she taught him to dance

He swooped in with one arm around my waist and grabbed my other hand in his.

As we glided around the kitchen floor, I asked him,

“Who taught you to dance?”

“My mom, of course,” he replied and nuzzled his face into my neck.

His mom.  Of course.

She taught him to dance.

to open doors for ladies.

to do laundry.

to do dishes.

to help anyone who has his/her hands full.  figuratively and literally.

to iron.

to pick up the tab.

to listen to girls.

to hug often.

to help around the house.

to say, “I love you” freely.

to be the nice guy…even if it means finishing last.

He was her blond, curly haired little buddy.

His dimply smile was his first “I love you.”

He was her first.

He made her a Momma.

She taught him to dance.

And so he glides through life as the kindest, most generous man I have ever met.

He waltzes through my days as my best friend.

His smile makes me better.

As I swoop Eddie up and bounce around the house with him in my arms to dance to whatever tune is in my head, his blond curls bob.

His dimples become deep caverns echoing his sweet laughter.

He throws his head back and squeals.

And he buries his face in my neck.

And I wonder…

Will he be kind?

Will he be generous?

Will he be respectful?

Will he tell his wife that his mom taught him to dance?

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Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Oh, Katie.

    Yes, to all of that. Yes.

  2. What a beautiful story. I, too, hope to teach my boys all of that.

  3. Love this post. Beautifully written!

  4. Missy widener says

    This is so beautiful. And yes Eddie will.

  5. That is so, so lovely.



    Yes, he will. Unless he has two left feet. Then he can blame it on Daddy! 😉

  6. He will. And he will be thankful for a momma that took the time to teach him.

    Beautiful writing here!

  7. Wow, Katie. I absolutely LOVED this.
    Such beautiful imagery and so beautifully written.

    And I love that you recognize and appreciate the ‘gifts’ from Cort’s mom.
    (Lord knows the role of MIL isn’t always a comfortable or an easy one!)

    well done, my friend. I will be back to read this again.. and again..
    your beautiful dance.

  8. What a sweet post – I’m sure Eddie will turn out the same way!

  9. Aunt Kathy says

    You brought tears to my eyes! That was so sweet. I certainly hopes Kim gets to read this. You are a great daughter-in-law!

  10. Wonderful and wonder-filled post! Brought tears to my eyes. Keep doing what you’re doing and you little man will shout from the mountain tops what a great Mom you are! Now I’m off to dance with my little men! Peace, hugs and love are sent your way.

  11. I have chills on my body and tears in my eyes. I am such a cynic about marriage, but when I read things like this, it gives me the tiniest bit of hope. Thanks for that. 🙂

  12. I cried! Thanks Kate. Love you.

  13. Dude. So much love for this post. So much. Seriously. Thanks for making me tear up into my coffee.

  14. Wow, this is lovely and brought a tear to my eye!!!

  15. Very sweet! I agree- I want to be like my MIL too 🙂

  16. This makes my heart smile.

  17. What an amazing post! Love it.

  18. Love <3 This makes me smile!

  19. As a mom to 2 boys, I wish for all of these things. I love being the first woman in their life,but I hope to teach them how to be the right man for a lucky girl.

  20. As the mommy of a little boy, I can totally relate. What a sweet post.

  21. I love it! You’re a very lucky woman!

  22. Beautiful Katie! So perfectly said. I have the same hopes for my son.

    I’m including this post on my Monster Likes on Saturday. Every mom of boys should read it!

  23. This is the sweetest post ever. Raising compassionate, respectful boys is such an important job and it sounds like he has the right mama to do it.

  24. I love this Katie!

  25. Wow…

    Your writing allows your readers/fans to actually FEEL, not just read.

    I love this post. Thank you for it. 🙂

  26. Great! Just fantstic! I love this so, so much. If I ever have a boy, I hope to be the mom that you are with Eddie. 🙂

  27. Words can’t even describe how awesome this post is. So beautiful *love*

  28. That is so sweet and beyond lovely. As the mother of two boys this touches me especially deeply. Ethan likes to tango with me across the living room, but then he tries to wrestle me to the ground, and is not beyond cheating with a well placed tickle. Eight year-old boys! (Good thing he’s actually more ticklish than I am… revenge is sweet.

  29. Um… this post rocks.

    Just so you know.

  30. Love this.

  31. Wow. Finished reading this and couldn’t help thinking I wish I’d written it myself.
    So beautiful.
    What a lucky man to be loved like that. By two women.
    And what a lucky child to have a mother who wants the same thing for her boy.
    How very special.

  32. Katie…
    Love, love, love this!
    This part is so perfect: “to help anyone who has his/her hands full. figuratively and literally.”

  33. Love this!

  34. I LOVE this! I want to be that mom. I want my son to be this man. I have 2 daughters and a son and I can tell you honestly there is something different about mothering a boy and I think it’s because deep down you know you’re responsible for raising a man. A man you hope will one day tell his partner who adores him that his mother taught him to dance.

  35. That was lovely and I’m all misty-eyed. I have two grown sons and three grandsons. Love the tribute to moms with sons!

  36. Such beautiful sentiments! You made me tear up!

  37. Wow, Katie! Beautiful!

  38. This is so beautiful, I cried through it (of course) because my husband’s mom died when he was only 12 but she still managed to leave a lasting impression on him that turned him into an amazing man. I can only hope to do that same for my boys. LOVE THIS, beautiful, beautiful. You are a gifted writer.

  39. so beautiful. I hope I can teach both of my little guys all those things.

  40. Ahh, that warms my heart!

  41. That is a beautiful post!!

  42. This is lovely. Like a song or a poem or something I want to pull out and read… OFTEN! Thank you for sharing.

  43. Just found you. This is such a beautiful and heart warming post!


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