For the Love of Blogging…GIVEAWAY #2

This is it!  The end of the For the Love…Of Blogging Week!

You made it to the end…and as a reward?  GIVEAWAYS!

Our next giveaway is from the newest addition to Sluiter Nation’s Sponsor Spots: Sarah Bee Creations!

Sarah is a wonderful, beautiful friend who makes wonderful, beautiful products.  I’ll let her tell you a little more…

When I started Sarah Bee Creations, I thought I’d make gifts for family and found some soap recipes. My family always made beeswax candles in the winter to give to our friends so it made sense to me to pass along the tradition. Then it turned out that my daughter, affectionately called LO around the interwebs, suddenly had her eczema clear up (after a year of wearing socks over her hands with olive oil in it to soothe her poor cracked little knuckles) when she used my aloe vera soap. I never wanted her to go back to those painful hands again and started experimenting with soap recipes.

I’d always considered myself more of a candle lady and you will see an assortment of soy candles in my shop, too. They burn cleanly with less emissions than paraffin candles. I never knew that paraffin was made out of oil barrel scrapings until I learned more about soy. Now those black rings around paraffin candle jars suddenly make more sense and I don’t want my family breathing that in. Soy also melts at a lower temperature so you can even use the melted wax as massage wax once the flame is extinguished, if you are so inclined, and it’s water soluble.

I told you…awesome.

Check it out:

Great Tea soap

Vanilla Butter Body Butter

Sarah is so talented, isn’t she?

But wait!  There’s more!

Right now you can get 10% off EVERYTHING in the shop by using the code SluiterNation10!

So really?  We ALL win.  But I know you want some free goods too, yes?

Get ready because Sarah is giving one of you a $20 shop credit to Sarah Bee Creations!

You have TWO ways to enter:

1) Tell me how you started reading Sluiter Nation or if this is your first time here…I like to say hi, you know!


2) Tweet about the giveaway and then come here and leave a comment that you tweeted.  You can make something up, but if you are all lazy like I am, you can just copy and paste this:

I love blogging and I love giveaways!  Enter to win with @ksluiter and @SBeeCreations

That’s it!

Of course you should go browse (and then buy!) in her shop.

You should follow her sweetness on twitter.

You should like LOVE her on facebook

This giveaway ends Sunday, January 30 at noon est.  Winners will be chosen by and posted that same day.

The fine print:  Sarah Bee Creations is providing the spoils for this giveaway.  I have gotten nothing in return other than the joy of giving you something I love from someone I love.
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Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Hi! This is my first time here and I’m looking forward to visiting you again!

  2. Tweeted! @lettybug

  3. i can’t remember how I started…shit. It’s like you were there all along. =)

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  5. I just found you today reading Gussy’s facebook page. Glad I found you!!

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  7. Pretty sure I found you through Twitter!

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  9. I connected w/ you on twitter sometime last year and have been reading your blog ever since. 🙂

  10. Hi,Katie! I tweeted! @lizborino

  11. Somehow I found you on Twitter, thank goodness! 🙂

  12. I really can’t remember when I started reading your blog – but I know I’ll never stop! 🙂

  13. Amanda Venema says

    I found you through facebook and your lovely hubs who I graduated with! 🙂

  14. I was following you on twitter {not sure when or how I found you from there} then I found your blog & have enjoyed reading! 🙂

  15. tweeted! @scbrown929

  16. One of the ppl I followed tweeted a link to your blog and I was hooked!!
    I love your blog and outlook!

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  18. How did I start reading your blog…. hmmmm…. I’m pretty sure that it had something to do with Twitter!!

  19. Whos, dude. I have NO idea how I found your blog! Did we meet on Twitter? With #PPDChat? Or did I come here from a giveaway? I have no idea! I’m guessing Twitter had something to do with it, though 🙂

  20. started reading when we became FB friends!

  21. I started following you on twitter the other day, then checked out the blog. Hi! 🙂

  22. I dunno! I found you on Twitter and stop in pretty randomly whenever I catch your tweets. :0) HI!

  23. I started reading here after we started tweeting each other!

  24. It’s my first time here! Oooo! I like what you’ve done with the place…

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  26. missy widener says

    I started out reading sluiter nation in the wee beginning and now? it has *exploded* and I love it. because I love every post (even though I am much busier now and cannot always find the time to comment) and I love the girl behind its’ genius even more.

  27. I randomly found you on twitter & noticed you were from Michigan, like me! So I was hooked. Love SluiterNation!

  28. Think I first read from Twitter.

  29. I started because you told me to :). And I’ve been following you for years 🙂

  30. we met thru Miranda back in may!

  31. I started reading b/c all the cool kids on twitter were! Also, being that we’re both teachers totally drew me in. Great blog! Totally unrelated – How do you say Blog in Spanish?

  32. I think I found you on Twitter from Miranda AKA Not Super Just Mom. 🙂 I first got interested in your blog from your top ten Tuesdays.

  33. I am a new follower…LOVE all the giveaways and especially all the homemade goodies:)

  34. I think I got an email from you awhile back. It’s been so long I can’t quite remember. Love catching up with you and the family!

  35. This is my first time here. I follow Sarah on Twitter and she told me about your giveaway. 🙂 Now I have to go find out if I already follow you on Twitter…because that happens a lot. 🙂

  36. i started reading because all my friends are friends with you on twitter & i wanted to be part of the cool kids club!

  37. tweet tweet! @thelushers

  38. Hi! I’m new! In fact, Miss Sarah Bee sent me here herself! I do plan on checking out more, though.

  39. I think that you started reading my blog first 😉 You left a comment about how you were going to come out with your PPD…and I am so glad you did. Love you Momma 😉

  40. I tweeted!! But I don’t know how to post the link…

  41. this is my first time here! I have been seeing this all over twitter today!

  42. I read sluiter nation because I think that the Sluiter who writes it is pretty cool and fun!

  43. I can’t remember how I found your blog, but I have been reading it for as long as I can remember!

  44. I started reading your blog via Julie at Back to Basics blog … she did a Tuesday Top 10 that sucked me in. And now I *try* to do them too. And then when I found out you are a mama too, I was hooked! 🙂

    Lulu {{at}}

  45. I started to read your blog from a RT of TheNextMartha of your walmart post. Followed ever since! Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. I have NO idea how I started reading sluiter nation….I mean I don’t remember what I did 24 hours ago….so there’s that BUT I’m glad I found you because obviously it was meant to be…

  47. Is the word “tweeted” really the past tense of tweet? I’m not convinced. But you can be convinced I spread the word of this lovely giveawyay

  48. I know I found you through twitter, I just don’t remember for sure if it was #wineparty or just randomly having you make me laugh with a tweet, so I followed you!