Thankful Thursday: The Teacher Edition

Today I am joining the beautiful and talented Nish of The Outdoor Wife in being Thankful on a Thursday!

As many of you know, this week Cortney and I went back to school.  Our vacation from classes is officially over.

I was reluctant to go back.  I protested the summer being done.  I whined about getting up early.  I lamented leaving my boys. I found everything possible with what was WRONG with going back to school.

And then I went back.  And throughout the speakers and the professional development lessons and training, I kept a list of notes.  Today I want to share those notes with you:

  • We were reminded on Tuesday that you don’t choose to be a teacher.  Being a teacher chooses you.  I am thankful for the fact that teaching profession chose ME! 

  • As a teacher group we were also told repeatedly that “nobody rises to low expectations.”  I am thankful for this reminder.  I may make a poster out of it and hang it in my classroom to remind ME to expect great things of ALL my students.

  • I am over and over again thankful for my job.  I am thankful not just that I get to do what I love but that in this craphole economy and in a whirlwind of teacher cuts and layoffs, I am going back to school.  I am earning a paycheck for my family.

  • I am thankful for every single student that comes through my door.  Each one of them is just as valuable as the next.  Each one can achieve unimaginable goals and challenges.  And I am thankful that I get to be a part of that.

  • Even though I work two jobs, take on extra responsibilities, and am gone a LOT for those jobs, I am thankful that I am modeling a positive, hardworking woman for my son.  I am allowing him to grow up and see that this is what family is about.  This is what being a good citizen is about.  This is what following your heart is about.

  • So many of my students do not have a strong male figure in their life.  Some have lost their fathers.  I am thankful that Eddie is growing up with not just his dad in his life, but an uncountable number of strong, positive male role models.  He may not have his Papa around, but he has men who will rally around him and show him how to be a hardworking, sensitive, strong man.

  • I am thankful that I still get choked up by student success.

  • I am thankful that my students tell me that I have the “mom look” and “mom ears”.  Just that they associate me with “mom” fills me with joy.

  • I am thankful for the school district I work in and the sense of community we have.  They rally around students and other staff during times of hardship and joy and hold those people up.  I am incredibly blessed to be part of such a caring school.

  • And of course, I am thankful for my little brother who turns THIRTY today!  My life would not be the same without him.  He makes me smile when I don’t want to and never ceases to keep my life interesting.  And he was my very first student! Oh and also?  Probably won’t even read this.  But I am going to say this anyway:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRIS!  I love you!!! Thank you for playing school with me all those years ago!

Whew!  I know that was a long list.  If you got through it all, thank you.  I am also thankful for you, dear reader.  You have lifted me and my family up in thoughts, prayers, emails, comments, and more to let us know that we will make it through the tough stuff that we always seem to have going on.

You help us keep the joy in our hearts.

Sluiter Nation is thankful for all our blessings.

Can’t get enough warm fuzzies with all the Thankfulness?  Have some of your own and want to link up?  Head over to The Outdoor Wife!

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Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. congrats on surviving your first week!

  2. What a great list – you definitely have a lot of blessings!

  3. Blair@HeirtoBlair says

    you survived beautifully 🙂 love your list.

  4. Teachers make the world go round! I am so thankful to teachers! You all do amazing work with little and big minds and are so underpaid.
    I'm glad that you're first week back was a good one!

  5. I wish all teachers had your attitude. Awesome list! You rock!

  6. Well, you have made the transition and are still alive. Plus you are finding beautiful things to celebrate. Congrats!!

  7. I love the "Nobody rises to low expectations" quote. I was an aid at our local grade school and it is so easy to get sucked in to what the kids were like the year before, how their siblings are, etc. Teaching is SO important!

  8. the outdoor wife says

    What an amazing list. Thank you SO MUCH for your persistence and pursuing your calling as a teacher. So many children are better because you value your work! Thanks for all you do!

  9. Love the list! and I love it when my students rise to challenges placed before them! Makes me so happy!

  10. You are so blessed! I enjoy your blog and New Follower!

    Peaceful wishes,

  11. while i'm not a "teacher", i am in a lame sorta way. I teach (coach) sports performance for youth athletes. it's like teaching, but for sports. it's so rewarding and i love when kids succeed!!

    have a great week and i'll be thinkin' of you!

  12. I have missed you, but what a joyful and lovely post this is! I am so happy to see this list from you! What an amazing teacher you must be.

    Seriously. Amazing.

  13. Wow that is a great list and a great blessing or should I say blessings 🙂 Glad your first week back was a nice one!