the post that is not a post

I cannot concentrate on bloggy things tonight.

This is a just going to be a mishmash and I apologize.  I started a post about showing affection, and abandoned it.  Maybe you will get that some day, maybe not.  It’s not ready to come out of my head yet.

Then I was going to try to be all soft and lovely about Eddie.  And then Cort.  But I have a horrible headache.

And then I was distracted by other bloggy obligations and a twitter chat.

So then I am allowing myself to be completely overwhelmed by my four email inboxes AND my facebook inbox and I realize two things:  I have to get on this permission to take grad classes thing for a writing thingy I am doing this summer that I would like to receive credit for AND I just realized I need business cards for this blogging conference I am attending this weekend.

And then my head exploded.

And then Cort swooped in and tried to make me some and they were pretty good, but I really want a tag line on there and I don’t have a tag line for Sluiter Nation.

So of course I start scouring all the blogs I love and end up with a mad case of Tag Line Envy.

And sometime around lunch today I was informed by my body that I am NOT pregnant this month.

I have Tag Line Envy and Lady Times.

And the only way to make this post more random, but possibly save it from being a complete whiney pile of crap is this:

Aw man! Look, mom!


At least it’s spring and we can play outside.

And there are only 9 more days with students until summer break.

At least there is that.

Do you have a suggestion for a tagline for Sluiter Nation?  I need help.

About Katie

Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Oh crap Katie, do I even have a tag line? Do we need one, or can we just have a blog title? What is my purpose in life?? Oh man, woman….now you’ve got ME all stressed out!

  2. Trisha V. says

    Really… I don’t think you need one! I like it the way it is… but who am I? I am not a blogger.

  3. I think Sluiter Nation speaks for itself, but I will help you brainstorm.

    “Everybody’s somebody in the nation”

    Or you could put a lead-line “We are…Sluiter Nation.” Then you could have a series of “we are” posts that go up like, once a month or so to show what you’re up to then, or what makes Sluiter Nation the nation.

    Perhaps I should email this to you. Or go to sleep. You know, since my husband is out of town and I have the whole bed to myself and no one will be here to wake me up in the morning.

    Also? Everything is always instantly fixed with a picture of a cute kid. Mishmash what? I just see a curly headed boy and suddenly, the other stuff is poofed right out of my brain.

  4. You’re good without a tagline – I honestly did not even notice you didn’t have one.

    Love Eddie’s pictures!

    The other stuff? Don’t worry about them. Go to bed. Everything looks better in the morning.

  5. I like Miranda’s idea.

    I have no ideas, because I am tired and should just go to bed.

    But I had to comment, because boys in plaid shorts get me every. single. time.

    I am dying from Eddie’s cuteness.

  6. He is cuteness. Absolute cuteness. Dying.

    Also, sorry about Lady Times.


  7. I don’t think u need a tagline..Sluiter Nation is already phenomenal without one….I am currently working to change my own.

    I’m sorry that this day was just yucky…I hate days like that..when things just don’t ‘work’.

    Sending hugs! Hope today is better!

  8. It’s too early to use my brain and think of a tagline but I’m coming back. Love the play set and sorry yesterday was crappy.

  9. Well, I love your blog and I don’t think you NEED a tag line, but if you really want one, maybe you could play on the whole nation theme and the spelling of Sluiter with Salute…Like maybe Salute Mrs. Sluiter? I don’t know, just an idea.

  10. I’m not tag line creative. Mine used to be “some of my life’s biggest treats” but I always thought it was kinda dumb so I dropped it with the new header. I don’t really think Sluiter Nation needs one, but I do like Miranda’s suggestion of We Are…
    Also glad to see a random post. Sometimes us bloggers just need a place for a brain dump. 🙂

  11. If you need a tag line than maybe I need a tag line? Oh crap… one more thing to keep me up at night 🙂

  12. Some words that go with Nation


    A team untited since 2005 (or whenever your anniversary is)

    Saluting the good moments one at a time

    I dunno

    Does that help?

    that is all

  13. I don’t have a tagline, I like it that way. Sometimes, tagline put you in boxes, I had being put in boxes, or shoved in corners.

    Excited to see you this weekend!

  14. Feel better.

    (That is all.)

  15. Idea for tagline that i got from end of your about page:

    Sluiter Nation
    Living and breathing life’s joys.

  16. Or another one:

    Sluiter Nation
    Living A Meaningful Life

  17. and yet something else to consider:

    This is from wikipedia:

    A “spiritual principle”

    Renan concludes that a nation is

    a soul, a spiritual principle. Two things, which are really one, constitute this soul and spiritual principle. One is in the past, the other, the present. One is the possession in common of a rich trove of memories; the other is actual consent, the desire to live together, the will to continue to value the undivided, shared heritage….To have had glorious moments in common in the past, a common will in the present, to have done great things together and to wish to do more, those are the essential conditions for a people. We love the nation in proportion to the sacrifices to which we consented, the harms that we suffered.

    So I suggest:

    Sluiter Nation
    Where the past and the present are building the future

    And I think that will be all lol. Good luck.

  18. Actually-did also want to say that you are missing a subscribe to comments button.

  19. I thought about it again-yes OCD and maybe

    Sluiter Nation: Using the past and the present to build a bright future.

    and now really I am done.

  20. He’s got himself a little wonderland there. Cute pictures of a cute kid always seem to make things at least a little bit better.

  21. I’ve never noticed that you don’t have one. I have changed mine about 76 times in the last week and they’re all crap. I think I’m just going to take it off.

    Let’s start a no-taglines movement.

  22. Give me a sec and I’ll think of something hilarious….but appropriate of course 😉

  23. I love stream of consciousness posts . . . . and pictures of cute kids 😉

    And I totally have tag-line envy.