a room of her own

I hunch over my laptop at our high top kitchen table.

My feet fall asleep being there is not good place to put them.

This table is not meant for long term sitting.  The chairs are tall with very straight backs.  If I lean back, my butt falls asleep.  If I hunch forward my feet fall asleep and my back and neck ache.

Our kitchen/dining room is all open with our small living area.

The house is not large.

I have hammered out 715 blog posts–most at this table.

I get easily distracted by the TV, Cort, Eddie, life.

I have no set time that is just mine to work comfortably.  If I take my laptop to my chair, it doesn’t seem like work and I get lost in reading blogs and surfing the web getting ready to “pin” things.

Before I know it, the battery is shouting at me to plug in and I’ve gotten nothing accomplished.

I dream of a room of my own.

An upstairs room that is just mine.

With a desk under a window overlooking a yard and some trees.  Not starting at the road and silly neighborhood kids making fools of themselves in the cul-de-sac.

With pretty curtains and bright walls.

With a comfy desk chair.

With a place for all of my books and my blogging calendars and to do lists.

With soft carpet.

With an over-stuffed chair and a minky blanket in the corner next to a reading lamp.

With a sirius radio dock and speakers.

With a lock on the door.

With a set time that I am in there.

I don’t want to see laptops on the kitchen table anymore.

I don’t want us me to be distracted by emails, twitter, blogs, facebook just because it’s there.

I don’t want technology in the family area anymore.

But I don’t want to be pushed to a corner in the cement laundry room in the basement.  It’s not creative there.  It’s prison.

It’s the kitchen table or the basement.

No room of my own.

But it’s what I want.  More than almost anything.

No room of my own.

Not in this house.

No room of my own.


The prompt this week was to write about what you want most.

This is not what I want most.  But I chickened out and wrote what I want almost the most.

About Katie

Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Katie, it’s like you looked into my head! I too want a room just like you describe. Instead of sitting here on the sofa. Sigh. Some day?

  2. I love the dreaming. I feel your heart in it. And by the way… I chickened out of doing the whole post altogether. Not the right time.

  3. I know what you mean! I finally took over the closet in our guestroom and it is not exactly my own but it is close enough. Do you have a little space somewhere you could carve out?

  4. Now I’m wanting too. Although sitting in my recliner using my iPod isn’t too awful.
    But there is a space upstairs here. Waiting to be properly organized. When it’s done, your invited.

  5. Ha! I hear you girl. And I’m laughing because I just cleared off my desk in my bedroom so I could use my laptop in there more but it’s just not working out as I hoped. (darn kids!) 😉

    We ALL need a room like this…. daydreaming about mine now…

  6. I can literally feel the desire pouring out of your words. I never even considered a room of my own, but now that you mention it, your dream room sounds pretty dang inviting.

    If only I had the space…

    I absolutely love this post and I hope you get your room one day (along with whatever it was that you *really* want most). You deserve wonderful things.

  7. Yes, this. As I sit curled up on *my* cozy chair and it’s so very late because my distractions got the best of me {again}. Our own writing space? Who *can’t* relate?! Excellent, resonating choice!

  8. Ever since I got my laptop I have lost my “space”. I can be anywhere in the house now, it’s so freeing…but it’s not. I feel exposed, I feel guilty. If I pull out the laptop I feel like I am ignoring everything else and I shouldn’t. But if I didn’t, I’d never write anything.

    I really want to find a space of mine own again.

  9. Yes, this! I dream of my own space, away from the distractions, away from the couch. ::sigh:: One day, right?

  10. You make it feel so real, your space. You remind me that while my space here in the corner of the kitchen is my own (I have a little desk in one corner, a butcher block “table” with my laptop and my saddle stool and my files), that our beautiful library-style home office–with a closing door, an ergonomic chair, bookshelves and a roomy desk–is my husband’s.

    The only other space for me right now would be our bedroom, and I have a strict no tech in the bedroom policy.

    Ah well.

  11. This is on my list, too, but alas, it is not to be. Even Ryan’s office/our former den, has been pushed to half of our living room.

    And I think it’s ok that you wrote about your almost-first want. Some things can stay safely tucked away 🙂

  12. sigh.

    someday for me, too.

  13. I sit at our cluttered dining room table wanting the same thing as you.

  14. You’re preaching to the choir sista. I’m secretly planning in my head a space..shhhh…don’t tell Shawn.

  15. I loved this,. seriously just loved it. I don’t blog at home, since I am never comfortable there…and I just can’t do it (and we have a home office) I would love a place at home that was comfy and bright and away from everyone while I wrote…I hope your “WISH” comes true. 🙂

  16. Yes! Amen Sister! I totally love this. I want a room of my own to write, read and just be. Can it have a lock on it too? What you describe sounds lovely.

    I’m not trying to do a plug here but I feel that ‘ve created a little version of my own room in the form of a blog dedicated to my journey as a writer – http://www.lbwh.blogspot.org. Just come on in – it’s nice in there.

  17. What a lovely room you describe, my friend. VW would be proud. 😉
    I hope that one day you have this exact place…you deserve it.

  18. Exactly this! Times 100million!

    I could take the computer into the “office” but I would be followed, and my craft stuff is in there, and if we ever have another child in this house, that room will no longer be an office. And then there will be nowhere. Even for my sewing.


  19. Girl, I want my own room too.

  20. I can’t wait to be so in to writing that I want a room of my own too. I actually think I COULD create one. I feel like I am on my way. Good luck with getting yours. You did leave me curious…what do you REALLY want though?

  21. I really desire this too. When we moved to our new place in California I got myself a great desk & made look all pretty BUT my husband took it over & I was pushed to the couch or the kitchen table. 🙁 I just got my desk because my husband got a great office. But still. One day….a room of our own.

  22. ah, more space. more space to live comfortably, to sink my feet in. I would love this. Someday!

  23. I hope you get your room. I hope it helps you not to get distracted. We have an office, but it doesn’t help me AT ALL. I still want to quickly check twitter before I get started and… 2 hours later. *sigh*

    But really… The most moving thing about the whole post is that you chickened out. Why, Katie? Don’t want to put it out there on the web, or don’t want to put it out there and acknowledge you want it? I knda feel like you need a hug. Let’s see, prob only a 3 hour drive to The Nation. OK, once I shake this evil pre-school incubated virus from hell, I’m driving up there. For now, here’s an e-hug. O

  24. I suppose I’ll start the house searching sooner than later… lots of rooms will be needed… a quiet space for Kate, a geek workshop for me, and then rooms for the kiddos… I’d better find a second or maybe third job. 🙂

    Someday we shall have these rooms… this is one of our many goals.

  25. That sounds like a perfect room! I hope you get it!

  26. Love the room of your dreams.

    I want to share it with you (although then it wouldn’t be a room “of your own” now, would it).

    I sit hunched over a high kitchen counter on a wooden stool with no back.

    There is a cluster of wine bottles two feet from my laptop.

    NOT conducive to creativity at all.

    But it’s good for dreaming about perfect rooms…

  27. My laptop is in a corner, behind the couch. On a tv tray table. I dream this same dream every single day. Hope you get yours someday 🙂