Secret Mommyhood Confessions Saturday

My kid is a window-licker.

I know babies put everything in their mouth because it is a way of exploring.  They see, they smell, they touch, they hear, and of course, they taste.

I also know that baby drool, like dog drool, helps babies recognize things.

I also am aware the baby drool has certain germ-killing things in it (it really does!  I learned this from Eddie’s ped AND babycenter, so you know it’s GOT to be true!)

But as Eddie grew, so did his pension for relentlessly sucking on every last thing in our house.

Oh, he still puts things in his mouth from time to time, but it’s more to bite at stuff than to explore.  He doesn’t suck on lamby anymore (thank GOODNESS), but he will still put the head of superman in his mouth and bite at the pointy hair.  You know, toddler stuff.

However recently Cort and I have started noticed some, uh, licking.

Cort watched as Eddie pressed his face on our sliding door.  They giggled as Eddie’s face smooshed.  And then?  The lounge came out.  As Eddie slid his face, his tongue slid along on the glass.  Ew.

About a week ago Eddie and I were home together in the evening.  He walked up to a shelf we have with a lamp on it and started licking the shelving unit and then biting at the screws.  As he licked he watched me…smiling.

My child seriously watched me as he ran his tongue over the enter shelving thing.  Like he expected me to be all sorts of proud of him.

Um, what?

Yesterday our daycare provider, Miss Amy had a question for Cort during pick-up.  Did he know that Eddie licks windows?


Yes.  We know.

Does your toddler do this?  Is it normal?  And maybe the most important question…WHY is he doing this?

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  1. My 11 month old licks her reflection all the time. So strange.

  2. Oh lord does Darling Girl ever do this. I swear she knows it drives me bonkers. She licks EVERYTHING. She licks those glass doors on the freezer cases at the grocery store, she licks mirrors (both at home and in department stores), windows, doors counters, tables… You name it. Recently I caught her walking down the freezer aisle at the grocery with her tongue out licking the doors as she walked along. I might have freaked out about that a little… So no, you’re totally not alone!

  3. My son isn’t much into licking things….but he does still put things in his mouth. He’s a few months shy of three, so I chalk it all up to toddlerhood.

  4. My friend’s daughter did that and she put hot sauce on the window sills. She doesn’t do it anymore 🙂

  5. The image of the screw biting is cracking me up, though I can see how it would be…disturbing. My little brother liked to lick windows. It was cringe-worthy.

  6. hehehe YES! Blake used to lick the window, but he’s moved on to eating his boogers. Sigh….

  7. Erm, no. Joshua does not lick windows. I don’t know what to tell you about this…odd? behavior.

    But I giggled at the imagery!

  8. ha. my brother used to do that alllll the time. i wont mention how screwed up he is now. (KIDDING!!!) kind of. hahaha. but yeah, totally normal. he is just exploring using a different medium.

  9. Laughing out loud. Trust me, it is a phase. My kids did the nastiest things. Then just when I was ready to pull out my hair or call in for reinforcements, it was done. On to a new annoying phase. But this is a funny one. I’m sorry I’ve been on a blogging hiatus of sorts. Trying to find my groove again. I’ve missed it and I’ve missed the interactions. Btw, Happy B-day! Have a great one.

  10. Oh Eddie. That is pretty funny. Well my son licks his arms like he’s a dog…

  11. Lol. Just make sure you write this down in his baby book. So you can tell him in 10 years.

  12. My daughter used to do it every time she got near the sliding glass door. Which luckily, for my sanity, wasn’t very often. Also luckily, our windows are too high for her to attempt to lick. 🙂

  13. R doesn’t lick windows, but he does lick our refridgerator. It’s pretty bizzare.