Eddie had a little lamb…

This is Eddie’s lovey, Lamby.

As you can see, Lamby is a bit…shall we say…dingy.

I have a hard time remembering exactly where this Lamby came from.

I think when I turned 23 or 24 it was in a bookcase my parents had delivered to me for my birthday.  I think the card was held onto Lamby by a bow along with a balloon.

Basically Lamby was the cute balloon weight.

At least in my memory.

Anyway, for years Lamby was in a closet or on the guest bed or wherever.  He was super soft…like if suede and velvet had a baby?  It would have been Lamby.

So two years ago Eddie was born.  Lamby lived in his room because he has a animal theme and several people had gotten him lamb-type things (apparently lambs = cute baby gifts.  who am I to argue?)

Somehow Eddie started favoring Lamby.

He loved to put Lamby’s soft ears in between his finger and rub the ear under his nose.

He still does.

He also puts Lamby’s face right up against his own when he is tired.  And tucks him under his neck to cuddle.

It’s really quite heartwarming.

But all this cuddling and finger-twiddling and nose rubbing and the occasional ear-sucking?

Has made Lamby not just sort of dingy?  But also a little smelly.

I get that the smell is comforting to him…but EW!

So after a LOT of tweeting yesterday, I decided it was time to clean Lamby.  Eddie was gone for the day to daycare, so he wouldn’t need him until later that afternoon when he was home.

But people?  I was nervous.

There is no replacement for this thing.  It was a random gift and I cannot for the life of me find another.

I was determined to be as careful as possible.

Lamby’s tag said to surface wash only.  This did not help my nerves.  I figured if I got some Dreft and cool water and a toothbrush, I would be golden.

Only…it didn’t do much but make Lamby’s foot soapy.

So I went to the twitter where it was determined that I should throw Lamby into a pillowcase, tie it off, and toss him into the delicate cycle of the washer.

This brought great trepidation upon me and his “surface wash only” tag.

But people just kept cheering me on…

So I gave in.

I put Lamby into a pillow case (and morbidly, I felt like I was about to drown a cat), and prepared him for his bath.  But not before warning twitter that it was their heads if Lamby came out a pile of fluff and beanies.

And then?  I started the washer.

Every time I heard a new cycle start?  My feet would sweat….and of course I would tweet about it.

Don’t worry…Lamby did, indeed, live.

Since he came out only damp, I decided to take CDG’s suggestion and let him sit in the sun to dry out completely.

He seemed Ok with that decision.

And when Eddie got home, he snatched him up, smelled him a couple times and then sat on the chair with him…all the while rubbing one ear between his thumb and his finger.


Mission accomplished.

Does your child(ren) have a lovey?  Is washing it a battle?


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  1. So glad Lamby survived! Watching the saga unfold on Twitter made me nervous! And, now I can be somewhat confident in the fact that my little man’s Pooh bear may survive his own round in the washer.

  2. Oh, Lamby!

    Beek, by the way, is wicked proud of you both!

  3. I can imagine how stressful this was! Yes, the toddler has a lovey–one of those little Angel Dear blankets. Or rather, four of them. I cycle through them. The only problem is that, even with the cycling, they aren’t wearing evenly. So I end up telling him that lovey “healed” like he does when he gets a boo boo.

    My gig is almost up.

  4. My daughter doesn’t really have a lovey, but she hates not knowing where her stuffed animals are, so their every few months trip to the washing machine is done very covertly. 😉 I’m glad this super special animal survived his trip!

  5. That would have had me on pins and needles too! My children have different things they are attached to from sippy cups, stuffed animals and blankets.

  6. Hahahaha! This is too cute! Does Lamby have a brand name on his tag? I’m sure you’ve tried Googling that.

    DG didn’t have a lovey for the longest time or seem to even want one. For her first birthday my parents got her this “My first doll” thing and about six months later, Darling Girl decided that was her lovey. Of course that was about the same time I stopped being able to find them anywhere. :/ To wash “Baby”, I tell DG that Baby has to take a bath in the washing machine (thankfully Baby is washable), but she’ll be back soon. It sometimes works. Sometimes DG discovers her in the top of the wash pile, freaks out, grabs her, and runs away.

    Glad Lamby is ok!!

  7. Laura also has a Lamb who is surface wash only. Why do they make children’s toys that are not machine washable?! I digress: Lamb has survived several washings in a pillowcase. In fact, she’s about due for another bath!

  8. My 7 year old still sleeps with a stuffed tiger he got as a gift at the hospital when he was born.. and Duckie, a stuffed duck whom he got for his first Easter. The two have seen many washings. And not so delicately as what you did with Lamby..

    The fluff apparently has added to their softness and appeal over the years. 😉

  9. We have a surface wash only loviee that makes a weekly “trip” in the washer and has survived to tell the tale. However, I made the mistake of washing him when my son was awake and when he saw his lovie spinning in the washing machine he was traumatized!

  10. I am so laughing!
    My daughter has Sheepy (one guess as to what kind of animal it is!).
    It was a random sheep I bought during Easter last year, and there is no duplicate of it on the planet. The company that made it only makes batches of these toys for specific stores and that’s that.
    Watching this sheep to make sure it isn’t lost, washing it, I swear I have sweat more over the safety of this lovey than of anything else we own.

  11. So glad Lamby survived. My son’s obsession is his Mickey and Minnie plushes. Well, Mickey had a traumatic experience in the washing machine (to say the least) and went through emergency surgery. Next time, I will use a pillowcase. Check it out!


  12. I am kind of disappointed I missed the Lamby washing on twitter, but I am so glad he made it through alive and clean 🙂 Abbey has a little blanket/giraffe lovey. She doesn’t mind if I “give Boop a bath” now that she’s older, as long as she has him by bedtime or car time (sometimes). When she was younger, it was a battle to get him in the washing machine (aka “Boop’s bathtub”)

  13. My oldest has about half a dozen that cycle through his affections. So if one disappears it would not be the end of the world. My daughter, however, has a blanket that goes everywhere and she will not sleep without. Luckily it was a baby gift for her that the giver had found on a really great sale and therefore bought a bunch for future baby gifts. She was kind enough to give me a second one as backup. We now have one in the living room and one in Miss K’s bedroom!

  14. My daughter has had a special blanket since she was born. Thankfully that is easy to wash. My son also has a ton of favorite blankets, but he also loves animals, specifically monkeys and bears.

    With a pillowcase, they have all survived the washer. Build-a-Bear makes (I think they still make it!) a spray cleaner for surface washing. It has really come in handy!

  15. we have wankie and wa wa. They both get washed regularly because I take no prisoners.

  16. Yay for a clean lovey! It’s so hard to get them washed and then to get it white again, I’m impressed. I’m going to have to try it with my son’s white puppy.

  17. All I can hear is the Sesame Street song, “Murray had a little lamb…”

    Katie has “baby kitty” and we bought a back up just in case. In a moment of weakness, we gave it to her and now it’s “mommy kitty” and I have no back up for either of them. Yikes!

    Matthew has a couple of things but he doesn’t seem attached to anything really. Yet.

    You made me giggle with this: “if suede and velvet had a baby? It would have been Lamby.”

  18. SB has a Miss Kitty blanket. We bought a back up a while back b/c we realized we would be in BIG trouble if she lost the original. I had planned to swap them out regularly so each could be washed (they are machine washable, thankfully) and kept relatively clean. No go. She rejects the back up and will only accept the original. And getting him washed is a major pain. Although, just this morning she came to me and said, “Kitty baff.” So I started the washing machine as fast as I could! LOL

  19. We have a lovey called Blue. Actually, Blue Bunny, but R has shorted that to blue. It’s basically a stuffed animal bunny with a small blanket for a body. One of R’s grandmothers gave it to him for Easter 2010. R sometimes played with it, sometimes not. But then all of a suddent this March, he became very attached to it. If he doesn’t have it at bedtime, he looks around asking for Blue. Or we are downstairs and he left Blue in his crib, he points up the stairs saying “Blue.”

    Luckily, when the attachment began, I knew where my MIL had purchased Blue, and I knew it was an item that the store carries regularly. So we have two blues in rotation — one for R to play with, and one to be in the laundry. I also have two brand new ones in reserve.

  20. Oh I am so terrible about stuff like this, I have been known to just gather up all toys/animals like Lamby (and Fenton, our German Shepherd) toys too and just throw them in with a “towel” batch of laundry.

    Growing up with my mom I just do stuff…we worry about consequences later. WHich is not SMART…but it’s the way we roll.

    my boys love their monogrammed “bear money” they way they say Bear Blanket. and I wash them at least once a week…just throw them in along with the stuffed animals. I am sure if it was very very delicate I would worry, but knowing me I’d worry while they were swirling in the washing machine.

    he’s cute that amby, glad he’s ok 🙂

  21. My two daughters both have lovies…my 4yo also has a “Lamby”, and I can rarely sneak it away to wash it. It’s easier to wash though, because it’s one of those stuffed animal/blanket hybrids. The first time I did wash it, my daughter was SO not happy that it smelled different (as in, not horrible). It’s probably been washed twice since. My 2yo adopted her older sister’s Build-A-Bear, named her “Baby” and sucks on its nose All.The.Time. Its nose is hard, like it’s been sprayed with copious amounts of hairspray. And yes, it stinks too. Luckily, it’s easier to sneak Baby away to wash than Lamby.

  22. Oh, and I did actually buy a “spare” Lamby, just in case (since losing Lamby would literally be the end of our world), but the spare has never been acceptable. My daughter calls it “Other Lamby”…it doesn’t smell right. 🙂

  23. YAY LAMBY!

    Whew. So glad he made it. Joshua has a Curious George that was DAN’S. He sleeps with it every night. The thing is 30 years old. There is no washing George.

  24. Watching Lamby’s cleaning saga unfold was better than the coverage of the Chilean miners.

    I can practically smell the sweet scent of Dreft from here.

    SOOO relieved.

    For everyone 😉

  25. Pea doesn’t have a lovely. Thank goodness! I was so worried that she’d be uber attached to something and I wouldn’t ever be able to get it away! I’m glad lamby came out alright, though!

  26. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why Chunky Monkey’s lovie Monkey’s tail smelled so bad…but then I walked in on his naptime and found Monkey’s tail in his nostril. Yup, right nostril to be exact. I just about barfed in my mouth.

  27. Oh he’s so cute, especially after his bath! Glad it all worked out.

  28. My little man, Monster, has Deedle. It’s terrifying trying to wash him… I wait until he’s gone to his father’s… I’m afraid of the same things – I’ll never be able to find another one!!


  29. Our lovey was a bear we bought at Target. Once it became apparent that this was THE toy, I went back to Target to buy a backup. No luck. Limited edition apparently. (What the heck is with that anyway? It’s not a collectible. It’s something my son has become attached to and will freak out if we lose it!) Anyway, my husband went on eBay and found one! Yeah! About 6 months later, the kid started being less clingy with his bear, so the backup has now gone to his baby brother. And the kid thinks it’s cute that both he and his brother have their own Starry Bear.

  30. Lamby is a cutie! No wonder Eddie’s attached. So glad he made it through the pillow case/ washing machine saga.

    Monkey has a blue blanket he’s been sleeping with since he was 6 months old. In the earlier days, when I wash it, he’d miss it for one nap while it was in the dryer, but when he got older, he started to realize it wasn’t there. I went out and bought another immediately!

  31. Holy crap this is so funny!! I’m so glad I found you! Both my kids have a special “kit”, think “blan-ket”, then chop off the “blan”. I dunno, it just sorta happened… Washing was (is) always a struggle with my kids. They were convinced they would never get them back. But boy, did they love them when they were clean. And so did I. Thanks for posting! I’ll be sure to come back for more!

  32. Max has Blue Dog; my mother in law bought it when he was born, and it’s been with him since his NICU days. We’ve been washing it all along. I just tossed it in with his other stuff (we had severe reflux up in here!) and it’s always survived. He still sucks on Blue Dogs tail when he’s asleep, so it’s NASTY. I spray the whole thing down with Anti-Icky Poo enzyme cleaner and toss it in… washer AND dryer!

  33. whew! I’m so glad he made it though that okay. I felt a bit of an anxiety attack coming on reading through this.

    My daughter has a stuffed puppy that she got in a Christmas present when she was three. It was the first stuffed animal that she named herself (Pon) and she loves him so so much!! I have had to wash him before, and it is always nerve wracking.

  34. Ah I just adored this post! Love, love, love it! My littlest one, Nathan, has a pillow that is his special lovey. It had a pillow case but no matter how often I put it on it always was promptly taken off. It has a hole in it that I just discovered so it needs repairing before all of it falls out. (Not much left though). The insides have turned into little pieces that are falling out and it is not much to look at. Why he chose this I don’t know as it is not soft! But he loves it nevertheless and when he drinks his “pediasure and baba”, a generic brand in a sippy cup, he rolls the casing around in his fingers. It makes me smile, seeing him do that, and someday he won’t, which makes me sad. My beloved stuffed animal was “Teddy”. I stroked his soft furuntil it was almost gone. My Mom had to do “surgery” on Teddy when I was around five. I remember panicking but he made it through and still remains with me. Today Teddy’s insides have rotted so he has to stay put away but he is still treasured.

  35. I wish Solo had a lovey! So sweet! his only lovey is his thumb. Smack slurp suck! yum!

  36. Lil’ Bit also has a Lambie! Different kind, though. And I just finished writing a post about him too (will publish next week). We actually have three Lambies. This lovey stuff is serious business.

  37. Long live Lamby!! Long live Lamby!!!

  38. This made me smile… I completely understand this. My daughter who is now 22 had a little yellow bear when she was little, from infancy. She took him everywhere and did everything with him. She had a stay with her grandmother, my husband’s mother who is OCD. Well I had NEVER washed that bear and there was a reason. My mother in law got a hold of the bear while my daughter was playing and washed him because of course he was dirty. When she gave him back to my daughter all “clean and fresh” my daughter shrieked and burst into tears telling her that “She had washed all the love off of him!!” and she cried for the rest of the day. My mother in law sadly did not get it… but we made sure that bear was never again washed and was well loved. I believe she still has it somewhere and I am sure he is still quite filthy!! LOL What a dilemma. At least Lamby survived 🙂