Top Ten Tuesdays: Things I Could Do Without

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesdays!!!  We’ve had quite a varied array of topics here (if you want to visit some of our previous Top Ten Tuesdays, check them out here)–sometimes things are happy, sometimes not.

This week, I am using Top Ten Tuesdays to get some venting out.  This week?  I am telling you the Top Ten things I could do without.

10. Depression-induced ANYTHING-I probably would have saved this one for number one, but it’s the first one that stumbled out of my brain.  I could really do without the second-guessing, the anxiety, the jealously, the questioning, the paranoia, etc that my stupid depression fosters in my brain.

9. Sid The Science Kid- I really dislike Sid.  Like really, really.  He is so obnoxious.  I know, I know…many of you like him because he makes science fun and he loves his mom.  But really?  He is a tool.  I do NOT want Eddie to act like that.

8. Dust- I can’t remember the last time I dusted.  And it shows.  I hate dust.  The house can be vacuumed and picked up, but that stupid dust makes everything feel…grimy.  and it’s not just on furniture.  It’s on my kitchen appliances (getting all sticky the way kitchen dust gets); it’s on my washer and dryer; it’s even in the bathroom.

7. Whining – I realize as mothers there is a certain amount of whining to be expected.  I get it.  But after a whole day of whining teenagers, the last…I mean the LAST thing I want to deal with is a whiny toddler.  It’s just whining-overload.  And then I log on to my computer and there are adults being whiny.  Really?  I need about 2/3 of the whine to be cut out and I could cope without pulling my hair out.

6. clean diaper poops- Ok moms.  You know what I am talking about.  Twelve seconds after you get a dry diaper on y our child, he/she takes a giant dump.  Really?  You couldn’t have done that in the wet diaper?  Now I have to change you AGAIN.  Diapers cost money, son.  You really aren’t being cost effective with your poo schedule.

5. Almost every single reality program on TV- I used to really love TV.  Ok, who am I kidding.  I still love TV.  But I get crabby when I can’t find a non-reality TV show…even on my once favorite channels like the History Channel.  I really miss when I could snuggle down on the couch on a Sunday and watch hours of documentaries.  Now?  I get hours of Ax Men.  How in the HECK is that History Channel material?

4. More snow – Ok, we had our big dump of snow for the year.  It gave us two days off from school (which were VERY needed), but I am ready to be done now.  No more snow.  It can stay cold for awhile (until March 1, thank you), but how about no more snow.  I think the 18 inches we have outside is good.

3. The crying at bed time- I love doing the bedtime routine.  I do.  It’s my thing and I am usually way good at it.  But lately?  Eddie just can’t figure it out.  He wants to go to bed, but as soon as he is there out goes his lamby and pipey and blankets and the screaming commences.  We rock him, put him back.  Usually we have to go in at LEAST one more time.  It makes me tired.  And I hate that he goes to sleep with me crabby at him.

2. The sleepiness in my morning commute – When people hear that I have a 35-40 minute one-way commute (on a good, non-snowy, trafficky day), they ask me why I don’t look for something closer to home.  I really don’t mind my commute.  most of the time.  In the evening it’s not bad because that is when I get most of my thinking/brainstorming done.  But in the morning?  Lately?  I get a serious case of the drowsies.  Not the “man, I am tired” kind of drowsies, but the “holy crap my eyes won’t focus and I am seeing double of things and was that me that just hit the rumble strips?  crap.”  yeah…those.  I could do without those.

1. Wal-Mart- I don’t think I need to explain this again.

There it is!  See…I REALLY think my life would be thousands of times better without those 10 little things, don’t you?  So tell me…what are the things YOU could do without?  Link up or leave a comment…but I want to know!

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Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. what could i live without? hmm. snow {hate}. pain {enough of it}. cheese craving {vegan-ing it}. cold hands {like WTF?}

  2. I HATE clean diaper poops! I always tell my girls they are wasting a diaper! Like they get it. When I worked it was my evening commute that made me sleepy. My AM was my thinking time. Kinda miss the “alone” time in the car.

  3. I hate Wal-Mart too!! I shopped there until a few months ago. Once I stepped into Target, I will never return to Wal-Fart. I did have to go to and do returns as well, mind you it was a week after a pervert flashed some little girl there, and I felt creeped out the entire time. And like you said, the people are not friendly!

    I hope the rest of your week picks up and your snow melts 🙂

  4. We have many similar things we can both do without. My sleepy morning commute sucks and the wasted diapers annoy! My biggest one though is the whining! I. Can’t. Stand. It. This is my first time joining in with your Top Ten Tuesday! Looks fun …

    Have a great week!

  5. I am totally with you on #1 and #6. It irritates me when I change a wet diaper and then my daughter decides it is time to go number 2. So annoying. And Walmart, I refuse to go to that store.

  6. Most of this list could be my list but since you’ve already addressed those issues right now #1-#10 of my list would alternate between snow and sick babies. In the last 3 weeks my 3 kids have had flus, fevers, puking and ear infections. We’ve now moved onto really bad colds and coughs.

  7. Clean diaper poops should have gone on my list! 🙂 Great list, love it.

  8. I also have a 40 min commute to work and love it but when I’m tired it’s horrible! I could do without clutter and vacuuming. Your list covers it!!

  9. bedtime has become a nightmare around here too. I SO MISS the days when we just plunked him down in his crib and that was it. Now it’s a freaking battle. Ugh.

  10. I remember when I took the train to work – 50 minutes to an hour to myself. I’d sleep, read, work. It was pretty nice – even though I didn’t like living by the schedule. Now that I work? 9 miles from home? It can still take me that long to drive to work. Insane!!

  11. * fat in my lattes
    * Yo Gabba
    * hair on my upper lip
    * doing the dishes
    * paying US and Can taxes
    * in laws

  12. I could do without:
    1. The long lines at the unemployment office
    2. The long lines at Wal-Mart
    3. The long lines at the DMV
    4. The long lines at Verizon (I want an iPhone! dammit)

    Sensing a theme here? Long lines suck.

    5. Twitter snobs. If I say hello it doesn’t mean I want to marry you or even chat, but it wouldn’t kill you to say hello back. I always do. It’s called manners.

  13. Ugh. Wal-mart definitely is #1. I don’t know of this Sid you speak of, I’d l add: Calliou, glitter, and chain fwd. emails to my top ten things I can do with out.

  14. These were fun to read! I am so with you on the clean diaper poops. I just need to get my little dude out of the diapers. He’s 2 1/2. He’s as tall as a small brontosaurus. He needs to wear underwear. Am I whining? That annoys you, right? You could do without that, right? I’m leaving…

  15. Caillou, whining (I think my girls have a special knack for making my ears bleed)
    snow, with grey skys, PPD and anxiety, feeling fat and being fat,
    my hubby thinking I am crazy now.
    People telling me the answer to my problems is to ditch the kids and go back to work.
    thats all I can think of off the top of my head.

  16. So with you! I’ll add:
    1. Brain farts. No, I’ve had these since before babies.
    2. Slow checkers in the express lines.
    3. Bad drivers. That long commute: so much better if slow drivers stayed to the right, people used turn signals and everyone stopped trying to multi-task while behind the wheel.
    Thank you. I feel better now.

  17. I’m all over your “Dust” submission.

    On Sunday, we had friends over for the Super Bowl. Their ten-year-old son plopped down on our couch and huge puffs of dust flew up into the stream of sunlight coming through the sliding glass doors. He actually started waving his arms frantically, like he was being assaulted by my lack of cleanliness.

    Everyone saw.

    Maybe I’d like to add ten-year-old sons of friends to the list, too.

  18. Ahhh. Very good list. Many things I could also do without. I would also add psychosis-inducing hormone fluctuations (I’m running out of places to stash all these heads I’m biting off), as well as a hardy “AMEN!” for the snow. I’m quite done with it as well. Oh, and the whining. Whining makes me stabby. Very, very stabby.

  19. TheNextMartha says

    I could really do without Lego’s. And “Lite” anything. And possibly bras.

  20. Oh lord. Clean poop diapers. hate.

  21. Less whine more WINE! :] that’s what my mom always says lol


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