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I have always, always hated exercise.

Confession:  I routinely “sat out” in gym class in elementary school because I hated running from one end of the gym to the other.

Confession:  My parents MADE me do recreation t-ball and one season of pitching machine until I proved that I clearly did not want to play by day-dreaming in the outfield or being benched.

Confession: I took a C+ in freshman gym in high school rather than “dress” every day when I didn’t want to do whatever it was we were doing.

Confession:  My dislike of physical fitness was so huge that in college, rather than take an actual gym class for my health requirement, I found the ONE classroom class (drug and alcohol and the body) and took that instead.

Confession:  When I turned 25 and became aware that my super awesome metabolism was no longer super nor awesome?  I tried to just not eat as much rather than have to exercise.  I may have spent and entire summer trying to live on chips and beer (which I realize is silly because they are both fattening).

Confession:  I love food.  Like whoa.

People?  Exercise feels like the devil to me.  I honestly do not understand these endorphins that it is supposed to create.  Maybe I am not doing it right.  Maybe I am not doing the right things.  I don’t know, but I have convinced myself that it is all awful.

And then I found group fitness.

Honestly, when my friend first invited me to her gym to take one of her classes, I looked her tight little body up and down and got extremely queasy at the idea of being the chubby, uncoordinated chick in the corner.

It took months of earnest requests, but with another friend, I finally went.

I was terrified when I walked in and saw mirrors on three of the four walls.

Good Lord, I won’t be able to escape myself…and neither will anyone else.

We found a spot in the back of the room and waited for the class to begin.

Once the music started pumping and we all started moving, I forgot that everyone could see me huffing and puffing and I just got into it…even with my fit little friend jumping around calling me out over her headset.  I just smiled, and sweated, and kept going.

And I felt like hell that night and the next day…and the next week.

I was still skeptical about going back, even though I enjoyed myself.  However when I walked in, I was greeted by the people I had only met a week before saying things like, “Hey!  You’re back!  Awesome!” and “Oh good!  You’re here!  We hoped you would be back!”

The next week, I was actually looking forward to going.  I couldn’t believe it.  Never in my entire life had I ever ever looked FORWARD to working out.

When I became pregnant with Eddie and my OB told me that I had to stop the classes because I was not allowed to burn upwards of 1000 calories in one hour?  I was bummed.  BUMMED!  Me, the anti-exerciser.  The Fail Fonda.  I was SAD I had to cut back on my aerobic activity.

I could have quit completely.

But I didn’t.  My new-found love of working out kept me hitting the treadmill and yoga until Eddie actually wouldn’t let me anymore.  Until he protested with Braxton Hicks and too much reflux.

I never thought I would say this, but because of my positive experience with the gym, I am looking forward to my schedule clearing up in the next month so we can join a local gym and I can get back to a regular workout routine and hopefully join a couple classes.

I had always shied away from group fitness for fear of being the chubby klutz, but when you find the right group?  It’s all encouragement and fun!

yup, the hubs and I did a 5K...ME! the anti-runner!

Now tell me…what have you tried that you thought you would hate?  Did you change your mind about it?

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  1. I was kind of the opposite – played sports, loved gym class, and a total tomboy. I guess having 2 brothers will do that to you. Recently I tried Zumba, against my better judgment. I have ZERO rhythm. But guess what? I love it! It doesn’t even feel like I’m working out, and I love the music. I kinda thought I’d hate it because I can’t dance and I don’t like “girly” things. I’m hoping after my next pregnancy I can join the gym near my house and get back into spinning, and possibly take some Zumba classes.

    Enjoy getting back to the gym!

  2. LURVE this post…that was me all through school and college too until I found something that I liked, I mean that doesn’t suck so much. Because I’ll be honest I hate hate hate exercise but I like the feeling afterwards and not being a billion pounds AND the fact that I know its good for stress/anxiety. So all those things outweigh the sweat and physical pain of it all.

    Now group exercise…I’m all for it only if the room doesn’t have mirrors. HAHAH because really there’s no need for me to be seeing my uncoordinated sweaty reflection 😉

  3. My brother is a “natural athlete”, which is to say that he excelled in every sport he ever looked at. On the other hand, I also received my lowest grades in gym, simply for failure to participate! I tried classes in college and fell in love with step aerobics, and then cheated on my step with some running shoes and haven’t looked back. If you would have told me in high school that I would be a runner, I would have fallen over in gales of laughter. (Now if only my body would cooperate itself into that lean runner’s look…sigh…)

  4. Ooooh. I *detested* any form of PE when I was a kid. De. Tested. Usually barely passed. Until? We got a PE teacher who actually had us do more than run miles & climb ropes. She actually had us *gasp* play sports.

    When there was a purpose? When winning or losing was involved? Then it was fun. I may, perhaps, be a bit competitive. Perhaps.

    I’ve also really enjoyed taking dance classes…even tho I am the chubby klutz. LoL

    Unfortunately, the arthritic knees will never allow me to run. Every time I’ve tried? I pay. A lot. Painfully. *sigh*

  5. Oh man, you are SO lucky. At the beginning of this semester I got SUPER into exercising. It was a great time to read while biking or walking on the treadmill. And then homework and practicing took over any free time I’d used for exercising, and I’m still a chunky little thing. Maybe this summer I’ll get back into the swing. And next semester when I’m taking only 12 credits!

  6. Running. The Couch to 5K program! Only now? I have two meds combating each other. One makes me gain weight the other suppresses the appetite and so I maintain, which don’t get me wrong, it’s way better than gaining but still…

  7. Being a SAHM. I have always been very driven and career-oriented, but found after going back to work after my first that I had lost that and my mind was focused only on her. It was still hard to picture giving up my adult time and my achievements just to play blocks, paint, and read stories all day. My heart (and other circumstances) pushed me to do it, and I immediately found that my worries were for nothing. For the time being, this is where I am most comfortable and exactly where I want to be.

  8. I started spinning last year in full expectation of detesting every peddle pushing moment. But I didn’t. I have never participated in an activity (even yoga) where I could so clearly visualize…anything! We spin in a dim room, music blaring, instructor encouraging and soon I am dripping with sweat.

    I think loving it so hard has to do with not needing to learn anything, there are no new moves, I am secure on the bike, there isn’t traffic or obstacles (other than myself) and I can actually see the path before me. I see the hills moving up and own. I see me being stronger and more fit. I see joy. I see results.

  9. Woohoo! I admire you for that, I’m just not sure I could muster up the oomph to do it. You go girl!

  10. It is all about the right people. But then, most things are.

  11. I am extremely stubborn so I refuse to admit when I try things I say are stupid or I hate and then end up liking them hahahha.

  12. I love the idea of exercise, and once in a while I actually do it!

    But the timing has to be right, I have to be able to fix my hair and shower after, the dog can’t be in the garage when I’m on the treadmill….the list is long and confusing.

    Hope your schedule frees up and you can fit some in! I do hear it’s good for us..

  13. Oh, I detest working out in front of people – I’m always the sweatiest, the most flushed. I’m more of a secret exerciser, so I give you a ton of credit!

  14. I actually really love exercising. I do.

    I just really HATE getting 3 kids out of the house so I can go to the gym. And by the time Michael is home and dinner is done, around 7 pm, I rather sit on the couch and watch TV.

    BUT! I will make it work. I have a plan, and I’m going to use it.

    And I might run a half marathon in 8 weeks. We will see.

  15. I could totally have written the first half of your post. I was in a car accident when I was 8 and got a doctor’s note excusing me from gym, which was so awesome that I managed to convince my doctor to do that for me until I graduated.
    The year I graduated I became more active, because of my friends at the time, and I would go bike riding and hiking and stuff… but never stepped foot in a gym. I had this awesome metabolism too.. but it quit around age 21 after I got mono. SO disappointing.
    I’m bad at getting to the gym, but our gym does offer group fitness classes as part of our dues, so maybe I should try one of those – maybe it’ll be the boost I need.