Top Ten Tuesday: The Stuff I Carry With Me

For this week’s Top Ten, I decided to combine the countdown with something else that has been requested:  a new vlog.

So not only am I counting down what it is that carry around with me in my purse?  But I am doing it on video.  And yes, I made my bed just for this video so you guys wouldn’t see my inner slob.  You’re welcome.

What do you carry everywhere?

About Katie

Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. hahaha You have a lot of cards!

  2. Oh. My. God you are all compartmentalized and organized! I could only dream. Snacks for on the road quiet. Love it.

    • oh honey. I should have showed the inside of my purse first. it’s a hot mess. it just looks organized because everything has a “case”…but it’s all smashed in there. IF you could see the snacks better? You would see it is mostly sad crumbs from being smashed to the bottom of the purse. Ha!

  3. Since I am not brave enough for a vblog, I will just share what I carry w/me at all times 🙂 I have this huge bag, its nothing fancy just a bag. I got it last year when the boys, hubs and I did a Prime Time Family Reading Time 6 wk event. In this huge bag, I always have with me 1) my DBT book, because when I am out and about and anxiety trys to take control, I take out my handy book and look up mindfulness skills. I always have extra 2) undies for the little guy, diapers and wipes, 3) my little clutch w/ID, Borders Card, Barnes & Nobles card and debit cards. 4) my planner, I can’t leave home w/o my planner it is my Bible 5) crayons and a coloring/activity book for each of the boys 6) snacks, can never leave home w/o snacks 7) pens and pencils w/notebook 8) My cell phone, I am lost w/o my cell phone, if the boys are being too distracting, I will hand in over and they change my ringtones and take a ton of pictures of themselves and the outside 9) scrunchies and hair clips, I have long thick hair and I never know what I am going to do w/it, up or down? and number 10) I always have my DC w/me so if I have a thought I am supposed to write it down (YUCK)!!! I carry nothing exciting in my bag, and one day I am going to downsize (yeah, right)! But these items to me are meaningful, and if I leave w/o this bag, I can’t seem to function, I have tried just grabbing my little clutch and my phone, and I feel lost! This is just me.

  4. Ok I seriously love your vlogs. When you repeated halfway with the jazz hands I definitely giggle snorted.

    Also? Your purse is way more organized than mine. I’m impressed.

  5. Okay – when you called Cortney a perve for thinking the Elmo hat looks like….well…..something pervy?
    I laughed out loud.

    Too funny.

    And now I have purse envy. Because I can’t even carry a purse. I’m not mature enough. I leave mine everywhere. Literally.

    I would vlog about all the places I’ve left my purse except I don’t know how to Vlog and no one would have enough time to watch me recount the many many locations.

    Someday I’ll grow up enough to be responsible for a purse.
    Maybe if I had a better bag….(or an Elmo hat?)

  6. Oh my gosh I love your accent it’s so cute:]

  7. You are so brave and funny! You sound amazing on camera…..I’m just now getting brave enough to actually WRITE on my blog instead of sharing so many pics and descriptions….Vloging is a pipe dream for me….

    Thanks for including me…I feel famous!

  8. Love it!! You are like MacGuver girl – with that floss. So impressive.

    Since I am the jaded mom of 3 kids my purse is the size of a medium tissue box and I only carry the wallet (with a billion credit cards and minimal cash), tissues, Purell, lipstick, chapstick, a pen if I’m lucky, keys and advil. I’m so minimalist. Where are the diapers?!? Yeah my little clutch thing lives in the car and if I need it I’ll throw it into something. I also don’t leave the house without our reusable water bottles because my kids will die if they are thirsty.

  9. You are so cute! You are way more organized then I am. My purse is a hot mess of everything just thrown in. I love your bag! And I love the small bags to keep everything contained.

  10. Stop being so cute. Love you and so want to meet you in real life one day. Also, my bedroom is the EXACT same colour as yours. Except my bedroom set is a dark cherry wood.
    PS. I highly doubt there was a graham cracker in that bag 😉 you could probably make a pie crust with the crumbs 😉

  11. dang! you are organized! i am inspired by all the fancy pouches you have! you are cute by the way. like, duh.

  12. Oh, I will so never vlog, never!
    My purse …
    1. Phone, don’t we all. 2. Lipstick, always 3. Planner because I’m anal like that 4. Lately, my mini laptop because I plan on trying to be a more organised blogger (ha) 5. Tic Tacs, since they are addicting 6. Bandaids because someone always needs them 6. Tylenol, almost like a daily vitamin (which I never take so you will never find them in my bag) 7. Pencils, small ruler and erasers … I’m a homeschool Mom! (have even gone thro airport security with paper scissors) 8. Pressed powder to cover those late night smudges 9. Snack of some kind since I always want to eat! 10. a purse/clip hold it off the floor thingamajig my girlfriend gave me!
    Not so interesting after all!

    There is no wallet in this list.
    That would be because when I looked in my purse for this list, it wasn’t there – why?
    I had left it at the grocery store and they just called me to come and pick it up!

  13. I carry around all of the same stuff, without any of the organization. That way, when I want an ink pen or crayon for my kids, I can pull out a tampon. Yep, that’s they way I roll.

    And if that was my purse, the snack bag would have opened up, leaving 1000 Cheerios to roam free. And the sippy cup would have leaked, all over my non-protected cell. Yup.

  14. I SO get the need for a big bag! When I shopped for mine a few months back, I was the same way. We’re moving beyond needing a diaper bag 24/7, but aren’t beyond it enough to not need the additional “stowing capacity.”

  15. Dude. You inspired me to vlog. Only without my face. And kudos to you for actually taking the time to make the bed!

  16. Annnnnd, I just WATCHED the video and yeah, Elmo’s face is perv-y. But, you? Are super cute.

  17. Kuddos on the vlog. Maybe one day I’ll get up the nerve. Maybe. Your purse could totally be my purse. Totally. We both have toddlers, & our purses are dead givaways. And? I need some Gussy stuff.

  18. Great job on the Vlog! And props to you for being so very organized!

  19. I just did my first vlog… not about the things I carry though… my house wuz under construction and i video’d it. It will leave you wondering “How can a family live in a house while a major renovation is going on?!” Not really sure, my friends!! Luckily we’re done!

    P.S. You are so organised with your cute bags in bags- it’s kind of like that box wrapped in a bix wrapped in a box on Chrismas!

    I’ll catch up with this blog later in the week! I love these ideas you keep coming up with!! Go you!

  20. *organized
    … i swear i can spell!

  21. Katie…we are SO alike! I also double my purse as my diaper bag, I have a Coach wristlet, my driver’s license expires next month, same phone, same size diapers…I could go on and on….


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