This Guy

Today is this guy’s birthday.

This guy is…

my best friend

a dad-do


a brother

a son


a survivor

my rock



a ball of laughs

a house husband

my lover

a student



a great secret-keeper

intelligent in ways I could never be

a music lover



a fighter

a nephew


a Pearl Jam fan(atic)

my crush


my support


a grandson

an uncle


an in-law

a bowler

a golfer

an ex-soccer player

a teacher

full of shit (sometimes)

a reader

a writer



a problem-solver


a giver


a husband



short one appendix



a friend


a hard-worker


a great smiler

an Afro-grower



a hugger


and today?  This guy is 32.

Give him some love in the comments, you guys.  He deserves it.

Our family wouldn’t be here today if he hadn’t taken that first step to tell me he liked me. So let’s tel him how much we like him!

(and if you are on twitter, you can send him love there too.  He is @csluiter)

About Katie

Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Awwww . . . how sweet is that?

    Tell Cort I said Happy Birthday!

  2. Have a GREAT Day!!! I think your the BEST!! Love you. MOM

  3. Eddie Vedder and I say Happy Birfdaze bro.

    Have agreat one.

  4. That is the sweetest ever! ((GAG)) hahah no, I love it! That is wonderful! Loved the first photo of him, his face is hilarious I LOL when I saw it. Tell your hubby HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me 🙂 Someone he doesn’t even know haha

  5. Such a beautiful birthday card, Katie.
    Happy birthday, Cort. I hope that your day is magical. 🙂

  6. You sound like a pretty special guy, Mr. S! Have a good one!

  7. I’ll bet no one else celebrated your birthday by adding another fine example of a Y chromosome to the population for Eddie to date.

    I’m a giver.


  8. That was so sweet!! Hope Cort has a wonderful Birthday with his family!!!

  9. Happy Birthday Cort!

    Wishing you many Wheel of Fortune shows where contestants refuse to buy vowels!

    • Isn’t that the truth? We watched a couple nights ago where one gal bought an I… only to discover there wasn’t any and the next person solved it. HELLO!? If you know what the letter is, you don’t need to buy it.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  10. Tracy Dykstra says

    I love the “afro grower” part. Happy birthday Cort!

  11. What a great post!! Happy Birthday!

  12. Happy birthday!!!!

  13. Happy, happy birthday, Cort!

    Hope it is fantastically wonderful!

    PS – You have an amazingly wonderful wife.

  14. Happy Bday buddy! May the Pearl Jam ring loud on your day!!

  15. I’m a little curious about the “short one appendix” comment. Does that mean he has more than one?

    And you get more than one day in your birthday extravaganza??? I am totally jealous!

    Happy birthday, Cort! 🙂

    • Nope, not more than one… but I’ve got one less than when I started. 🙂

      And birthday Extravaganzas typically last a full weekend. This year’s will be over Sunday evening.

      Thank you for the wonderful wishes!

  16. I love that you say he’s on full of shit “sometimes”…you are one nice wife, there! Mine is pretty full of it almost always,but I love him to death!

    Happy Birthday to your man, and enjoy your weekend!

  17. Kristin Nutt says

    Hey, Court. Hope you had an awesome birthday! It sounds like you did, and I wouldn’t expect anything else from your wife. 🙂 And what a sweet posting from her–all the things that you are–so nice to read, and a reminder of the sort of thing we should all say to our spouses. . . more often than just on their birthdays. You are blessed! Have a great day!

  18. Happy Birthday to your guy!!!


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