOW, WOW!!!

    you look amazing and that swimsuit, I am TOTALLY getting one now too. 🙂

  11. Kimmy Haverman says

    one word Kate: Hot! And I am not talking about the Michigan weather.

  12. I am okay with swimsuit season, but my husband has a violent dislike for tankinis… Not that I’m asking him to wear them! Who cares what he thinks!

  13. You look amazing! Seriously! I’m glad that you have found the confidence in yourself through friends and Curvy Girl Guide. We all need to take a step forward and do the same thing.

  14. Well, yeah you look pretty!!! New ‘do, hot suit. What’s not to whistle at? And that suit is adorable by the way.

  15. I love that red suit! Lands End does a great job with bathing suits and you look awesome!

  16. ::whistles and cat calls:: HOT STUFF!

  17. You are rocking the red, woman!
    I actually have the opposite apprehension in that I’m so skinny I look bad. I’m in recovery from being sick and always on a quest to gain back the weight (a good 30 lbs, mind you) but people don’t think about that. They just see skinny.

    However, I rock the two-piece anyway. It’s my body and I honor both the physical and mental, skinny-ass and all. If I’m comfortable with me on the inside, it shouldn’t be an issue to be comfortable on the outside (“shouldn’t” being the operative word.)

    With that said, I would still be apprehensive to post a picture of myself. You, however, look stunning 😉

  18. In deference and reverence to my Peark Jam brother in arms Cort, I will refrain from swimsuit comments and say mess? What mess? That’s clean for my 6 and 7 year girls’ bedroom!

  19. HOT Katie! You rock it girl.

  20. DAYUM GIRLLLLLL! you are SMOKIN’ HOT! you really look fantastic! and that swimsuit is killer too 🙂 GOOD for you for the swimsuit confidence (and YAY for the cat-calling-pig too! 😉 WOOT to him for recognizing exterior beauty!! too bad for him, he doesn’t know that the inner beauty is even more beautiful that the outer!) So happy for you that you’re able to show off yourself (and your suit!) happily 🙂 You definitely rocked it 🙂 *HUGS*

  21. This makes me smile big, big smiles! And yes you ARE pretty. Very, very pretty.

  22. awe, look at you! So awesome! While I do have swimsuit confidence, it’s still not my favorite thing in my closet. 🙂

  23. Land’s End does make great swimsuits – I own a couple, myself. I love that the material is sturdy enough to not dissolve in salt water/sand/chlorine/the laundry.

    You look HOT mama. *catcalling whistle* Don’t let yourself ever tell yourself otherwise ever again.

    Related note: my mom has a picture of me in a swimsuit while very pregnant in her KITCHEN. When i first saw it, I was all “Mooo-ooooom!”. But she just sees her little girl looking beautiful with a grandbaby in her belly. And so now when i see it, i smile.

  24. Gorgeous! Love the red! *whistles*

    Yes, the swimsuit and I are at war. I haven’t been swimming yet this summer. I blame the post-babyness, but really, it’s an annual thing.

  25. OMG – you look AMAZING in that suit! (I mean you look amazing already – but still!) 🙂 Makes me want a new suit now.

  26. You look awesome! Red is definitely your color!

  27. THIS: “he smacked me in the face with swimsuit confidence.”

    You look h.o.t.! Super proud of you!

  28. You look GREAT, and I’m so glad you felt good in your swimsuit! The red was a good choice, and I really like the style!

  29. No lie – my first thought was: Holy shit that’s hot!

    Seriously, though, super hot. Like, I’m running out to buy that suit this instant hot!

    Well done, Momma!

  30. First, let me tell you how much I LOVE the fact that you went with red. For real. It’s so bold and bright – it kind of forces you to say “HELLO! I HAVE CONFIDENCE!” even IF you don’t feel it.

    Also, let me tell you (as if you don’t already know this) there are plenty of size 6’s out there who feel like crap in a bathing suit. And how about the size 2’s…I know. They do.
    Some of them.

    I go to the beach and see moms of all shapes and sizes (duh). There are moms who are in the moment: on their knees digging sandcastles rather than worrying that their stomach is rolling as they do it; holding hands with their kids and jumping as the waves glide up the sand; laughing and playing and enjoying the sun and summer without letting their eyes dart from side to side wondering who’s looking, or what they might be seeing.

    Then there are moms – no matter what size they are but yes some of them are skinny – who remain leaned back in a chair sucking in a stomach they fear; who won’t take off their shorts to wade in the water for fear of backside exposure; who are so consumed with what everyone else is thinking about them they miss the point of being at the beach. All of the points.

    It is so so so hard to be that first mom, isn’t it? The one who has somehow freed herself from self-consciousness? The one who lets it go? Why is it so hard???!!!???

    I think for the sake of our kids (the girls, so they feel confidence; the boys, so they value girls for the right reasons) we should all wear red.

    And pretend, even if we’re not feeling it…

    But you, beautiful Kate, do not need to pretend.
    Grrrrr. (and i mean that in a non-objectifying way. of course.)

  31. giiiirrrllll… you are hot! I am indeed a size 6 and you have more confidence than I will ever have. I could never put on a swimsuit and rock your body! There are girls out there who would kill for your curves {incluing me} .. you are beautiful inside and out and seriously, that is more beautiful than being a size 6 anyday of the week. <3

  32. i feel like “i could never put on a swimsuit and rock your body” came out wrong haha.. but i didnt mean for it to sound like that, I meant for it to say “I could never put on a swimsuit and rock MY body the way that you are rocking YOUR body in that swimsuit” hahah… sorry, its 7am. I have no words that work properly this early. Love you!!

  33. You look awesome! Red is definitely your color & I love that suit style. Great new hair too! Can’t wait to meet you!

  34. LOVE that suit on you!

    I had a battle with the bathing suit purchase last summer. Finally settled on a Miracle Suit. Not so much for the alleged “miracle” it could offer, but because it was cut to fit my curvy bod.

    Still wish I weighed 50 lbs less, but when I wear that suit, I don’t feel quite so frumpy, you know?

  35. Love that suit, Katie! What an amazing color and you rocked it!

  36. Love.This.Post. You look gorgeous, radiant and CONFIDENT!

  37. You are rockin’ that bathing suit!! I love it. And you wear red well.

    P.S. The mess can wait! 🙂

  38. You look AMAZING. That color, that suit, your smile. BEAUTIFUL.

    And now I am off to go find a suit I can feel as confident in.

  39. Ha! I have almost the exact same swimsuit in blue!!

  40. Ay yi yi! HOT MAMA!

  41. You are foxy Mama. Work it!
    I will admit, I still squeeze my ass into a bikinni only because I love getting tanned. I know, skin cancer.

  42. You look FANTASTIC!!! The red is stunning!

    I have to admit, I am no where NEAR at peace with swimsuit shopping. I dread it every. single. year. Usually, I go get a drink before even entering a swimsuit store!! *sigh*

  43. You DO look great!! And confident! And I LOVE how your husband reacted…so sweet 🙂
    P.S. I don’t think your house is that messy at all…but I have 4 kids, and my perspective of messes may be a little off 😉

  44. TheNextMartha says

    Hey, now you look great. I mean really that suit is fabulous on you. Rock on.

  45. Mackenzie says

    Um. Wowza!! You look HOT in that suit my dear. And I’ve even gotten to see it in real life 🙂
    PS… I TOTALLY know the guy you are talking about on the river. He had no comments for Dave and I, but he was solo, sitting in his chair, enjoying the beautiful day and my hot sister. Haha! Love it!!

  46. Whoot Wooo (I can’t whistle, so I’m imagining I can) Can I get yo’ numba? You look fiiiine.:-P

  47. I can completely relate to this post, well except for the floating down the river part. I am not a peace with my bathing suit this summer at all.
    You look so absolutely gorgeous!

  48. Look at you, HAWT Momma! Your look spectacular. I love the Curvy Girls and their mission. So awesome.:)

  49. yep!! you look great!! red IS your color. thanks for sharing your confidence. i hope others follow suit.

  50. wow – gorgeous. confidence looks good on you! Like the red too.

  51. missy widener says

    great angle. great stance with some serious confidence and sass. and the person inSIDE the suit? SUPER great, amazing, wonderfully kind and genuine and passionate and strong and beautiful. love you lots.

  52. Oh my gosh, you look amazing and your confidence is shining just as bright as this red suit. Love it!

  53. You do look amazing in that red swimsuit. Land’s End definitely has the best swimsuits for any size and shape!

  54. You are AMAZING Kate! AMAZING! And hot, too? Have I ever mentioned that before? 😉 That swimsuit is killer.

    I am in the same boat as you. I am not 100% happy with how I look, but I am learning to carry myself (the way I am now) with confidence.

    Now I am considering showing off my swim suit confidence! 🙂 Should I do it?

  55. Um, smokin hot, lady!

  56. You go girl! Lady in Red for sure 😉

  57. You look incredible! I love that suit and you look awesome in it!

  58. this is awesome – i love you even more for it!

  59. Love that suit! You look fab, darling!

  60. love!

  61. I happened to stumble on your blog and saw this post and let me tell you WOW! Your confidence and the beauty that you exert is AMAZING! I happen myself to be swimsuit shy – although I am very petite and nobody understands why I would have any reason to feel this way… However, I now feel inspired to ”throw caution to the wind” this summer, thanks to YOU! 😀


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