About Katie

Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. You so have my moral support here, lady! I get the fears and comfort zone and the so normally wouldn’t do this but how can i possibly not do it this time?

    Love you and your jar!


    • thanks! I am nervous on so many levels…but you’re right…we have to go!

      glad you love my jar 🙂

  2. I was happy to help a little because you are a teacher and teachers need a break and deserve some fun! Hope you are able to raise the rest. I am planning on attending if all the stars align in my crazy life.


    • you are wonderful. I am so lucky to have you in my life, Theresa!

      I hope the stars align so you can go too and we can hug!

  3. Moral support here! And I will help in some way, even if it’s slipping you a $5 at the MI Blogger meet-up next month.

    Or buying a shirt 🙂

    • you can slip it in my bra…wait…what? ha!

      • Maybe we can do one of those awful “suck for a buck” bachelorette shirts with lifesavers on them at the meet-up. We can pretend you’re a bachelorette 🙂

        But seriously, do you have anything lying around your house you could sell on Craig’s list? I’ve made a little money doing that, and people that are good at it tell me you can make even more!

        • i’ve just been selling my writing. we had a HUGE yard sale last year to support Cort’s sis and BIL’s adoption and we have nothing left to sell!

  4. I normally don’t do this but I believe in you as a writer so much. So I’ve contributed a little bit, which I hope will hope a lot. I hope you reach your goal and get to BlogHer!

    p/s* share with me your notes from there won’t ya? 🙂

  5. I’m right here and will gladly chip in again if I can make a few extra bucks myself. I think it’s very important for you to go to BlogHer and I’ll help anyway I can!!! Good luck sweetie!

  6. Good luck! I hope that you’re able to raise all the money that you need to get to BlogHer!! I’m sure that you will and that when you get there you’ll have a great time!

  7. Sounds dumb, but have you thought of a yard sale?

    I made 400 last year.


  8. Good luck! I have faith you’ll pull this out – after all, a month is a long time!

  9. I was SO bummed when I saw you didn’t win. My biggest way to make money has been Mom-to-mom sales but since you are hoping to have more that may not be the best idea right now. I hope you can raise more!

    • my friend is organizing a mom2mom and I am a bit bummed i can’t participate for this very reason! they are GREAT money-makers!

  10. Lots of moral suport is yours. You deserve to go. Your strength as a blogger and person is so apparent. You’re a role model for so many. I’m still struggling with whether or not a should go being so new to this but it seems like an incredible opportunity for growth as a mom and fellow blogger. I wish you so much success!

    • thanks, you. you deserve to go too. Just think of all you will learn!!! I am so afraid of going…I feel so small and…new! it’s going to be scary, but like you said, INCREDIBLE! 🙂

  11. I’ve never donated to a blog before, and I only found you a week ago, but everything in my heart is telling me this is the right thing to do. As a teacher, as a mama, and especially as a writer, you have already totally inspired and comforted me, and I hope that we can all do a little of the same for you.

    • awww…you are so sweet! It’s hard for me to fathom that I could reach people the way you all say I do just by typing feverishly into the computer. I am in constant shock at the things that I am accomplishing.

      I thank you. so much.

  12. I hope you are able to do it. I don’t have the funds this year either..so I’ll be watching the twitter stream go by. Thinking of selling a child though. Maybe.

    • I promise to blog about it. and tweet about it.

      or if you hear nothing from me that weekend? I am sitting in shock in a corner somewhere. 🙂

  13. Give up cable for a year. BOOM.

    Tell me in a year if you really miss it. You’re rarely home as it is, and when you are, your primary form of entertainment is the computer. You can still have all the network channels, which is something.

    And sometimes there are rare moments there is something on cable I just cannot live without? I ask a friend if I can come over and watch it with her, I bring the bottle of wine. It’s fun.

    Also, if you have XM radio, cleaning help, or netflix, drop it.

    You will free up so much money and stress. It will feel liberating! Trust me.

    • we will never give up any of those, unfortunately. We tivo and watch so much cable it’s not even funny. netflix is through the wii (I could live without that, but I don’t know about Cort), and satellite radio is the very last thing I would ever give up. Ever. I could never EVER listen to regular radio again. In fact, we have paid for five years.

      and even if we gave it all up right now? that money comes out of our “general family” fund.

      BlogHer is outta my own allowance money. My “Kate Fund”. And sadly, that is a fixed income.

      • I mean this with so much compassion.

        Isn’t money (or lack thereof) a huge stress in your life? Why would you not want to cutback on stuff like this in order to build more savings/college fund or put in special funds for trips like BlogHER?

        Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to have things like cable tv, but just can’t justify it (and I’m stuck in this damn house all day). But without cable tv, it’s afforded me a family membership to the YMCA which is awesome.

        The treadmills/bikes/ellipticals all have tv’s on them, with cable! Yes, you can find me walking/running on the treadmill around 8:30 some nights just so I can watch new shows on TLC.

        If I want to watch, I got to run. 🙂

        I love ya, and if these are not compromises you want to make, I hope you find another way! And report back to me how the trip was….

        • when money became a stress we cut back on a LOT of stuff.

          we didn’t cut satellite radio because it’s paid off for five years. we can’t get that money back anyway. sunk cost as they would say in business. may as well enjoy it.

          cable is something we enjoy. we don’t buy many things for us to enjoy. some people go on dates or to movies or whatever. we are small town. cable is our saturday night day. plus we really watch almost no network tv other than the snl and modern family.

          and we do have a savings for trips and college.

          honestly, money stresses ME out. Cort is constantly telling me we are fine. And he deals with the bills.

          Like I said, we could save hundreds of dollars giving stuff like this up and it wouldn’t help me get to BlogHer. I have to pay that on my own with my own money.

          huh. maybe I will write about our budget someday. I think you just gave me an idea for a post!!!

          thanks for caring, though friend 🙂

  14. A Reader says

    I feel conflicted about giving money to your cause after reading your posts about buying ThirtyOne bags and stuff from Twenty Five Design and other sponsors. I understand that what you splurge on is totally no one’s business but your own, but I see little point in giving $20 to you when you could have easily saved $20 by cutting back on buying things I mentioned above.

    And yes, I understand everyone has to treat themselves. BUT, isn’t BlogHer also treat for you? I’m currently saving for a new Mac, and I remind myself of it every time I’m tempted to pick up a new top at the Mall or drop $8 at Panera during my lunchbreak instead of packing my lunch at home.

    And it kind of stings to hear what comes off sounding like, in my opinion, whining about needing money but also coming off snobbish about the luxuries you refuse to give up, like cleaning service and satellite radio. I’ll be the first to say that basic cable television and internet are pretty standard things to want (although Emily’s YMCA plan is also quite creative). However, I absolutely think paying someone else to clean your home is a splurge. Not a sin, just a splurge. You’ve written about how tight your budget was when your husband was out of work, but you still didn’t cut back and scrub your own toilet a few times?

    I’m really, really not trying to cut you down, although I’m sure that’s how it must come across, and I’m really not at all trying to offend you. I’m just trying to point out how, as a reader, I’ve been frustrated by the two different sides of the story you’re portraying. One day money is tight and you’re afraid of losing your job, the next you’re posting about all the great new Spring-y headbands you got.

    • Hey “A Reader” 🙂

      I totally get where you are coming from here, which is why I posted about our budget today.

      A few things that might make you less stabby about my money habits:

      I am not good with money. This is why the hubs is in charge of the money. This is why we have allowances. When the opportunity to go to BlogHer came up, Cort said, “you should go, but you need to pay for it on your own.”

      He DID buy me the ticket for the actual conference to motivate me (because otherwise I would have given up when I saw the immense cost involved) and I have to pay him back for that if I don’t end up going.

      When money was tight? We did not have someone cleaning our house. Cort did that because he was home. And he was AWESOME at it. Now that he is working again, and my anxiety level is through the roof? We have his cousin come in once a week until school gets out. And she is VERY reasonable, or we would not do that either.

      As far as splurges go from my allowance? I have cut WAY back. I put my money into that BlogHer jar now. Once in a while i will let myself shop for a headband, but that is about it.

      And if you read the comments you would see that satellite radio is paid through for 5 years. kind of silly to give up something paid off. We will reconsider the cost when it’s time to decide to renew.

      I’m not trying to talk you into donating to me. I really don’t expect people to. It was an idea to put it on the blog, so I put it there. Really, I am trying to earn this money on my own. Like I said, I have been busting my hump to make my writing pay for my trip. But it’s proven to be unstable.

      The idea is that I write here for free. You can donate if you like it and you want to help a sista out, but honestly I don’t expect people to donate anything other than their support for what I am doing.

      If you feel like I am whining and begging, you are totally free to NOT donate…and not follow if I am bugging you.

      I write whatever is happening in the moment. I am not trying to “portray” any story. which is probably why I am not more successful at branding myself. Ha!

  15. This may sound weird but have you thought about renting out Eddie. Come on…those curls…and Dude would want a handsome chick magnet to stroll around with at a park…hee hee.

    • I like Kim’s idea. Totally. Rent him out to people thinking of having a second child so they can get an idea of how much work two kids would be! Then? You’re doing the world a service AND getting babysitting. And people are PAYING YOU TO DO IT.


      • you guys are all sort of genius! this is why i keep you around.

        plus you’re both cute.

    • my kid is quite the pimp. just sayin’.