Top Ten Things I NEED Each Day


It’s Tuesday again!  That means I have today’s Top Ten list right here!

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Today’s list is of the Top Ten things I NEED each day. These are the things that without them?  My day goes right down the crapper. So…without further ado and really in no particular order…

10. Coffee

I have a sneaking suspicion that this might just make everyone’s Top Ten list this week.

I need at least one large cup of coffee each day in order to get myself moving.  I usually poor it right before I leave for work and sip it during my 35 minute commute.

If I could drink coffee all day?  I might.  But I don’t have a coffee pot in my classroom and I really don’t trust the water at our school enough to make it.  So I settle for my one cup a day.  You can ask my first hour students–I really do need this.

#9 A Shower

Some people can do just a quick “splash bath” or only wash their hair every few days.

I cannot handle that.  I NEED a shower before I start my day or I am no good.  NO GOOD, I SAY!

I have to stand under that super hot water stream and wash the night sleepies away.  I need to have fresh hair and skin.  I feel smelly all day if I don’t.  Plus?  I value showers WAY more now that I have a child.  I never realized how precious that time is!

#8 My “K” book bag

I got this as a gift for being in my sister-in-law, MacKenzie’s wedding.  It was an awesome gift because it is so practical.

Not only do I love book bags/totes (seriously, I had to do a MAJOR purge because my “collection”, we will call it, dabbled on the line of hoarding), but this one is boxy and square, so it fits my mini Coleman cooler I use as my lunch pail on one side, and my mini Miche purse on the other side.  It’s just right for work!

#7 My Laptop

Just over three years ago, we got me this little guy.  All red and shiny with a matching red mouse (and a matching red case.  And hopefully some day I will have a beautiful Gussy laptop bag with a red ruffle.  sigh…a girl can dream).

This wee little lap top has been a necessity in my life.  I have typed countless essays, articles, posts, tweets, emails, facebook updates, and instant messages.

When my screen died (thankfully it was still under warranty), I thought my days had ended.  Luckily Dell Man came and fixed it lickity split…and it is all like new again.  Happy sighs…

#6 Diet Coke

If I don’t have at least one can of this crack soda a day, I get crazy grumpy.  In fact, I could even forgo my morning coffee and have one of these instead, but I am pretty sure I could not give up having at least one diet coke to drinking coffee.

Whilst pregnant with Eddie, I actually lost my taste for this lovely sweet nectar of the gods.  I am pretty sure it had to do with  my wicked reflux, but still.  It was sad.

I tried to stay away after having Eddie, but Diet Coke’s sweet siren song lured me back in and I am back to a two a day habit.

#5 Sirius Satellite Radio

This was one of the best birthday gifts Cortney ever got me.  We were engaged and I had not only my 35-minute commute (each way) to work, but I was also commuting 60 minutes (each way) to grad school.  It got boring and I got restless.

And Cortney?  He was brilliant.  I could never ever EVER go back to “terrestrial” radio again.  Riding in a car and having to listen to DJs and commercials makes me all hive-ish and antsy.  I would rather ride in silence.

#4 Twitter (more specifically, TweetDeck)

Is it sad that my day sucks if I don’t get on twitter for at least a little while?  Maybe, but I have made so many friends this way.

There are a handful of people on twitter that I feel so connected to that I like to check in with them each day to see how they are doing.  These same people are usually busy checking in with me too.

We share laughs and links and stories and sadness and prayers and well, many, many things.  But most of all?  I find support and strength in numbers on twitter.

#3 My chair

I seek refuge in this chair daily.  Almost every single one of my days ends in this chair.

Eddie and I cuddle and read stories here.

After he goes to bed, I answer emails, blog, check facebook, tweet, read, or just zone out to the TV in this chair.  It is my gateway to bedtime.

#2: My Eddie Bear

I hate days that I don’t get to see Eddie.  My day feels unfulfilled somehow.  I know that all I do is for our family, but when I don’t even get to see my family?  It feels all for naught.

That is why I am ever thankful that Cort is able to pack Eddie up and come visit me every Wednesday after school before I head out to teaching at CC.  It’s usually only about 30 minutes of time in my classroom, but I am thankful for even that little bit.

My days are nothing without my boys.

Which brings me to…

#1:  My Main Squeeze

Cheesy?  Maybe.  But like I said about Eddie, I work so hard for my boys.  If I don’t get to spend time with them, my day feels like a fail–no matter what wonderful things I’ve done for other people.

Cortney is my rock.  It’s a big job–I’m not an easy person to keep grounded–but he does it mostly without complaint.  he keeps our house clean and picked up.  He picks up the parenting when I am not around to do it.  He keeps the bills paid and the doctor’s appointments kept.  He cooks, he cleans, and he is all mine, ladies!

On Tuesdays when I have to go to bed without him (because he has league bowling–which is good!  He deserves time away from us), I get a case of the sads.  I am so used to failing asleep next to him, knowing he has my back though the good days and the bad.

There you have it!  The Top Ten Things I NEED Each Day!

What are the Top Ten things you need for your day?  Don’t be shy!  Link up!

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  1. I have to agree with #6! I love it when the Diet Coke faerie comes to visit! Although lately something has happened to my cherished beverage of choice… it doesn’t appear in the magic box anymore (damn vending machine is empty).
    I tried to replace it with Mt. Dew. No good.

    • Ah! no! Mt Dew is no substitute for the real thing!!! I hope the diet coke fairy comes back soon to you, my friend!

  2. Know what’s funny? I feel the exact same way if I’m not spending time with my hubs and my son. More specifically my son. That guilt gets me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

    • This week? 3.5 hours with Eddie in FOUR DAYS! Kill me now. My heart and arms ache for him already. BAH!

  3. I don’t drink caffeine, so #1 & #6 are things I never have or need. #7 is by biggie — I LOVE my MacBook!! & don’t know that I could live with it.
    For me, some of the things I Need daily are my dogs (my kids!), laughter (from whatever source), exercise, meditation and connecting deeply with at least one friend.
    Fun post, Katie. and your “boys” are beautiful!

    • thank you so much! I definitely need laughter too! I think that is why I spend so much time on twitter and in the blog world…lots of funny writers! And my boys? They bring the funny too! 🙂

  4. I have a bag I carry back and forth from work with me every day. I do need it every day, but I didn’t pick it. Mainly because I hate and really really need a new one. And coffee, I can not function at work with out it!

    • sounds like you have a Christmas list item: new bag! And I am sipping my coffee as I type this. MUST HAVE!

  5. Permission requested to break the rules and post on Wednesday? Because 1) My computer at work is stupid 2) Work itself is stupid and d) My home laptop has teh brokeness so I have no choice but no make due with the stupid at work.

  6. what a fun idea! need to get my butt in gear & participate!

  7. Finally got mine done this morning! I was trying to think of one more and it suddenly came to me this morning! 🙂


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