Secret Mommy-hood Confession Saturday

Ok so Kimbery over at All Work and no Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something confesses stuff on Saturdays.  It’s not an actual meme, just something she does.

But I thought since I am all out of things to say (actually, I’m not…I just can’t get in the mood to write about any of them right now), that I would participate since I DO have a confession.

And it is this:

I let my kid watch TV all the dang time.

That’s right.  The TV is rarely off in this house.  Ever.

See?  Even from Eddie’s beginning we had that darn TV on constantly.  This area of our house is where Eddie has been pretty much raised.  It’s our living room.  It has a TV.  Hence the boy is in front of the TV a LOT.

There it is.  On again in the background of tummy time last summer.  By 4 months this kid probably knew all the Tigers and their position.  And that they suck.

He even learned to roll himself over on his tummy and fall asleep when we were losing.  Smart boy.  Although I am starting to wonder if not only did I let him watch TV too much, but I had him on the floor too much too.  huh.

Here we are…more recent.  This is probably just a month or so ago.  At least we decided that if the TV was going to be on?  Perhaps we should have kid-appropriate shows on.  For awhile Eddie was watching whatever we had on…and I am guessing Gangland on the History Channel is probably not the most appropriate show for a 15 month old.

This kid loves his TV shows.  In fact, the other night after he went to bed?  I realized there were NO shows on the Tivo for me to watch.  It was FILLED with Eddie’s programming.

The fact that we have Dora on demand constantly is maybe not healthy.

So we have turned off the TV from time to time (it’s off right now and it’s WAY to quiet in the house.  I am all creeped out).

But then this happens…

Yup.  Sesame Street on my laptop.


The boy loves TV.

The boy is quiet when we put the TV on.

The boy signs “more” when his Tivo-ed program ends.

It’s cute.

And did I mention he is quiet?

Oh man…what did I create?

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  1. I love this confession. It helps alleviate my guilt over the hours of Little Einsteins, Handy Manny, and Yo Gabba Gabba on my DVR. The TV is seriously never off. And the quiet, oh dear Mary in a manger, the quiet is heavenly after a long day at work.

    • Oh yes. We have Little Einsteins, Hand Manny, Sesame Street, Super Why, and Mickey Mouse Club at our finger tips. And yes, sweet baby in the manger, it is lovely to have the quiet!!!

  2. Ok this made me feel SO much better. Brayden is the same way. We have a LOT of The Wonder Pets and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on our DVR. I figure if it’s educational it’s not harmful, and since it’s snowy and cold and we can’t get out to do as much, this will have to suffice. I like the quiet as well. 🙂

    • That is what I figure too! We give him educational stuff and he really likes it. I watched Sesame Street and other PBS stuff all the time as a kid and I don’t feel like I am all growth stunted in the brain. And you make a valid point: it is yucky out. We need to calm the beasts that we birthed with something! Hence? TV.

  3. We have the same thing here also. There’s a picture of my little man just beginning to stand up and hold onto things (entertainment center) with South Park in the background thanks to my hubby. It’s a running joke in the family that little man loves Cartman. Thankfully now he’s hooked on PBS kids to counteract the crap we let him watch when he “couldn’t understand it anyway”. Glad to know we’re not the only ones.

    • he he…you are SO not the only one! I have other pictures too…that I didn’t even want to put in the CONFESSION post! Eddie totally WATCHING shows like SVU or the God Father when he was just an infant. He always turned his head to the TV and I always wondered if those images were good or not. Eek!

  4. Don’t feel bad, we even “lost control” of the living room tv to her. (Not true, we like our bed room tv hehe). But then, we introduced the iPod and movies on the go? Monster created. But you know what? It works for us and she’s fine and perfectly wonderful.

    • right now we don’t show him our phones or ipods or anything. He points and whines by my computer already, so I am afraid he will be like that with my phone too! Our next vehicle will need a dvd in it though. we learned that on our trip to Indy this summer!

  5. The TV is always on at my house too. Usually it’s with kid shows (I only DVR Penguins of Madagascar because I like it, all the others are on often enough I don’t worry about it unless there are specials), but my daughter also happily watches the Food Network (especially Challenges), The Office, and Bones. Friends used to be a fave as well, but there are more appropriate shows on during that time period. 😉

    I didn’t think it was a problem (the TV was always on as background noise prior to my daughter’s arrival to our family), until we took a road trip to NY and installed a DVD player in the car. Her face lit up like a Christmas tree and she was pointing and bouncing and saying, “TV! TV!” It makes it very hard to buckle her. I really need to remove it from the car… 😉

    • yes, the stuff we tivo can only be stuff we like…because otherwise you are all stuck watching annoying crap. never good!

      i have sort of wanted a dvd in our next vehicle. we will see. it will probably make long trips a little nicer than the scream fest they turn into now. yikes.

      • I bought mine at Target for $99. Dual screen dvd player from Phillips. They’ve had great deals on that stuff this season!

  6. Hahah! My Chunky just recently became addicted to T.V which means I get a break. Nothing to be ashamed of my dear. I think we all thank the babysitter…I mean t.v 😉

  7. Oh, good, I’m not the only one! My kids also have our iPad and computer. And a DVD player in the van. And about a billion DVDs.


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