pass the dutchie

Sluiter Nation is in Holland, Michigan.

Holland, Michigan has an annual Tulip Festival.

I explained the parades and treats last year.

I also blogged about getting Eddie his first pair of wooden shoes and posing in his Dutch costume.

(If you skipped over those links?  Your loss.  You will die of cute if you click them, though.  Just sayin’.)

Well it’s Tulip Time again.

And you bet we have been to the festivities already!

Tuesday night we ventured downtown as a family to watch Cort’s sister, MacKenzie, Dutch Dance.


not so sure about auntie Kenz in her Dutch costume

my friend, Kelli, is in this Dutch dance group too!

boo to the dumb pole in this picture.

Eddie and I went back Wednesday with my mom and my nephew, Jack to watch the Volks Parade.

Eddie wore his costume.


so it's a little big. That costume was worn by both my brothers and my nephew. and now Eddie.


he just refused the wooden shoes and hat

We had so much fun that the camera didn’t come out during the actual parade.  Sorry.

We hope to go back one last time as a family to eat more junk see the tulips one last time with our little Dutch boy in his little Dutchie.


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  1. Trisha V. says

    LOVE it and REALLY miss it this year. Next year count ALL of the Visel’s in!!!

  2. Someday I’ll have to attend that festival.
    Until then, I’ll just have to watch my own tulip garden grow.

    And that’s one cute little Dutch boy 🙂

  3. Man! I missed Tulip Time again… Oh, well. I love your heated sidewalks in the winter time! I live on the other side of the state, but travel to Holland often for work as many of my coworkers are there (you might have figured out where I work now!).

  4. Those tulips are so very beautiful….and I love the costumes!

    what a perfect family outing.

  5. Beautiful, I have always wanted to go. We are definitely making the trip next year after seeing these pics!

  6. So cute! I’ve always wanted to go to the Tulip Festival. The only time I’ve been to Holland was to visit some friends of a friend at Hope College and to break all the rules available to break at the time haha.

  7. So CUTE!!! I love the spring/summer festival season. So many fun things to do with the kids.

  8. I’ve been to this festival! Uh huh, I have. So fun.

  9. I died of cute. (But I can’t say I wasn’t warned…)

  10. How is it that growing up in Midland I never went to this festival? Love the tulips, and the costsume is adorable!

  11. With my Dad coming from Holland at age 12 this will definitely be a destination for us. A little closer than the Holland across the pond. It looks great.

  12. Thanks for sharing. I have great memories of the tulip festival. And yes, Eddie is adorable.

  13. Oh, so cute! That looks like so much fun. I can just imagine my guy getting totally into that.

  14. No tulips in Boca 🙁

  15. What a fun family outing! Your little man is ADORABLE!!

  16. loved every thing about this, look at those pictures, the CUTENESS!!!
    that looks like a very fun family time….so glad you have that to look forward to each year.

  17. Multiple things here:

    1st, my tulips bloomed in March and are now dead. Which is super sad because I love tulips.

    2nd, the dancing pictures make me think I’m seeing still images from the Munchkins of Munchkin land dancing. I think the Wicked Witch of the West did not want wooden ruby slippers.

    3rd, holy crap that’s a cute kid you made.

    4th, ALL CAPS AWESOME. (See, told you I was doing that!)

    5th, I wish there were festivals like that around here. Or maybe there are and I just don’t know about them. :/