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Today I give you Liz of A Belle, A Bean, and a Chicago Dog.

Liz has always been a blogger that I have looked up to.  Not only does she have an awesome blog about her cute little family (two girls, a small husband, and her dog), but she always has awesome side projects too.

Her current endeavor, Eli Rose Social Media, which she shares with her Blogging Partner in Crime, KLZ, is one of my favorite sites.  I have learned a TON about blogging and social media since they started it.

But Liz is also famous for creating the Chicago Hot Dog Award (which I strive to be awarded some day), and for spear-heading Bloggy Boycott Day (which I think I am still giving the side-eye to O_o)

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When I was little, I thought teachers were just that – teachers. As in, they didn’t have first names or husbands or kids or normal lives they went home to.

Weird, right?

You know what’s even weirder? The fact that my mom was a teacher, so I really should have known better.

Now to be fair to me, she did stay home with us until I was about 10, so that definitely affected my viewpoint on the whole situation.

My mom has told me many times how her years teaching, leading up to my grand entrance into this world, greatly affected her baby name choices. And she’s not the only teacher I know who admits to that same fact.

It’s a little known secret that hellion students can traumatize a teacher so deeply that they could never, ever give their own kids that same name.

And I can see that. If a name conjured up unpleasant thoughts in my head, I certainly wouldn’t want to give that name to my baby.

But what about the effects of being a teacher well beyond the Having Baby years? What about when a teacher’s kids are in high school and dating? THEN what is it like to be a teacher and in the same building as your kids?

My mom was an elementary school teacher, so her job hazards were limited to the front end of the school years. Truthfully, I don’t know that I could have dated someone if my mom taught in my school.

But apparently I was tough enough to date a guy who’s dad taught in the same school.

And who turned out to be my Honors Advanced Algebra teacher.

You know how you would have some tests that you went into thinking, “I really didn’t study like I needed to. I so hope I don’t bomb it.”

Believe me when I tell you that the pressure to excel on quizzes and exams increases tenfold when you have your boyfriend’s dad as your teacher.

As did the awkwardness of visiting his home on nights and weekends.

At least the break-up was smooth sailing for me.

His son decided to make out with a so-not-cute, super pushy chick, which ended our high school romance.

Did you ever date one of your teachers’ kids? Are you a teacher who had a hard time with naming your kids due to problem students you previously had? Are you a high school teacher like Katie, and dreading when your son or daughter is old enough to date?


Liz is the bee’s knees, people.

Since being recruited?  She may be Sluiter Nation’s secret weapon.  No one ever expects the tiny, cute one with glasses.


You want more Liz, yes?  You can follow her on twitter, and of course read her blogs here and here.

She writes a lovely, but heartbreaking account of her last months with her maternal grandmother in Through a Screen Door.

She quickly became someone I looked to for blogging advice and ideas after she penned Why It’s Ok To be a “Bad” Blogger.

And her post about deciding to have a second chile, Why Grandma Knows Best, brings tears to my eyes.


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  1. I never dated anyone who had a teacher for a parent. That would have been so weird, especially to have that parent as a teacher. Total pressure. At least the breakup was easy.

  2. I went to an all-girls school. Which is fortunate I guess. No distractions!

    Liz, I don’t know how you did it, dating a teacher’s kid!

  3. My mom was the teacher, so I’m sure it was awkward for my boyfriends.

  4. I only dated college guys while I was in high school. Probably because of the teacher thing. Or not.

    Loved this post. I also hope my girls date a boy whose parent is a teacher…and they stay away from college boys. ahem.

  5. One of the girls in my class was pretty hot. Her mom was a teacher. At that point in life, the girl was out of my league. Maybe that was my problem. If I only had a little more confidence… 🙂

  6. I never dated a teacher’s kid but I had the hots for my therapist’s oldest son. Awkward.

  7. Love Liz! Great recruit today. I couldn’t relate more to this post…not that I dated someone that was a teachers kid…as of right now where we live the kids would go to the high school that I teach at and I freak out about this all the time! Even though they are only 3&1, if we don’t move – this could happen! The other funny thing? I love in the beginning that teachers actually have names, etc. I remember one time I saw a student when I was out to dinner & they said “wow, you go out to dinner?” – yes, I am an actual human being! 😉

    • You, like Kate, have such a unique view on this! My mom would never go to the mall closest to her school simply because she always ran into a parent, former student or current student. She hated that.

  8. I never dated a teacher’s kid, but when I got to college, I hung out with one of my favorite teacher’s daughters. It was kind of surreal, because my (former) teacher used to reference her daughter all the time. And her daughter turned out to be tons of fun, but not really in the way her mom described. (She was a big time party girl, not so much a model student girl.)

    Funny story, although he is probably kicking himself for choosing the not-so-cute, pushy girl over your adorable self!

    • And they never actually dated after “the forced kissing.” I’m really close to his whole family (both of his sisters came to my wedding and his parents stopped by when I was visiting my mom after Maddie was born), and we still tease about that kiss.

  9. Hahaha, I never dated a teacher’s kid, but I can so see how this would be a problem. I taught my teacher friends’ kids several times, so I’ve seen the other end of this. They really were talking about you when you weren’t around 😉

  10. Been there, done that. I dated my English teacher’s son for awhile. I didn’t have her for a teacher until he broke up with me, the day after I got my tonsils out. She agreed that he was a total douche bag, so our teacher-student relationship was okay.

    I did cheat in her class though. I didn’t like her so much as a teacher. 😉

  11. Well yeah, he certainly did make it easy for you to break up.

    (Love, Liz!)

  12. I am so super glad that my parents weren’t teachers. I wouldn’t have gotten away with all the shit I used to do. Especially in grade school 🙂

  13. Three of my elementary school teachers growing up were unmarried, without children. In fact, two of them lived with their parents (well, their parents lived with them), so that didn’t help my vision of teachers. I also don’t think the Harry Potter will help kids, growing up, think that teachers have any sort of life outside of school.

    My sister-in-law is a first-grade teacher at a local elementary school. Her first year, she spent a fair amount of time in Walmart, as a first-year teacher who just bought a house would be wont to do. One of her students ran into my sister-in-law every time she went into Walmart. So, instead of living at, and having no life outside of, school, my sister-in-law, obviously, lived at Walmart.

    The plan for our kids is that my wife will stay home with them, finishing her masters in library science until the youngest one is ready to head off to school, where my wife will join the ranks of the working, as a school librarian. I’m kind of chuckling meeting a boyfriend or girlfriend & seeing a look of horror when they remember returning a book late in 6th grade & Mrs. Batzer had to yell at them.

  14. Oh, how I love those stories! xoxo
    I never dated a teacher’s son… but my friend dated a teacher… does that count?

  15. I have always enjoyed hearing tales of what happened at that rival school. Somehow it always seemed so much more salacious than what happened at our school.

  16. I never dated a teacher’s kid, but I did work as a teacher in day care for many years. I had quite a list of names that I could never use for my own kids as a result!

    Once I ran into one of my day care kids at a local carnival. She was shocked to see me. Her mom told me that her daughter thought I lived at the school.

  17. How about the principal’s kid? I didn’t go there, but my best friend was one of the local principal’s daughter and I had a friend who dated our principal’s son. Luckily, he was enough of a screw up (cutting down 50+ year old trees as their class senior prank) that whoever he dated looked like a saint.

  18. I was friends with my second grade teacher’s kid. The first time I went to their house was so weird! This was probably compounded by the fact that their furniture was covered in plastic and they had plastic runners on the carpet. My friend had awesome Barbies though.

  19. My mom taught at my high school but it didn’t affect my dating too much because 1.) the school was HUGE – 4000 students. No one knew everyone. 2.) She taught home ec and only had a dozen or so boys as students in all the time she was there and 3.) I was so awkward I wasn’t really getting lots of attention from the boys anyway :-).

  20. It’s my first visit to Sluiter Nation (Hi Kate). 🙂

    My grandmother taught math and when my uncle had her one year, he stayed slumped down, completely miserable the entire year (in the farthest seat). She had pity on him so didn’t call on him too much.

  21. I love your description of the other woman.

    Your bitchy side is much too restrained and I love it when it comes out.

    AN entire post on this witch, please??

  22. You dated in high school? Lucky thing. I was in the band though. Cool.

  23. None of this every happened to me but I’m only about 10 years younger than my son’s 1st grade teacher and I still insisted on calling her “Mrs.” It’s like I’m still the student in my head sometimes, you know? lol.

  24. I never had a date in high school. Seriously. I was like a circus freak in high school and didn’t get any action until college. I think it had something to do with the fact that I was 6′ tall. I enjoyed your story though! That had to have been awkward. I used to be a teacher (2 years) and now have been a school psychologist for 8 years and there are DEFINITELY names that could NEVER be used for my own child. Ever.

    • You totally get that, then. I think people who don’t work with kids, don’t understand how there are some names that get a “Hell NO!” when suggested. 🙂

  25. My mom was a teacher in my school district & knew everyone from the superintendent on down. One of her hellion students is the reason I can’t have a child named “Joshua”.

  26. As the daughter of a kindergarten teacher and the wife of a 5th grade teacher, I’m all too aware of that whole “I can’t name my kid THAT,” phenomenon. And the fact that my mother has been a teacher for well over two decades is precisely why we kept our name choice a secret from her until our daughter was born. Because I figured, by that point, my outspoken mother had had pretty much every name come through her classroom and would wrinkle her nose and say, “Ugh, that reminds me of so-and-so,” to whatever we chose and, frankly, I just didn’t want to hear it. (Turns out, we picked the one name Mom hasn’t ever taught and it passed approval. Whew!). But it was also a process to choose THAT name because my husband had the same issues. Sheesh. Teachers! In the end, we agreed upon our daughter’s name because it was one of the few names for which he had positive connotations instead of negative.

    It was a little ridiculous. But no, I’ve dated a teacher’s kid. OTOH, my husband’s dad taught at his [very small] high school, so he could probably weigh in on this topic a lot.

  27. Love this! My husband is a principal and we are lucky to still be married after what we had to go through to name each of our kids. He has had a “bad” kid with every name out there. Love both of you guys, great to see you in the same place!

  28. Phew! From the teaser on your site, Liz, I thought the dad was in the mafia!! Teacher is still awkward…but not life threatening.

  29. Ok, you know what’s even worse than being a teacher trying to name your future child(ren)? Being MARRIED to one! Hahaha. Luckily, our daughter won’t be going to the same school her dad teaches at! 🙂

  30. I am a teacher and it has totally caused many a fight between my husband and I over what to name our two kids! Since my kids will go to the same district I teach in I am thinking that I will actually be more traumatized by their dating then they will be that I teach there!

  31. I never dated a teacher’s kid…but I can certainly understand the pressure! As a teenager, I was desperate for my boyfriend’s parents to like me. Then the boyfriend turned out to be a lying, two-timing jerk. Sounds like you know what I’m talking about.

  32. I used to really, really love the name Ian. LOVE IT.

    And then I had a little shi—err. Angel. Named Ian.

    And now? I will never, ever, ever have a son named Ian.

    Or Paul. Paul is out, too. ::shudder::

  33. I dated one boy in HS who dumped me unexpectedly while on break from his shift at the grocery store. Obviously I was crushed. So crushed in fact that I went out into the parking lot and threw myself down on the pavement in distress. Not that I was dramatic. Or anything.

  34. Oh LIZ!!!!!

    You have me laughing so hard because unlike your situation, I was the teacher’s daughter.

    It took some serious guts for the “gentlemen” of my high school to date me. My dad was a VERY prominent figure on campus (teacher, ASB director, golf coach, goofing-off-at-assemblies and and-around-bad-ass kind of guy).

    To make matters worse, he was also MY Spanish teacher.

    I will never forget the day I had a date planned with a boy in the same class. We’d taken a quiz and then my dad was reviewing the previous lesson. He asked a question and my date (perhaps wanting to impress him?) raised his hand.

    With answers to the quiz we’d just taken written all. over. his. palm.

    Yep. I didn’t date that kid for long. Turns out he was kind of dumb. (duh.)

    LOVED this post. So glad to see you at here at Sluiter Nation 🙂

  35. I don’t hail from teachers, didn’t date a teacher’s kid and am not a teacher. Did I answer all the questions? Heh.

    Oh, Katie, I give that boycott day the side eye, too…I’m a rebel.