dump truck fruit salad

We have never pushed gender specific toys on Eddie.

At daycare, he is surrounded by the ladies and spends his days making delicious snacks in the pink Dora kitchen and rocking “babies” swaddled in blankies.

He loves it so at home he has fruits he loves to cut and share with us and I have put a play kitchen on his birthday list.

But he also loves to play with cars, trucks, and trains.

So we encourage him to explore those interests as well.  The Melissa & Doug trains are on his birthday list as well.

And if we let him play by himself long enough?

He will combine all his loves.  Fruit salad in a dump truck, anyone?

Coming right up.  As soon as we get out of this traffic jam.

What are your kids’ favorite toys?  Do you adhere to gender specific toys or do you let them play with whatever interests them?

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  1. OMG he’s so cute. Those cheeks! Those curls!

    My Monkey loves his toy piano. And Chuck the Garbage Truck. And this weird looking creature that sings when you press its tummy. And the ball popper. And his soft white tiger. He also likes to play with his potty (washed, clean potty of course), my wallet, remote controls and my car keys. I think I can save money on toys actually 🙂

  2. That boy is C.U.T.E.

  3. Oh mah goodness, I love his sweet curls! That’s enough right there to make me want a little boy. So sweet!

  4. His curls kill me with cuteness!!! My son is far beyond obsessed with cars, trucks, and trains. He lines them up all.day.long. I posted pictures of it because they’re everywhere!

  5. I would love for some dump truck fruit salad as long as it gets delivered directly to my front door.

    He is so cute and those curls are adorable.

  6. JDaniel loves truck and tools. He was given a doll by my mother in-law, but rarely plays with it. The salad looks like it might get tossed.

  7. Adorable! My son likes to play with dolls when we go over my friend’s house. His favorite toys are his kitchen, tool box, and ball pit. He’s definitely starting to get into trucks, too.

  8. Carly aka The Goose – age 6- total princess. Loves playing dressup,dolls, stuffed animals, Disney Princess toys and shoes. She does loved her scooter and kites.

    Lyla aka Bug – age 7 – complete tomboy – fierce soccer player, karate taker/martial artist. She loves throwing the football, playing in dirt, ripped jeans with bloody knees, and anything boy toy – cars/trucks/racetracks/swords/Star Wars

    Taylor aka Tay – age 15 – ipod, computer, nert dart guns she shoots at her sisters, and my credit card.

    hope you;re still reading my fiction. It’s getting good.

  9. B has a play kitchen that he loves, but other favorites are his Little People ark, anything resembling a phone or remote, and things that make noise!

  10. we let them play with whatever they want, recently Gio picked the PINK Dora bubbles, “because I like her more than Diego” …I like that they don’t know the mores yet, that they are oblivious to the genders and sterotypes….I know that they are “boys” through and through but to see that softer, gentler side of them is one of my favorite mom moments. 🙂

    So fruit salad for me please 🙂

  11. He sounds a lot like SB. She loves some traditional girl things, like cooking in her play kitchen. She also loves trucks and trains and traditionally boy things. I love that about her. We do not push gender-specific toys on her. Like you, we encourage her to follow her interests. And her room is gender neutral, as you have seen. She will have the stereotypes pushed on her by society soon enough. It will never come from home.

  12. Love.
    Surprisingly, Chunky is right into all things boy related. Dinky cars, dinky cars, dirt in my garden, he loves throwing balls…in the house 😉 But I wouldn’t steer him away if he wanted to play with a doll.

  13. He is so cute. I would love to try some of his dump truck fruit salad.

    My son is obsessed with trucks and dirt, and has been for quite a few years now. At the same time, he loves to cook. He uses his sister’s pink Barbie kitchen to make us meals. Quite often the 2 worlds combine.

  14. This looks like a lazy Sunday complete with the cutest little outfit. Lots of fun!!

  15. Oh my! Those curls! I could just squeeze his cuteness!

    We’ve never bothered to make Darling Girl play with anything gender specific either. She plays with what she wants to play with. This means that her “babies” ride around in her Little People bus (like the one E has in that last photo!) all the time. She loves her driving mat that she got for Christmas, her kitchen, her babies, everything. Recently she has discovered t-ball and she loves that too! 🙂

  16. The cutest dang pictures ever! When my younger son was little (3) and we’d go to Toys R Us, he’d go straight for this little plastic kitchen, with a sink and a fridge, stove, etc. He’d stand there and play as long as we would let him. So, Santa brought him a kitchen set just like it for Christmas that year, along with his trucks and balls and all that little boy stuff. He was one happy little guy. He grew up just fine (well he’s lawyer….some people wouldn’t agree LOL). So dumptruck fruit salad sounds delicious to me!

  17. Brady is all boy…maybe because we only have trucks, trains, and balls. I don’t know but the kid LOVES his Melissa and Doug zoo animals that he pulls around. Loves them…

  18. oh, i puffy heart melissa and doug! and their cutting food is da bomb!

  19. my baby loves his cars! He runs around the house saying vroom vroom beep beep!

  20. I love his curls!!

    My son has 3 older sisters and a little girl he plays with at the sitter so he gets a lot of time playing with “girl” toys!

    I personally don’t care and encourage him to play with whatever makes him happy… as long as it doesn’t hurt him!

  21. Obviously, my child isn’t here yet, but as an early childhood educator I am all about playing with what they want to play with. Kind of wish some people would have listened to that and not insisted on SOOO much pink stuff for our girl. But, she has legos that are NOT pink and will get more toys as she grows that interest her, not specific to her gender. I always had more fun playing with my brothers toys than my own. My favorite memories of childhood? Playing with my brothers race track, blocks and wrestling guys. Oh and the ninja turtles.

  22. R's Mom says

    We are totally in a trucks & tractors phase at my house! It’s just what he gravatated towards. We have a tractor (we live in a rural area) and so does my father-in-law. We let R sit on our tractor one time in the yard…and it was done. His love affair with all things tractor had fully taken him over. He only says a handfull of words at this point, but “tractor” is one of them. We got him a little toddler, self-propelled tractor, and it’s the best thing since sliced bread!

    I love the “fruit salad” in a dump truck!!

  23. My daughter will play with anything that is pink or purple or if it has wheels. I have leaned more towards the purchase of gender specific toys and I think it’s because I’m not very good at “girly” and I’d like her to be better at it.

  24. Oh, Katie – The dump truck fruit salad is simply perfect. And your Eddie? Even more delicious.

    Good for you for nurturing all his loves.

    He will love you even more for it, for sure.