what “awkward” means

Eddie has been showing the signs.

I tried to ignore that he was doing it.  I am not ready, so he can’t be ready, right?  I mean, he’s not even two yet.

But he just keeps doing it.

First it was patting the front of his diaper every time he had gone potty.

Then it was announcing his poops.

And then it was pointing to the toilet before bath and saying, “poop”.

And then it was holding his pee through his whole bath and crying when he peed on the floor and asking for a diaper because he also had to poop.

So we did it.  We bought a potty seat.

look what mom and dad got me!

(Now, to be fair, the only time it was ever not “living” in the bathroom was while I taking these pictures.  We aren’t animals or anything. I mean…yet.)

Eddie loves this thing.

Sitting on it is fun.  Clothing optional, but since this is a family blog, we went clothes on for the pictures.

He sits on it every chance he gets.

If the bathroom door is left open without the gate up?  He is sitting on his potty chair.

If he is sitting on his?  He tries to insist you sit on the big one.  Apparently he likes a Pee Partner.

And then there is the wiping.

Oh, his obsession with wiping.

One of the first times he “tried” his potty chair by sitting on it (with clothes on), he asked me for some toilet paper.  Then he proceeded to aggressively wipe his crotch.  It’s was as funny as it sounds because he was quite serious about it.

Earlier this week he grabbed Cort’s bath towel and aggressively started wiping.  Cort wasn’t as amused as I was and seemed a little peeved that I was rolling around on the floor laughing rather than grabbing his towel away.

Some people just don’t get funny.

And then yesterday happened.

I am not really used to no privacy when I use the bathroom.  When I am at work?  No one else comes in the stall.  When I am home?  Cort is usually home, so this whole toddler standing there while I do my number two?   New to me.

Yesterday while using the bathroom, I was trying to tell Eddie that mommy  needed “privacy” and that perhaps  the mostly closed door should be a clue.

As I am talking, I go to wipe.

And then it happened.

Eddie tried to get back there and HELP.


So then we discussed what “awkward” means.


momma? amm poop. amm poop.

Lamby has been the victim guinea pig for Eddie’s potty chair as of late.  complete with wiping.  poor Lamby.

At least he “gets it” right?  I mean, he knows what the toilet and the potty seat are for, he knows wiping needs to take place, and he knows about poop.

I don’t think he is ready to put it all together for himself yet though.

this is not the intended use of the fisherprice potty chair

and I’m ok with this.  I mean, he’s not even two yet.  Plenty of time to forget about it and then worry about it, right?

What do you have to tell me about potty training?  It scares me.


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  1. I love it! He’s so dang cute!!!! 🙂

    I’m cracking up that you manage to sometimes get privacy in the bathroom. I can never seem to manage that in the bathroom. If I take a shower when DG is home & awake, she sits on the toilet and asks me if I’m done yet. She’s handy like that.

    Also? Good luck with the potty training. That’s possibly the worst thing ever.

  2. I’ve had a pee partner for the better part of 12 years.
    Privacy never enters the equation until 3 or 4.

    The rare times I can close the door?

    Sometimes I get lonely.

  3. Caitlin has that same potty. And we actually just officially started our “adventure” yesterday after walking in her room after nap time and finding her with no diaper on more than once. We got a big bag of m&ms, a kitchen timer and big girl panties and pullups. We’ve had no luck so far. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

  4. YOU PEE IN PEACE?! I have gotten bladder infections in the search for this idea of peeing alone.

    I think you should go with the potty-ing. Just take his lead. Let him pee it in when he asks, or when you have to pee….if you put it off he may become MUCH more difficult to train later. And boys are generally more difficult from what I’ve heard anyways. Go with it, girl!

  5. He sounds WAY ahead of Joshua in terms of being ready to potty train. I say go for it! Go!

    We put Joshua on the potty seat every night before bathtime. We say potty? He says “can-ny” and expects an m&m. I am so not doing this right.

    And I am totally jealous of your ability to have gone nearly 2 years without a Pee Partner. Damn colic meant I sometimes had to go WHILE HOLDING AN INFANT. 🙁

  6. I don’t have much advice, I’m afraid. Twice SB has shown interest in the potty, and both times we have gone with it, letting her take the lead. The first time was around 19 months, the second right after her 2nd birthday. Both times she had a lot of success. And then just stopped. Refused to go anywhere near the potty. Our pediatrician tells us that is totally normal. It’s all about toddlers wanting to control their environment. Blah, blah, blah.

    Right now? She denies when she is or has clearly gone. I never force her on the potty, but I will offer. And right now, she always refuses. She will be 2.5 at the end of this month. I don’t have a timetable, and believe in letting her decide when she’s ready.

    I guess what I’m saying is, this could be it, or not. Just let him lead and be patient, and keep your expectations in check. Best of luck.

    Also, I hate you a little for getting to pee in peace and privacy. I have not done so in 2.5 years!!!

    I’ve written about potty training several times on my blog:


  7. Go for it. He GETS it. I potty trained my third at 19mos, and she’s been solid with it ever since. Look up the “Potty Train in 3 Days” idea on the web (I believe Shell @ Things I Can’t Say has something on it), and sort of work in that framework.

    It’s a lot of work for the mom, and it took us more than 3 days, but not more than 2 wks.

  8. Love the pictures, he’s so cute!

    I say go for it, he’s definitely ready. Under-2 isn’t the norm, but the sooner, the better, right? Get it out of the way!

    My Monkey (17.5 months) was introduced to the potty at 9 months. We showed it to him, sat him on it (he protested at first but got used to it quickly) and in about a few days, he did a #2 in it and there’s been no turning back. We used to put him on it at regular times – if he went, he went. If not, that’s OK too. The idea was just to familiarize him with it.

    At about 13-14 months, he started saying he wants to go and sometimes, he doesn’t. He actually enjoys sitting on the potty. Most times, he’s pretty good. Recently he started indicating potty when he wants to pee, which is great! He’s not 100% with that yet, as he doesn’t always tell me but I think he’s about 70% potty trained. I have great hopes that he’ll be out of diapers by 2 1/2.

    Good luck!

  9. Of COURSE Lamby has to try it out! I cringe when I see the girls put a stuffed animal on the potty seat!

  10. No advice. Mine had already turned 3 & was showing NO interest. So we stripped him naked for a weekend & have been diaper-free ever since. No idea what one does with an eager participant. Good lick!

  11. My daughter has followed me to the bathroom since she could walk. The insanity that would ensue if I closed and locked the door just wasn’t worth it. If I NEED privacy, it’s time for Daddy distraction.

    Also, mine is 2.5 and knows exactly what the potty is for and how to use it, but doesn’t seem to have any clue about her body cues to do so. For the most part, I’m going to let her tell me when she wants to try, but I am going to do a modified 3 day thing at the end of the month as my one big attempt before baby #2 arrives in October. Once that happens, I will not be able to focus on any potty training until #2 sleeps through the night. It will be up to her and her teachers to figure out the details. 😉

  12. The signs are definitely starting to show! My son is just over 2 is doing the same things. He isn’t quite putting the whole concept together so I’m still holding off on potty training. With my oldest I waited until he was 2.5 and it was CLEAR he knew what to do on the potty and when to do it. He was trained over a weekend. I think by waiting until all the pieces clicked for him actually eased the training on us, if that makes sense.

  13. LOL! ohhhh boy. (oh – we have that EXACT same potty – Goose will tell me if she wants to go in her “foggy poddy” or “momma poddy”… and uh… we are animals. ours lives between the living room and the hallway most of the time… OOPS!)

    Goose is (pretty much) 2.5 and she’s doing pretty darn well most of the time at going potty on the potty, and telling us when she has to go (she actually tried to strip down to poop in a store fitting room the other day – I had to remind her that there was NO POTTY in there!) but still – more often than not, she’s peeing in the potty, and pooping in her diaper… I’m so, SO ready for her to be doing BOTH on the potty… and then there are also times that I’m not… (like last night in Meijer when we were only halfway through the list of groceries we needed, and were the exact furthest from the restrooms that we could be when she said “momma, I haf go poddy” EEEEEEEK! don’t ask me how I handled it. total mom fail.)

    good luck to you!!

    oh – and privacy?? in the bathroom?? *snort* yeah, right. 😉

  14. So here’s my advice from the “what I should have done” column…

    Even though he seems young, since he’s showing interest–go for it. Once he loses interest it will be difficult to get him back on track. Opportunity is knocking now and it may not when he does seem old enough.

    When my first son showed some interest in using the toilet, I was 8 or so months pregnant. I was much too tired to try the potty project. By the time I was ready–he wasn’t anymore. Battles ensued. Both kids ended up training at the same time.

    Also, you get to use the bathroom by yourself? Lucky duck!

  15. My daughter didn’t potty train until she was nearly 4. We thought we’d be sending her to kindergarten in diapers. In retrospect, I wish I skipped the pull-ups and went with cloth training pants instead. She just treated pull-ups like another diaper.

    Also, I don’t think I’ve gone to the bathroom alone for two years straight. You get used to it.

  16. Awesome! What a helpful boy, trying to wipe his mom!

    Seriously, I think it’s great that he’s so interested in starting the process. I say, go for it.

    And for all those frustrated mamas out there who think it’s never going to happen, take comfort in the fact that I have 3 teenage girls and guess what? They’re all potty trained! And I had some stubborn toddlers. It will happen in due time.

    And you get to go to the bathroom alone? Since the day my children were born, I’m not sure I’ve had one solitary bathroom moment. Now that they’re teens, the 3 dogs insist on coming with me. And let me tell you, you haven’t had a bathroom experience until you’ve been on the toilet with 3 large hairy dogs vying for your attention.

  17. LOL! He is so darn cute! Get a few potty books and videos, if he is truly interested (and it’s not a fad), then you may have an easy potty trainer! Lots of positive reinforcements and most of all, have patience.

    My kid showed interested in the potty at 18 months and faithfully went pee in his potty for an entire week. Then we moved and his world turned upside down. He just turned 3 and still has NO INTEREST whatsoever. My pediatrician said it will happen, I am just not pushing since it makes him have even less interest. 🙁

  18. Oh!! Hahaha… my boys like to announce to the world that mommy is on the “big potty” but no attempt at the wiping assistance, yet. Too funny!
    We have their “Cars” potties out and they sit on them a lot, but I don’t know if I AM READY for it. I think we’ll be starting at the end of the summer – they’ll be 2yr 8mths by then. HELP, indeed 🙂

  19. I am insanely jealous of the fact you’ve been allowed to go to the bathroom in peace. When the boys were small, I often felt like there was a revolving door on the bathroom so I just stopped bothering shutting it. Which once I met Joe, he found EXTREMELY weird. It seems he’s one of those that likes privacy to go #2 as well.

  20. Lambs have to go, too, sometimes.

    My daughter was just as obsessed with her potty at 18 months. We didn’t start potty training until a few months after she turned 2 and she trained quick! I think being familiar and comfortable with a potty and it’s uses by the time we started training really helped her.

  21. Ok I am laughing now. I love the part about him grabbing Cort’s towel. My husband would not have found the funny in that either. He never does. I am always the one busting up laughing at all of the things they really shouldn’t do (or say), because it’s just funny and you can’t help it. Daddy is the one who is always scolding me telling me I am the adult.lol My oldest potty trained my middle son so I didn’t have to.lol He learned when he was 2 just before the 3rd one came. I was pregnant at the time. My oldest took forever and the baby was easy, but he has problems due to all of that with his kidney. I keep having to remind him to tell us at home when he has to go, because he tries to hold it and is not a success. At least he announces it in public though.lol Just wait when you guys are in a restaurant and he starts loudly announcing that he has to poop. Then sings all the way to the table about him pooping. My middle son finally stopped doing it and now the youngest does it. Funny stuff! Gotta love kids. 🙂

  22. Hahahaha…this is so funny because i don’t remember what it’s like to not go to the bathroom with an audience. When I get home from my hour + commute, I am usually the only adult there and I have to go…bad. So I have an almost 4 year old and a 14 month old watching…not because I’m afraid to leave them in the LR alone for 2 minutes, but because they must be attached to me at all times!

    I think the highlight was trying to explain a tampon to my amost 4 year old…Yeah, that was good times.

    I have two potty training topics of advice.

    1 – If at all possible, get him completely potty trained before a younger sibling arrives. We were so close with Ainsley, but not quite there. Freddie came and total regression. It was 4 months before she’d try again.

    2 – Let someone else do it. Swear to God that my sister in law did more with her in 1 week than I was able to accomplish in a year. Plus daycare helps.

  23. As much as I don’t love the poopy diapers, I am totally dreading potty training. But R’s on 17 months, so I still have awhile to avoid that topic…

  24. Our potty chair LIVED in our living room until I knew my children would be able to ‘make it’… but then I never minded it lol.

    Good luck on this new adventure 🙂


  25. well we are in the MIDST of Potty training, haven’t you seen me whining about it on Twitter??? 🙂

    I was not ready, but hey they are 3 + and daycare/school was thinking “it’s time” so like a good follower, I bought underwear and chocolate, for them, not me. 🙂

    it’s been “going” ..some days they are superstars with the potty, seriously they tell us, they walk into the bathroom, they sit and pee and go for the high five. Other days, um, not so much. They get distracted, forget or just pee on themselves for no reason. It’s all hit and miss.

    But I can tell you now that it’s been better lately, that I can see a light, way way way at the end of the tunnel and seeing them “Get this” is really amazing to me.

    I love thinking of Eddie Wiping: himself, lamby, etc…his enthusiasm for it is admirable….Maybe he’ll train himself and you can write a book!!!! 🙂

  26. I was lucky to have my ex-husband’s SO help in the training. I have no idea how long it would have taken me otherwise. She bought a few scrapbooking pages and LOTS of stickers to choose from. Nathan got rewarded with a sticker when he went in his toilet. He was very proud and excited to get the one he wanted and put it on himself. And then when it was a #2 he got a quarter to put in his piggy bank. For a long time it was just #1 but eventually we got both down pat. Yay! Good luck and when it gets hard remember-there are no adults who didn’t learn to use the toilet! Ha! And about privacy? Whaaa?

  27. Privacy in the bathroom? What is that?

    I think it’s good that he gets it. That he’s putting all the ideas into place.

    Took me forever to get Sean to get it. I think he was well over 3.

    Bridge, well let’s just say she started stripping wet/dirty diapers off her self around 2. After couple months she got it. (when I say got it, I mean completely trained)

    Meg used to bring me diaper/wipes when she needed changing, again around 2. Took her little longer as she didn’t want to do it when I thought she was ready. Then once I backed off, she began to tell me she wanted to go potty.

  28. the earlier the better with potty training IMO… gotta get ’em before they get too stubborn and ornery! Solo was trained at 23 months. GO EDDIE!!!!!!!

  29. Training Katie was a breeze. Seriously, the girl was a rockstar.
    But boys? So much tougher.
    When I was a nanny, my go to trick for boys was to let them go naked for a few days. They learned quicker that way. 🙂
    Good luck…I’m not too far from having to tackle it with Matthew. Yikes.

  30. Oh. Abby is my shadow. I mistakenly taught her to say bye bye pee pee and bye bye poo poo so she gets the concept of going potty, so when she comes into the bathroom with me, b/c you know her world ends if she’s not within a foot of me, she shouts bye bye pee pee bye bye poo poo, oh and insists on having a piece of “pater” and tries to help me out. Sometimes while she is playing, she will grab a blankie, and start wiping herself screaming, “PEE PEE!” This summer, being home with her, we are going to try out the potty training game. We shall see as she’s only 19 months right now. But yeah, the point of this comment, you are so not alone! Toddlers are awkward. And really, I can’t help but giggle at it all.

  31. When they’re ready you will know. And even then its hard to get them to remember that when they need to go that they need to ask someone. But it took us chocolate to bribe him to go and that worked. Oh and for nubmer 2 we used ice cream. I can proudly say that my son is 100% potty trained. HE even gets up in the middle of the night to tell us he needs to use the potty.Boom!

  32. I’m all for the wiping. I had the exact opposite problem with my son for a little while. He wouldn’t wipe because he had clean poop! At least that is what he claimed . . . *heavy sigh*.

  33. My boys never used a potty seat. Ever. I mean, not to pee or poo in. Just as a stool. They learned to pee standing up – which rocked because we were outside most of the time. Also better for public restrooms – ew. Poo? We got that puffy seat that goes over the reg toilet seat. Way easier for them. And less clean up for me.

  34. Kim Roberts says

    Half the battle is getting them to want to pee on the potty and it sounds like Eddie is already there. If he’s into it, I say go with it. Once you decide to officially start the potty training, I do not recommend the use of pull-ups. They are just like diapers. Put him in underwear so he learns what it feels like to pee in his underwear. Set a timer for every 30 to 45 minutes and every time it goes off, he needs to sit on the potty.

    I agree that the padded seats that fit on your regular toilet seat are much easier to use than dealing with cleaning out those little potty seats. Holden was too big to use the little potty seat so the padded seat worked great for him. He just needed a stool to be able to reach the bit potty. I also recommend having Eddie sit backwards until he learns to push it down. It will prevent him from peeing all over the outside of the toilet.

    I’ll bet he will catch on really quick. Holden was potty trained when he was 2 1/2 years old. And believe me, it’s great not having to change diapers all the time. 🙂

  35. Kim Roberts says

    Also, what’s this thing called “privacy” you are referring to? Since having kids, I’ve forgotten what that feels like. 🙂

  36. we got the potties out for Gage already too. I’ve already named this summer “pants optional”. Good luck! It will be my first time training a boy…

  37. Super jealous that you’ve gotten to pee by yourself for this long! Both my girls went through a phase of crying when I sat to pee. I’d have to hold them on my lap while I went.

    Sounds like he’s really ready. Don’t want to miss your window of opportunity. They get smart about it later and realize, hey! It’s way easier and less inconvenient to just go in a diaper. Forget the potty!

  38. I am SO dreading potty-training! Ugh.

    Guess I know how you are spending your summer. Good luck. As they say, don’t miss the window or the toilet. Hee hee.

    Cute photos.

  39. My only advice?
    If/when he decides he no longer wants to use potty… pretend you don’t care.
    The more you coax him to use the potty (because you’ve convinced yourself that you’ll be done with diapers in 2 weeks) the less he’ll use it.
    At least – that’s what MY boys both did… lol
    Good luck!!!

  40. “And then we discussed what ‘awkward’ means.” LOL.

    I have no advice. Lil’ Bit just had her 18-month well-visit today and the pedi asked if she was showing any signs of interest in potty-training and I replied with a firm, “NOPE!” and that was the end of that. I’m dreading it and prefer to prolong the inevitable for as long as possible. I excel at procrastination.

  41. I have no advice. But, I wanted to tell you this post about potty is maybe the sweetest I’ve read in a while. 🙂 Who’da thunk? I love that Lamby uses his potty seat. What a sweet, sweet, SMART boy! 🙂

  42. We have the same potty.

    Thanks for the “blog post on my blog lol. I guess we are in the same boat with the showing interest deal. I’m trying to read up on it as much as possible but really…I don’t want to push anything. If she does it than fantastic! If not, we have plenty of time. I just feel a little pressure because I was potty trained by 20 months haha

  43. No one clued me into this loss of bathroom privacy thing. My mother wants grandchildren so badly, I think she’s withholding all that important information.

  44. As you have probably seen on Facebook, we are currently potty training at about 25 months. Christopher was also showing the signs and I figure since I am at home for summer, now is the perfect chance to give it a real try.

    Potty training scares me too, because I have no idea what I am doing AND there isn’t a whole lot of information out there on the “correct” way to potty train. So, we are just stumbling through it. He gets one chocolate for peeing and two for pooping. Peeing is the easy part – he has been doing that for a while. Pooping is another story, but he is really starting to catch on to the whole chocolate bribery thing.

    My hope is that he will be completely potty trained by the time I go back to school. We’ll see if that really happens, though. Good luck to you!