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Eddie’s second birthday was on Thursday, and while we had a fun little evening together as a family, something seemed to be missing.

Birthdays are a big deal to me.  I am not sure why, but I always made a HUGE deal out of my own birthday.  It’s not like my family went overboard with celebrating, but they always made me feel special and happy, and I just carried that through…even into adulthood.

When I started dating Cort, I was so sad for him that his birthday was in December.  It seemed to always get swept in with Christmas–you know, dual gifts (hey, this bike is your birthday AND Christmas present!).  The past seven years I have tried extra hard to make his birthday a big deal.  To make it his day…not just part of the holiday season.

So for Eddie’s second birthday to come and go with just a little dinner out and a cozy coupe?  I felt a bit underwhelmed.

I knew he didn’t know the difference, but I did.

His being is a BIG deal.  To us, to our family, to the world.  I get a lump in my throat just thinking about how long I prayed to have him.  Through all the crap.

His birthday is IMPORTANT.

And so today we celebrated.

birthday invitation

Eddie's birthday invite...minus some info to protect the innocent

As a kid, my mom and dad always had my mom’s side of the family over for a big meal, presents, and cake on a Sunday afternoon.  It is one of the happiest things I remember about my childhood.

Cort and I want to give Eddie that too, so today we had both sides of our family over for make-your-own-sandwiches, salads, fruit, chips and dip, and cake.  And of course presents!

birthday food

sandwiches and such

birthday cake

Zeeland Bakery did an AWESOME job on the cake!

Obviously I chose a monkey theme this year because Eddie’s new big boy room is going to be monkey themed with blue walls, dark brown furniture, and lime green accents.

I mentioned this on the twitter and immediately Courtney of GCS Design (who also did my business cards), chimed in that she would LOVE to help me with the decorations (more about this tomorrow…plus a giveaway!).

See those cute little signs and circle confetti up there?  She made those.  She also made enough paper and things to hang around the house so that everywhere the guests went?  It was a party!

birthday decorations

blue and green everywhere!

birthday decorations

Happy Birthday flag banner!

birthday decorations

This is so going in his new room after the party!

All of our family was here today.  From his grandparents, his aunts and uncles, his cousin, his god family…right down to the newest members…the Twins.

eddie and alexis

I think Eddie hoped she was staying with us.

Eddie begged and begged to hold her when I had her in my arms:  “Beh beee, ma ma.”  And then he would rock his arms and try to take her.

eddie and alexis

Beh Bee, Ma Ma.

If she stayed all day and everyone took the presents back?  He would have been just as happy.  I had a HUGE lump in my throat.

But the party must go on.  Eddie loves to play outside…especially with friends.  These two may as well be his brothers.  And one is his God Brother, so we just consider the whole dang family is God Family.

playing in the mud

Eddie and his brothers from another mother

The boys took a break once it was time for presents.  And goodness, did Eddie get spoiled with presents!

opening gifts

Imma mow the lawn. see ya.

(psst.  The shirt?  with the monkey that matches his party?  Kristina from Sew Curly Creations made that.  I know.  AWESOME.)

folding chair for a toddler

hey aunties! check out my new chair!

four auties, four uncles, one cousin, two god brothers, two god sisters, two god parents,  four grandmas, three grandpas, a mommy, and a daddy…that equals a LOT of love.

gift opening

so blessed

A very happy birthday boy!  So overwhelmed with all the people, the new toys, the laughter, the games, the love.  Not to mention the awesome monster blanket (that he will NOT go to bed without…and whispers “rawr” as I leave the room each night) from his bud, Joshua (made by his mommy, Miranda),  and the super cute craft clutch from Courtney.


tee too! (thank you)

Before the fun is done though, it’s time for a little singing, a little candle blowing, and a little cake.  This is the big moment we have been practicing for!

blowing out candles

nailed it!

And then they ate cake…with orange juice boxes…

eating cake

so farking good

It all went by in a whirlwind.  All the preparation and planning and anticipation and excitement. And just like that it was over.  Ready to be cleaned up.

After everyone left, I had a massive headache, my body hurt everywhere, and I was exhausted.

But Eddie was so happy.  so very happy.

birthday boy

best. day. ever.

We are so very thankful for the people in our life.  Each and every one of them loves us…and Eddie…so fiercely that we can fall asleep still feeling their arms around us.

Thank you all for all the wishes, prayers, gifts, and words in honor of our little guy turning two.

Today we felt blessings all around us.

And there was happiness.

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  1. So sweet. Happy second birthday Eddie!

  2. Love this. Love that Eddie has such a great time. Love that everyone who love you guys at Sluiter Nation got together to make sure of that.

    So much love!!!!

    Love the Monkey theme too.

  3. Awww, I love big birthday celebrations. His looked really fun! I am big on birthdays and am still kind of heartbroken that Brigham’s big birthday party was ruined by our housing situation. I am vowing to make up for it for his 2nd birthday.

    Happy belated birthday to your 2-year-old!

    p.s. I’m a december baby too. my birthday cake often had santa on it. but I did love having my presents under the tree. TWICE 🙂

  4. I’m loving the monkey theme! Dylan loves monkeys, too.

    He looks so thrilled, and it sounds like it was an absolutely lovely time. I agree that birthdays should be celebrated and cherished and made a big deal out of!

  5. ::happy sighs::

    I love birthdays. And I love that kid that I’ve never even met. I’m glad y’all had a great day today, Katie. Eddie looks like he enjoyed himself.

    (Also? Joshua has that mower. He got it for his 2nd birthday. Along with his Cozy Coupe.)

  6. How perfectly wonderful…such a wonderful Mommy you are!

  7. Cute cake, fun decorations, very happy kiddo ~ looks like it was a great party!

  8. Happiness is always awesome. Love the Chunky Monkey theme!! Oh and that cake? Pure awesome!!

  9. LOVE this, Katie!
    Eddie is somehow a big boy but still a baby. I love this age.
    It looks like everyone had a blast.
    And you looked beautiful…love the white skirt.

  10. TheNextMartha says

    So cute! It looked like a great time.

  11. Happy Birthday Eddie!

    Katie, he is stinking cute!

  12. Happy Birthday dude! And wow, you kids do make a big deal out of birthdays! (I’m never letting me kids see this post)…

    Looks like you all had a blast! Did you take naps afterwards?

  13. What a beautiful wrap-up of such an important day.

    And the concept of being loved so fiercely you can still feel arms around you when you close your eyes at night…

    Just lovely.

    Hugs to you all.
    Especially to that precious two-year-old monkey who would rather hold the baby than get presents.

    So young and yet.
    He already knows what constitutes a true gift.

  14. Happy 2nd birthday to Eddie! The decorations were super cute!

  15. I love that you had a big birthday bash and a quiet, family celebration. I think they both can be important (for you AND the birthday boy). Looks like so much fun! Happy birthday, Eddie!

  16. What a cute, fun party! Lucky Eddie! 🙂

  17. JDaniel had a monkey party when he turned two. What a wonderful celebration! He looks sooo happy!

  18. love the pictures! it looks like he had a great birthday! you did an excellent job katie!

  19. Happy birthday, Eddie! My son’s second birthday is next week–I hope our party is as much fun as your was.

    Congrats, mom!

  20. Great pics. It looks it was a great party!

    I love the photos of Eddie with that baby. I bet you do too.

    We are big fans of monkeys in our house too.

  21. Oooh what a fantastic party!!! Happy Birthday Eddie.
    I love my birthday too, I celebrate through all of February …make the whole month MINE. So I’m happy that you do that too, and makes those days for City and EDDIE SO EXTRA SPECIAL! I smiled through the whole post!

  22. Oh, what a day you guys had! And those monkey decorations are too adorable! Can’t wait to see pics of his big boy room.

    And how adorable was Eddie holding that baby?! Swoon…

  23. VERY cute pictures! Happy Birthday!!

  24. Love the wrap up of the day. I really felt like I was there. That boy of yours is too precious for words!

  25. Awww, a happy belated birthday to Eddie! Those pictures of him with the baby are precious. My daughter loves babies too, and every time she points one out, a little voice inside my head screams, “Yes, but YOU’RE a baby too!” It’s mind-boggling. I know it’s cliche, but they really do grow up so fast.

  26. CUTE!!!! I’m especially jealous of the lawn mower…


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