Back on the McFatty Wagon

Well, first Monday of 2011.  Here we are.

I promised that I would start back up on McFatty since the reasons I quit doing it are all gone.

My evenings are not stressy anymore (or shouldn’t be).  I let go of teaching at the community college for this semester since it was driving my anxiety levels sky-high.  Plus, Cortney will be gone four nights a week for class/bowling, and this way I will be home each evening with Eddie.

That being said, I can make better meals for us.

So for this week’s McFatty I am giving you some facts and goals.

Fact: I am back up to my original weight of 198 from before I started McFatty the first time.  (Thank you cream cheese-based dips and sugary treats over Christmas break).

Fact:  BOTH medications I take are anti-weight loss.  Awesome.  I’m not pregnant or depressed, but I AM fat.

Fact: We own a treadmill but I can’t remember the last time I was on it.

Fact:  I do not have to work in the evenings anymore, but Cort won’t be home three of the four nights for dinner.

That is what I have to work with this semester.

With that said, here are my goals:

Goal: to lose 10 pounds (or more) before school lets out June 2.

Goal: to wean off one medication (not the one preventing pregnancy) before the end of 2011.

Goal: to get back to running a full mile on the treadmill at least 3 times a week.

Goal: to cook a good (meaning meat, veggie, carb, fruit) dinner at least 3 times a week with enough for leftovers the other nights/lunches–even if it’s just me and Eddie eating the meal together.

I also plan to adjust these goals as I see success or struggles.  For instance, if I find myself losing 10 pounds by February?  Clearly I will not just say “ok, I’m done” when I so have more weight to lose!

So there we go.  My McFatty plan for 2011.

What is your plan?  Any tips for my goals?

Also?  Tomorrow is Top Ten Tuesday: the Ten things I WILL make happen in 2011 (not resolutions.  I am resolving nothing.)

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  1. i posted some stuff a few days ago on my blog under the title NEXT –

    as far as fitness goes, instead of meeting Bobina aka @deana_bo on twitter for lunch I am hitting the gym and starting a new 300 workout 4 times a week. There’s salad stuff in the fridge. I started cutting sodas on the first. I want to lose 10 lbs as well and maintain a good fitness level.

    good luck with your stuff

    • thanks, dude! I need to cut soda too…but with everything else, it was unrealistic to throw on myself right now. I sort of live for soda right now 🙂

  2. You can do it! I’m still working on my own goals 🙂 But I like yours!

  3. I need to lose at least 25 pounds, so I’ve started Weight Watchers (AGAIN). I am also on two meds that seem to have upped by weight – but I do admit to eating terribly since summer. I can’t wean on the meds; depo prevents me from having such painful periods that I’m in bed for three days and Abilify helps me function. So this means I have to really work at this. Good luck to you!

    • In reality, I need to lose about 50 pounds, but I know putting that much pressure on myself right out the gate is a terrible idea and a recipe for failure. I am confident that if I can make my lifestyle healthier, the weight gain from my BC will not be as noticeable!

  4. Those are good, workable goals.

    I need to really get on the weight loss bandwagon. I have about (gulp) 90 to lose. I keep debating whether to sign back up for weight watchers. I successfully lost about 30 pounds several years ago (and then gained it back, plus 30 more). I still have the tools to do it, so in theory I shouldn’t need to rejoin, but for some reason I can’t keep the motivation & the accountability going on my own.

    This week, I’m focusing on making sure I drink enough water, eat enough veggies, and bringing my lunch from home instead of eating out (so that it’s easier to eat healthy lunches…and save some $, too).

    Good luck! I’ll be cheering for you…and joining you in your efforts!

    • yeah, I have about 50 to lose total. I need to break it down to 10 pounds at a time or I will overwhelm myself. And I need to be realistic. I probably won’t lose 50 pounds this year…or maybe before I get pregnant again next year. And I have to be Ok with that. I would like to be down 50 after I am done having babies 🙂

      And yes…it’s little steps at a time. I will be cheering for you as well! We can do this!

  5. you are awesome! I love how your goals are clear and measurable. You are a good teacher-mama! I need to get on mine. I’m feeling mentally blocked for some reason 🙁

    Also, best of luck on the wean. take it slow! Also, is this a new development? I thought I remembered you saying you planned to stay on til out of child bearing phase of life?

    • If I have learned anything about making weight/health goals it’s that they have to be clear and that they need to be small steps at a time. Easy small things that will make larger changes overall.

      It is most likely that I will need to be on some sort of meds my whole child-bearing life (and possibly beyond), but my OB really wants me to try to NOT be on anything when I get pregnant. He says if we need to put me back on something, he will do that once I am PG (and a dif drug since Celexa is not a preferred one for pregnancy).

      I’ve got some time before I start the wean, but I need to mentally prepare, ya know?

  6. I have some goals listed on my blog, they’re all about balance and yoga and showing my husband and boys love.

    I stopped eating meat at the end of November and lost about 10 pounds between then and today (the only other lifestyle change I made was starting on Zoloft). I can only assume I lost weight because I wasn’t eating meat, because I certainly wasn’t shy with the cookies.

    If you’re planning to do a low carb thing eliminating meat might not be a great idea, but staying away from hard-to-digest red meats might be an option. I have lots of low-cal delicious veggie recipies if you ever want some ideas!

    p.s. Go you!!

    • Thanks! I could never give up meat! I have thought about it, but I just love chicken and pork too much. We only have red meat about once a week–the rest of the time it’s pork, chicken, or fish. I will probably automatically lose some weight just having more regular mealtimes now that I am back to work. Last night we already had a better meal…plus eating together somehow makes me healthier. I am not just grazing on junk all day.

      Thanks for your tips! I would LOVE veggie recipes 🙂

  7. LOVE how you’ve said 3 times a week. Awesome goals. I’m cheering for you.

    • thanks, you! you’re always one of my biggest cheerleaders and I SO appreciate that! Back to healthy cooking, taking my vitamins and then getting active!

  8. Hey Friend! My only advice is be careful with carbs at dinner. Complex (NEVER simple) during the day. And as few carbs as possible after 3pm since you won’t be burning them off when you go to bed. Good luck and keep me posted! I know you can do it!

    • We already only eat brown carbs. And I have to eat carbs after 3pm because I don’t workout until after dinner. But we do healthy carbs 🙂

      Thanks for always believing in me…and never judging me 🙂 Love you!

  9. You can totally do it.
    You need to decide what your reward will be for yourself when you reach your goal.
    Pajama jeans maybe?

  10. I am getting on the work out wagon (for my health) but not setting any weight loss goals just yet. One step at a time! GOOD LUCK! I am cheering for you!